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‘Alien’ Day: Neill Blomkamp Celebrates 4/26 by Releasing Newt Concept Art From Upcoming Film

'Alien' Day: Neill Blomkamp Celebrates 4/26 by Releasing Newt Concept Art From Upcoming Film

Alien day

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Studio-supported “fan days” are increasingly en vogue, with the “Star Wars”-centric May the 4th (as in, “May the Force be with you”) giving way to whole host of others. Among them is today’s Alien Day, which studied fans will know was chosen because the eponymous creature is first encountered by the crew of the Nostromo on LV-426. Alamo Drafthouse is hosting screenings of “Alien” and “Aliens” at its theaters, new merchandise is on sale and chestburster enthusiasts are surely hosting in-home marathons at this very moment. Neill Blomkamp, who’s slated to direct the franchise’s first non-“Alien vs. Predator” or -“Prometheus” installment in nearly 20 years, has released the above concept art on his Instagram to celebrate.

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The “District 9,” “Elysium” and “Chappie” director captioned the Instagram post simply “Alien Day,” with on-image text identifying the woman as Newt. A child in “Aliens,” James Cameron’s 1986 sequel to Ridley Scott’s 1979 original, Newt becomes a surrogate daughter to series hero Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) before being killed offscreen at the beginning of David Fincher’s controversial “Alien 3.” Blomkamp intends to disavow both “3” and “Alien: Resurrection” in his as-yet untitled sequel, with this picture further confirming that, in his timeline at least, Newt persists. Though admired by some “Alien” diehards (like this writer), the latter two sequels are generally regarded as inferior to Scott and Cameron’s entries in the xenomorph mythos.

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Weaver recently assured fans that Blomkamp has written “an amazing script” that will prove worth the wait, but production has been halted due to Scott moving forward on “Alien: Covenant,” which functions as both a sequel to “Prometheus” and another prequel to the first “Alien.” That film will be released on October 6, 2017.

For more, watch the iconic opening credits from the first “Alien” movie:

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