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Joy-Ann Reid Takes Over MSNBC Weekend Slot Previously Occupied By Melissa Harris-Perry

Joy-Ann Reid Takes Over MSNBC Weekend Slot Previously Occupied By Melissa Harris-Perry

MSNBC has announced that Joy-Ann Reid will host a new program on the network that will occupy the timeslot vacated by Melissa Harris-Perry’s show after a very public break up with the cable TV news channel.

Reid’s new show will air from 10 am-Noon ET on Saturdays and Sundays, debuting next week, May 7.

“MSNBC viewers crave not only the facts, but also in-depth discussion and analysis from a range of perspectives,” said MSNBC President Phil Griffin, in a press statement. “There is no one better equipped than Joy to lead this new project, and create a place for the kind of unique discussion our audience has come to expect.”

“Melissa did a show that was incredibly valuable,” Reid added. “Instead of trying to replace it, we will fill the space with something new; something compelling, and something that adds to the conversation.”

Reid previously hosted a weekday show on MSNBC called The Reid Report, until February 2015.

She joined MSNBC in 2011 as a contributor.

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Ralph Neeley

Joy is one of my favorite MSNBC contributors. She is smart, very coherent, respectful of those that she interviews,concise,an all around good journalist.

Betty Foley

Joy Reid is an excellent all around news person. she is classy, knowledgable

Betty Foley

Joy is respectful
of all guests and has the most beautiful smile .Thanks Msnbc.

Michelle Brooks

My first encounter with Joy was as a contributor on Chris Mathews, Hardball. She brings such depth to any conversation and I look forward to her weekend show.

Julie Morgan

Joy Reid, is a pure joy to watch, I learn quite a bit when I am fortunate enough to catch a show, thanks for bringing her back.

Patricia Walker

I loved Melissa and was quite upset about her leave. However, I love Joy also; she is a savvy, articulate commentator. I am a true fan. I am thrilled for her.

Carmen Aldridge

I knew from the first day I saw Joy on MSNBC 5 years ago, she would make an excellent political host on her own show. I am so looking forward to her show this coming weekend!


I loved MHP. She had an invaluable and unique TV talk show that raised and intelligently discussed issues important to the African American community that included a Black point of view using a diverse group of experts/commentators, many of whom were Black and rare voices heard on TV. But the way MHP was "dismissed" just leaves a sour taste in my mouth and the recent direction change of MSNBC is very unsettling. But since Joy always seems to maintain her integrity and creditability, I’ll give her show a chance. But I don’t know if I’ll be setting my alarm to make sure I wake up in time to catch the show.


I love Joy’s interview style, commentary skills, and overall intellect. The more Joy, the merrier.

Reginald Allen

Joy Reid’s style of journalism is refreshing and delightful. She gets good information to the viewer in a colorful, respectful way. I enjoyed the "Reid Report," especially the segment "we the tweet – people" Congratulations Joy Reid, the opportunity is well deserved. ��

Joyce Hillian

I’m so proud of her! Joy is outstanding whenever she presents her knowledge on the issues. I also enjoy when all her colleagues praise her and support her ventures.

Joy Ann Reid is a breath of fresh air, smart and spot on on her analysis of events of the moment.

Bola A

Carolanne Wilson

We have been following Joy since her beginning role as a contributor with MSNBC. She is knowledgeable,treats guests in a dignified way regardless of their position and an overall pleasure to watch.

Pauletta Essiam

I love Joy Reid. She is beautiful, incredibly intelligent and have a

Pauletta Essiam

Joy Reid is the best choice for this spot. She is a great journalist, correspondent and give the people the FACTS. This is real journalism.


Why can’t I find Joy Reid’s new show on MSNBC in Salt Lake City? It seems to be pre-empted by soccer.

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