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‘Drive’ Gets A Hilarious Fan-Made Sequel Trailer For The Uber Generation

'Drive' Gets A Hilarious Fan-Made Sequel Trailer For The Uber Generation

Nicolas Winding Refn’s neo-noir crime thriller “Drive,” about a Hollywood stunt performer/getaway driver (Ryan Gosling) who gets involved in a job that puts himself, his next door neighbor (Carey Mulligan) and her son (Kaden Leos) in danger, garnered critical acclaim at the Cannes Film Festival and was nominated for Best Film and Best Direction at the British Academy Film Awards. Enough time has passed for the film, or at least the concept of a pensive, toothpick-fiddling Ryan Gosling driving a car, to have fully entered the cultural ether, making “Drive” ripe for contemporary parody. Check out the video above.

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Enter comedian Joey Thompson who happens to be a dead ringer for Gosling himself and his fan-made sequel trailer for “Drive” entitled “Drive 2: The Uber Years,” in which Thompson plays the Gosling character only, you guessed it, he’s not a getaway driver anymore but an Uber driver. Instead of quick speeds and slick action, we’re privy to the struggles of being an Uber employee, like having to drive around drunk people on the verge of throwing up, assholes who threaten to give you one star, and making such little money that you’re forced to constantly ask your girlfriend to borrow 50 bucks for gas. It’s a delight.

Nicolas Winding Refn’s latest film “The Neon Demon” will soon premiere at Cannes. Ryan Gosling’s latest film “The Nice Guys” opens this weekend.

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