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‘Narcos’ Not Allowed to Film [Massive Spoiler]’s Death Scene on Colombian Roof Where It Happened

'Narcos' Not Allowed to Film [Massive Spoiler]'s Death Scene on Colombian Roof Where It Happened

If you’d like to avoid learning what narrative ground Netflix’s Pablo Escobar series “Narcos” will eventually cover, you would do well to avoid the rest of this article. (And Wikipedia. And “Entourage.” And ESPN’s 30 for 30 “The Two Escobars” or any of the other many portrayals of perhaps the world’s most infamous drug kingpin.) Season two of the drama will reportedly involve Escobar’s death, with a caveat: The show’s producers weren’t allowed to stage the scene on the actual rooftop in Medellín, Colombia where he was gunned down.

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As first reported by TMZ, the “Narcos” crew contacted the man who currently rents the house where the fatal shootout occurred but were rebuffed — Escobar is said to remain a looming presence there even in death, raising concerns about how the move would be received by the community. To make up for it, the producers arranged to mock up another Medellín resident’s roof to make it resemble the actual location.

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As for the future of “Narcos,” reporters were told at the Television Critics Association that its third season (should there be one) will focus on other aspects of the drug war — of which there are an unfortunate abundance.

For more, watch last summer’s first “Narcos” teaser:

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