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‘Alien: Covenant’ First Look Picture: Ridley Scott’s Sequel Image Shows Crew Badge

'Alien: Covenant' First Look Picture: Ridley Scott’s Sequel Image Shows Crew Badge

Ridley’s Scott’s “Alien: Covenant” is currently underway and Fox released a new official image showing what the Weyland-Yutani crew badge looks like. 

The image details the stitched, iron-on badge that includes two angel-type figures touching wings, with a globe in the middle and the name Covenant on the bottom. See the image above. 

Starring Michael Fassbender as David, the sequel to “Prometheus” will follow the colony ship, Covenant, as it is bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy. When the crew thinks it found uncharted land, it will discover that it’s a dark and dangerous world, whose only inhabitant is the “synthetic” David, the survivor of the Prometheus expedition. 

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Katherine Waterston replaces Noomi Repace and Demian Bichir, Danny McBride, Billy Crudup, among others are joining the cast. 

Sigourney Weaver recently commented on her Neill Blomkamp upcoming untitled “Alien” film, reassuring fans that it’s still in the works after Scott’s sequel. “Ridley asked Neill not to make our ‘Alien’ ’til after ‘Prometheus 2.’  [Ridley] wanted his movie to shoot and be released first. But it’s an amazing script, and Neill and I are really excited about doing it,” she said at a VMware event. 

Scott is set to produce Blomkamp’s movie after his is finished and promises that it will come from a completely different angle that his film. 

“Alien: Covenant” lands in theaters on August 4, 2017. 

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