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‘House of Cards’ Stars Muse on How Frank Underwood Would Beat Donald Trump: ‘He Would Just Kill Him’

'House of Cards' Stars Muse on How Frank Underwood Would Beat Donald Trump: 'He Would Just Kill Him'

Few would have thought, when “House of Cards” first premiered in 2013, that any election cycle would end up rivaling the Netflix show’s over-the-top view of our cutthroat political system. Fast forward a few short years to our fractious primary campaign and a contested convention seeming like a very real possibility for Republicans, and the world of Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) no longer feels like such a caricature. The parallels between art and life are clear to USA Today, who asked several actors from “House of Cards” how Underwood would deal with the likes of Donald Trump. Constance Zimmer was the most direct, joking that “I think he would just kill him! I think he’d just off him. That’s clean. He’d just finish him.”

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Such behavior wouldn’t be unprecedented for Underwood, whose desire  for power and control knows no bounds. Neve Campbell echoed Zimmer’s sentiments: “I have a feeling he’d have to get violent. “I think he’d have to cut it off at the pass.”

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Speaking to Buzzfeed on a separate occasion, Spacey himself chimed in on the show’s air of unreality. “Sometimes I leave the set and I go to my hotel room and I wonder whether we have gone too far,” said the actor. “Is there something we have done that feels unreal and unbelievable and crazy? And then I turn on the television and I watch the news, and I think that we haven’t gone far enough.”

For more, watch the trailer for “House of Cards” season four:

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