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‘Mr. Robot’ Writer Reveals How to Create Authentic, Cinematic Hacking Scenes & 6 More Secrets From His AMA

'Mr. Robot’ Writer Reveals How to Create Authentic, Cinematic Hacking Scenes & 6 More Secrets From His AMA

Ah, the reddit AMA: a peak into celebrities’ minds (and, occasionally, their PR teams’ utter incompetence). In a non-disastrous question-and-answer session held yesterday, “Mr. Robot” screenwriter Jeff Moss and tech consultant Kor Adana revealed their secret to crafting authentic, cinematic hacking scenes — as well as their answer to a more pressing, animal-fighting-related question.

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Asked about the show’s trademark hacking scenes, Adana responded thusly:

“I try really hard to make sure everything is authentic as possible…We shoot all of our screens practically, so I create detailed breakdowns with video samples and screenshots of how the screen would actually look if the hack were taking place for real. Then, we have a flash animator (the amazing Adam Brustein) create an animation for the actors to interact with. After we go through some revisions, I work with the actors to practice running through the animation. For example, I’ll work with Rami to make sure he’s typing the right keys at the right time (i.e. an alt/tab when we see him change windows).”

Moss (who goes by the alias Dark Tangent) isn’t above self-criticism, pointing to the fact that characters don’t wear gloves (and thus leave fingerprints) as one flaw of these sequences. Overall, the vibe is highly positive: Moss says that “This is the kind of show that I’ve always wanted to work on and it’s a dream come true for me to be able to contribute to it in this way.”

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As for the most important question, which pops up in every single one of these — namely, “Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?” — the two are on the same page: duck-sized horses. For more tech-heavy insight from the two collaborators, read the full AMA.

For more, watch the trailer for “Mr. Robot’s” first season:

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