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Let This First Poster For ‘Tickled’ Gently Caress Your Documentary-Loving Eyes

Let This First Poster For 'Tickled' Gently Caress Your Documentary-Loving Eyes

David Farrier and Dylan Reeve’s scintillating Sundance documentary premiere, “Tickled,” boasts one heck of a strange premise: It follows Farrier as he falls down a web-based rabbit hole after discovering a strange subculture of online tickling contests. You read that correctly: Tickling contests. What starts off as another investigation for the journalist soon turns into something confusing, threatening and more than a bit stimulating. 

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The film debuted at Sundance, where it soon picked up a strange reputation for attracting audience members who feel uniquely compelled to bring it down. “Tickled” has been hit with a series of defamation lawsuits from a “media company” that, according to the film, stages these tickling contests and pay men to participate in them. Farrier originally discovered the group advertising their, uh, products on the internet, and when he reached out about a story, he was shocked to find them hitting back at him online and mocking his sexual orientation. 

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Kicked into action by the weirdness of the entire enterprise, Farrier soon found himself plunged into weird world beyond his wildest nightmares. “Tickled” is more than proof of that.

“Tickled” hits theaters on June 17. Check out our exclusive poster below.
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