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Chloë Sevigny: I Have ‘Total Disdain’ for ‘Auteurs’ After Working With Directors Accused of Exploiting Young Women

Chloë Sevigny: I Have ‘Total Disdain’ for 'Auteurs' After Working With Directors Accused of Exploiting Young Women

Chloë Sevigny has worked with a bevy of acclaimed filmmakers throughout her career, from Lars von Trier and Woody Allen to David Fincher and Werner Herzog, but the cumulative effect doesn’t appear to have been a positive one. “What I would say is that the most damaging thing about working with so-called auteurs is that I now have a total disdain for directors,” the actress says in a new profile in The Guardian occasioned by her performance in Whit Stillman’s Jane Austen adaptation “Love & Friendship.”

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“It’s very strong, very deep,” Sevigny says of this long-gestating feeling. “It’s made me not enjoy acting so much any more. Writer-directors, in particular, are really hard to work with. And for so many years, that’s who I worked with.” Per the article, “Sevigny has modelled for the US photographer Terry Richardson (dressed as him, kissing him); she has worked with Larry Clark and Lars von Trier…all of these men have, in their time, been accused of exploiting their (invariably youthful, female) subjects.” She responded in part by doing more television work, which tends to be less director-driven, and now getting behind the camera herself: “Kitty,” a short film she directed about a little girl who turns into a cat, premieres at Cannes next week.

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“Love & Friendship” reunites the actress with co-star Kate Beckinsale and writer/director Stillman, both of whom she worked with on “The Last Days of Disco.” Thankfully, the “Barcelona” and “Metropolitan” auteur doesn’t appear to be among the filmmakers who brought about her disdain: “Sevigny adores Stillman,” the article assures us. Read the rest of it in The Guardian.

For more, watch the trailer for “Love & Friendship”:

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This headline is total click baiting BS and I’m disgusted with Indiewire for even posting it.

That’s not what she said at all. CONTEXT PEOPLE!

Do yourself a favor and read her interview (this comment is directed toward you the reader, and Michael Nordine the "writer" of this dribble).


Maybe she shouldn’t have sucked Vincent Gallo’s cock in "The Brown Bunny" ? He didn’t force her…


^just because she consented to something once, doesn’t mean she should be subjected to anything else at another director’s will.


^^ That comment doesn’t even make any sense. She has no regrets about that, it didn’t hurt her career and it’s an incredible film. Jesus, I really feel like you idiots didn’t read the interview.

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