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Watch: This Exclusive ‘Raising Bertie’ Clip Will Make You Cry

Watch: This Exclusive 'Raising Bertie' Clip Will Make You Cry

If fictional coming of age movies aren’t feeling raw enough for you, Kartemquin has a new doc right up your alley. Welcome to Bertie County, North Carolina, where three boys make the treacherous leap to manhood in “Raising Bertie.”

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The documentary explores the grit of growing up as African Americans in the rural South, delving into complex relationships between generational poverty, educational inequity and race. In this Indiewire exclusive clip, Reginald “Junior” Askew visits his father in prison, where he has been for the past seven years. The results are astounding and powerful. It’s worth keeping this one on the radar long enough to see the final product. 

“This film has been a labor of love. Over the last seven years, we have maintained close, trusting relationships with each family in the film. I love them and am honored that they trusted me, gave me an unfiltered window into their lives, and believed what we were doing was important,” said director Margaret Byrne in an official statement. “The individuals in this story are representative of their community and they matter.”

“Raising Bertie” will premiere at Full Frame on April 9, and will soon come to subsequent festivals. Watch our exclusive clip above. 

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Ms Hunt I’m sorry you have no heart or compassion. I hope you find those things and revisit this film one day. In the meantime make the best of that extremely shallow end of life you’re wading through.

Dana Stone

We see real, powerful feelings in this scene. I admire the director’s dedication and commitment to this project.

Dwayne Cale

Miss hunt I find your comments to be lame. It’s called real life. This isn’t an action movie it’s not a drama or a comedy it’s a documentary. Which means that the filming is based off of real life events as they are happening. And in life there are no plots. I’m sure the producers of this documentary will be fine without your dollar.

Jeanene Hunt

I found the trailer for Raising Bertie to be lackluster and irrelevant. When hasn’t there been this very same scene in any movie when a son visits his father in prison after an extended separation. Really lame representation of what the documentary purports to explore. Based on the trailer I would not waste my time watching this documentary.

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