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Alison Brie Is Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places in Exclusive ‘No Stranger Than Love’ Poster

Alison Brie Is Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places in Exclusive 'No Stranger Than Love' Poster

The phrase “quirky rom-com” gets tossed around a lot when talking about various genre offerings, but rest assured, Nick Wernham’s new film “No Stranger Than Love” really is just that quirky. The film stars Alison Brie as the always unlucky-in-love Lucy who unexpectedly falls for the married Clint (Colin Hanks). It’s a fraught situation, to be sure, and when Clint’s bookie and his wife get involved, things get a whole lot stickier. Not quirky enough for you?

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We didn’t mention the hole. No, literally, a hole. Turns out, once Lucy confesses her love to Clint, a giant hole opens up in the middle of her living room and swallows him right up. 

Of his involvement with the film, director Wernham recently told Indiewire, “When I first read Steve Adams’ script for ‘No Stranger Than Love,’ I was taken not just by the uniqueness of the premise, but by how much I connected with its themes. I also liked the way the story reaches back for inspiration to older films, especially those of Frank Capra. ‘No Stranger’ carries an important message: Love will remain elusive for each of us until we are able to reveal our true selves to someone else and doing so can require courage.”

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He added, “The story is a sweet combination of quirkiness and sincerity. It is full of surprises and original characters, and we get to experience it all through the eyes of a charming heroine, Lucy Sherrington, played brilliantly by Alison Brie. Working with Alison and the rest of our talented cast and crew was a great experience for me, as a first-time feature director. I learned so much from them and they did an amazing job of bringing Steve Adams’ world to life.”

The film will hit select theaters and VOD on June 17. Check out our exclusive poster below.

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