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Watch: New Action-Packed ‘Jason Bourne’ Trailer Finds Matt Damon Rioting In Greece, Getting Reckless In Vegas

Watch: New Action-Packed ‘Jason Bourne’ Trailer Finds Matt Damon Rioting In Greece, Getting Reckless In Vegas

A new Jason Bourne movie, aptly titled, “Jason Bourne” is all of three months away, but Universal has still yet to reveal the plot. Sure, the studio has released a trailer, some TV spots and it was even presented at CinemaCon this past week, but all we really know so far that Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) surfaces again nearly 10 years later for reasons unknown and the plot line will borrow elements learned from Wikileaks and the Edward Snowden hacking scandals. But really, this is all we know so far.

But they are literally ripping plot points from the headlines and the strife that is troubling the world. That riot that you see in the first trailer where Jason Bourne is spotted by the American government? That’s Bourne at an austerity mob scene in Greece.

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“It’s the kind of action sequence you can only see in a Bourne movie,” returning director Paul Greengrass told EW recently. “It marries action with a really intense, emotionally truthful next chapter in the Jason Bourne story.” Is Jason Bourne feeling the Bern and getting out there to protest European sovereign-debt crises and income equality? Well, EW did reveal some new details. Essentially, it’s former CIA agent Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) who inadvertently leads the government to Bourne

“Life out in the cold isn’t working for either of them,” Damon told the magazine. “Nicky uses the riot for cover to meet with him, but she gets followed, and that sets the plot in motion.” And new trailer for “Jason Bourne” has just dropped so perhaps we’ll learn a little more.

Written by Damon, Greengrass and longtime ‘Bourne’ editor Christopher Rouse, this fifth installment of the series co-stars returning franchise characters played by Joan Allen, Julia Stiles and Scott Shepherd (its unclear if David Strathairn is coming back) and introduces new antagonists and CIA agents played by Tommy Lee Jones, Alicia Vikander, Riz Ahmed and Vincent Cassel. “Jason Bourne” opens in theaters on July 29th. Watch the new trailer below.

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And Oscar nominee Alicia Vikander


looks absolutely crap!!!


You’re right, Doris, it looks absolutely crap, in the same vein as Taken 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.


greengrass’ aesthetic is so worn-out. there’s nothing to justify or motivate the crappy shaky camerawork, and it’s made even more annoying considering how stilted his performances usually are. look at Friedkin — a filmmaker who uses masterfully uses documentary style in fiction filmmaking (Playlist posted a video essay on this recently). Greengrass just ain’t got it.


plus… enough movies about men shooting people. please!


"kind of action sequence you can only see"
See ? You couldn’t SEE hardly anything when it came to action. It was ALL implied.


DORIS – Why don’t you go and watch Mother’s Day. There’s something for everyone out there.


Ringo — go watch Marathon Man. It’s like Bourne but, you know… not shite


LOL, this is what Alicia got into after winning Oscar? right, a franchise movie in which she’s a supporting role. this time she got a real supporting role, instead of winning supporting award for a lead role, huh.. on the other hand, Stiles looks badass!

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