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David Ayer Clarifies ‘Suicide Squad’ Reshoot Rumors, Says Warner Bros. “Loves” The Film

David Ayer Clarifies 'Suicide Squad' Reshoot Rumors, Says Warner Bros. "Loves" The Film

Last month, the word around the superhero campfire was that “Suicide Squad” was undergoing some extensive reshoots to make it funnier, and less serious than a certain Zack Snyder movie. However, that narrative has begun to shift. Last week, cast member Jai Courtney said it was about adding more action, not jokes, and it’s the line director David Ayer is taking as well.

Hitting Twitter, the director has struck back at those who have posited the studio is worried about “Suicide Squad,” saying that Warner Bros. “loves” his movie and have essentially allowed him to go back and add even more awesomeness (read: more action). And really, if last night’s trailer is anything to go by, Ayer has nothing to worry about in terms of the movie being “fun.”

So there you go. If anything, “Suicide Squad” is going to be even more balls to the wall than previously thought. The movie opens on August 5th.

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Ayer said exact same thing about how Sony loved Fury and he asked for more action when Fury did reshoots (in July 2014, 3 months before the release). Turns out that a lot of good stuff’s been cut out and Pitt & Lerman’s character’s relationship were completely changed from the original script(some you can still see in trailers/spots, but not in the feature film. According to a interview of the editor Dody Dorn, sounded like the company just sent someone who never worked with them in June 2014 to re-cut the movie )and it felt like that he had to fill the cut out parts with more action scenes.
I’m not implying anything, just what Ayer said really reminded me of that, because he almost used completely same terms. I still look forward to this movie.

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