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Emilia Clarke Calls for ‘Game of Thrones’ Nudity ‘Equality’ Between Men & Women

Emilia Clarke Calls for 'Game of Thrones' Nudity 'Equality' Between Men & Women

As with many HBO shows, “Game of Thrones” has never been reluctant to have its characters bare all. For the most part, however, Westerosi nudity has been confined to its female characters — from major figures like Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) to bit players who expose skin without ever landing a speaking part. That changed in a big way on Sunday night’s episode “The Door,” which in addition to many other plot developments featured full-frontal male nudity in close-up. According to Clarke, the actress herself may have helped usher in this new era.

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“You know I did it, why can’t the boys do it?” Clarke said to Stephen Colbert during a “Late Show” interview yesterday, adding moments later that “I think they heard me. Junk equality.” She was referring to a Glamour interview in which she’d claimed that, should Daenerys sit the Iron Throne, Daenerys would “bring back all the pretty boys, get them to take their trousers down, and be like, ‘I’m now the queen of everything! I’d like close-ups of all the boys’ penises, please.'” Ask and ye shall receive.

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In the show’s preceding episode, Clarke appeared nude for the first time since season one — albeit in a vastly different context. “I just wanted to come out and do an empowered scene which wasn’t sexual,” she said of the segment. “It was naked, but it was strong.”

For more, watch the trailer for the show’s sixth season:

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Well, if she’s ready to show her vagina, there shall be more penises. Showing her boobs is not all that daring.


@alex She already had a frontal nudity scenes in Season 1. You apparently don’t watch the show and or don’t read articles in their entirety. Since when does a man’s chest equate to nudity? No its always women’s breasts that equate to nudity or a woman’s whole body. How often do you see male frontal or even a guys back side on a show or in film? Rarely if ever. You want all this female nudity like women are the only ones who get naked ever in life, then men should have no objection to being seen naked. When it comes down to sex, bathing and other things we do aren’t men naked in real life just like women are?


Im just saying, womens bodies have long been the portrait of aesthetic perfection. No matter what size. They look great. Penises on the other hand. No one wants to see a penis they didnt plan on seeing. Thats just the facts.

Eduardo Jencarelli

She was also naked in season 3, during the episode in which she met Daario Naharis.


Qiana, a shirtless man IS nudity. Simply because YOU don’t consider it to be, doesn’t mean it isn’t. Women’s breasts ARE NOT sexual organs. ABreats equals breats and penis equals vagina. GOT, for the record, has more nude male breats than nud efemale breats and far more full frontal nude men than full frontal nude women.


I’m a straight female and I don’t find a woman’s body appealing. A man’s body? Of course! I would love to see those hunks naked. Why the double standard? I know Game of Thrones has shone a penis here and there, but the women are shown naked in every episode. I think it’s the same thing as exploiting a woman’s body. If you are going to show nudity, then show men too.


Showing breasts is not nude. They are on every beach. Genitals consist of a penis for a man and a vagina for a woman. I am still waiting to see a merkinless vulva on Game of Thrones. Equality is equality. Breasts cannot be compared to genitals. Nude or naked is a name for without clothes. That includes knickers!


Of course I’ven seen all the episodes. There is (upper) frontal nudity from Clarke in various episodes, but no Full Frontal (vagina or bush). The closest to that was the season one finale, but there she had dragons in front as cover.

But all of this is was not the point I was trying to make. Females Breasts don’t equate to a penis, a vagina does. There is no male equiavalent for a female breast. Women simple have one more "nude" thing to show.

And yes you see more female breasts than male butts oder even penises or vaginas on tv or in movies. Nothing new here and not relevant for the point I was making.

Nothing you wrote matters for that, except if you really think a woman showing her breasts is equal to a man showing his penis. In this case, I simple disagree.


    Actually, bare chested males do equal female breast. Free the nipple ladies, why do you not say it here in broadcasting a controlled environment, but on the streets in public…. oh but its context… it’s this and it’s that?
    It’s nitpicking when you can’t own up to what you demand. Feminists don’t want respect, they don’t even understand respect is something you must earn–anything else is fake, and if you demand it you have earned the opposite of respect. That’s all you’ll get.


Regarding the rest, well, I’am a straigt man, so I will always appreciate a beautiful naked woman, just like my wife smiles for a second, when a dude shows his butt or even his penis like a few times in this show here. As long as nudity is not in the way of the story (necessary, but missing or just too much), everything is fine.

Since I have access to live female nudity at home, movies are full of it, and let’s not forget porn, I actually only care about this in the context of the story of a movie/show. Male or Female Nudity. But Emilia Clarke looks at it from a feminist/equality point. That’s fine, I don’t care. But boobs still don’t equal penises.


here’s a better question: why can’t the females do the same closeups the males do? How about equal lighting? How about forbidding merkins, or making them for men? How about showing actual vagina (as in labia) instead of just clitoris, when showing the entire penis and calling it equal?
Where’s the “equality” when men are seeking it? Some ‘new’ era, same old sexism, vengeance isn’t justice, it’s just petty… and weak.

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