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‘Morgan’ Trailer: Kate Mara Gets a Crash Course in Artificial Intelligence in Luke Scott’s Directorial Debut

'Morgan' Trailer: Kate Mara Gets a Crash Course in Artificial Intelligence in Luke Scott's Directorial Debut

The most endearing, frustrating aspect of movies about science experiments gone wrong is their characters’ utter refusal to learn from earlier movies about science experiments gone wrong. Kate Mara is the latest to overestimate her own abilities in the upcoming “Morgan,” a “what could go wrong?” sci-fi drama about sentient artificial intelligence gone awry. Watch its first teaser above.

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Morgan is the name of said being, and she’s played, in a bit of smart casting, by Anya Taylor-Joy of “The Witch.” The teaser begins with Toby Jones’ scientist informing us that “We knew right away that Morgan was very special” via voice-over in one of those ironic-in-hindsight understatements. “She exceeded our wildest expectations,” he continues moments later, all but assuring that everything is about to go terribly wrong. We never get a real look at Morgan herself, which is probably for the best — best to hold off on that sort of reveal for as long as possible.

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Rose Leslie, Boyd Holbrook, Michelle Yeoh, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Paul Giamatti co-star in “Morgan,” which marks the directorial debut of Luke Scott. His father Ridley is producing the film, which 20th Century Fox is set to release on September 2.

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