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Shia LeBeouf Promotes ‘LoveTrue’ With Interview Answers Consisting Only Of Poems — See His Work

Shia LeBeouf Promotes 'LoveTrue' With Interview Answers Consisting Only Of Poems -- See His Work

Shia LaBeouf has come a long way since his “Even Stevens” days and has turned himself into quite an artistic actor, taking on unique roles and creating new ways of performance art with his various exhibitions. 

Now, while promoting his latest project, producing the Alma Har’el’s directed documentary “LoveTrue,” Shia gave one of the most interesting interviews to Complex in which he answered every question in poem form. 

The actor had previously worked with Alma on their video “Sigur Rós: Fjögur píanó” and according to the director, “If it wasn’t for Shia, we wouldn’t have a film.” The melodramatic story of the exploration of the meaning of love takes its turns and twist, and Complex news editor Catie Keck traded LaBeouf a cigarette for his thoughts.

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The exchange was quite extraordinary as the conversation consisted of Shia replying with simple answers, then forming haiku-like replies. 

“How did you become creative partners with Alma? What’s that relationship like?” was the first question with Shia replying:
I wrote her a fan letter
it’s love

The 29-year-old actor then immersed himself into the questions, giving more details when asked: “Did you have a particular connection to any of the film’s subjects? If so, did you meet them before or after filming?”

we’re all cut from the same cloth
I’ve been watching them from afar 
for a few years now
it’s been quite powerful
Both w/ distance
& to be in the presence of
These people are magical
And extraordinarily strong
It’s humbling

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One of his most interesting responses was when asked if his own understanding of love had evolved since the project began. Shia replied:

My understanding of most things is pretty touch and go
But the three things 
I know least about:
Love, art & God
I have a hunch they all mean the same thing
But again…. I’m just some actor guy
These things are best left 
to people like Alma

Click here to read the full conversation. “LoveTrue” premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, read our review here.  

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Watch the “LoveTrue” trailer below:

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