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Mads Mikkelsen: ‘Hannibal’ Will Likely Return To Television In ‘Next Two To Three Years’

Mads Mikkelsen: 'Hannibal' Will Likely Return To Television In 'Next Two To Three Years'

Last year NBC unexpectedly cancelled the show “Hannibal” and fans were upset. Many hoped, including the star of the show Mads Mikkelsen, that the television adaptation of the Thomas Harris’ novels would continue. The actor recently spoke with about hopes to bring back Hannibal Lecter’s story to the small screen. 

“We are all angry. We were p****d. It’s madness,” the actor said of the cancellation. “And season four was actually the one we thought we’d definitely get. Seasons two and three were on the verge. We didn’t know whether Hannibal would be renewed. But by the time we got to season four we thought it was a definite. We were very surprised at the decision.”

When asked if he hopes to bring the series back to another network, the Danish actor said it was a total possibility, but it’s up to the show’s creator. 

“It all depends on Bryan [Fuller]. He is the key, the base, the heart,” Mikkelsen said. “We will wait and see what happens next in his career. But we all know that we can easily pick this up in two or three years, there are breaks in the stories. We could pick it up, say, four years later. If Bryan is up for it, we will all go for it.”

Adding, “He loved it. It was his baby. Let’s wait and see.”

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There previously had been reports that the production had trouble obtaining the rights to the 1988 book “Silence of the Lambs,” and had a difficult time including it in the series. But before the show got the boot, Mikkelsen commented that it was starting to seem like everything was going to work out.

“We were very close to solving the rights issues,” the actor explained. “Silence of the Lambs was coming up around the corner, and it’s such a beautiful story with great characters. We were happy to be able to do it for as long as we did. However, we felt there were more stories. We thought we ended the show in a great way, but we had more to tell.”

And what exactly were these stories that he hoped he would get to tell in the next season? ”I could tell you, but I’d have to kill you,” Mikkelsen answered.

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