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‘Tangerine Dream’ Examines the 80s Band’s Influence and the Life of Its Late Founder

'Tangerine Dream' Examines the 80s Band's Influence and the Life of Its Late Founder

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Tangerine Dream Documentary

Logline: A full-length documentary about the pioneers of electronic music: Tangerine Dream. We want to portray Tangerine Dream’s history, to reveal its significance for electronic music, and to cherish the life work of the founding member, Edgar Froese (✝ 2015).

Elevator Pitch: 
We are going to produce a full-length documentary about the band Tangerine Dream.
Who is Tangerine Dream?
It’s a German band internationally famous for being the pioneers of electronic music.
What’s special about them?
They belonged to the first using synthesizers, they integrated sounds from outer space and heartbeats in their sound, and they scored countless classic movies.
Who’s the producer?
The film will be produced by the award-winning company TAG/TRAUM and TD’s international fandom via crowdfunding. We have the ambition, expertise, backers, and the right target audience but we still need help spreading the news about our crowdfunding project.

Production Team:
– Gerd Haag (Producer)
– Kerstin Krieg (Creative Producer)
– Connie Kellers (Line Producer)
– Margarete Kreuzer (Director)
– Eastgate Music & Arts (Co-Producer)
– Lukas Schmid (Cinematographer)

About the Film:
We want to explore the world of Tangerine Dream for the first time in a feature-length documentary. In 2014, we started the documentary, but in 2015, Edgar Froese, founder and constant member of the band passed away unexpectedly. That was a sad stroke of fate. Soon the need became clear to turn from a short to a full-length documentary in order to cover Tangerine Dream’s and Froese’s lifework. We already interviewed artists like Michael Mann and Paul Brickmann, but more interviews with other TD collaborators and more archive footage are needed.

Current Status: We’re organizing a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to produce a full-length documentary about Tangerine Dream.

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Jeffrey Au Yeung

A long awaited project that I expect allows people to see a lot of previously unseen vintage material, especially from the early Tangerine Dream days. This should be of interest not just to Tangerine Dream fans, but also fans of electronic music and electronic music hardware in general. Can’t afford to lose the chance to see truly vintage material. This is an *official* project that needs OUR SUPPORT!

Paul Bloor

This simply has to happen. Massively influential band on most modern music with a colossal back catalogue and worldwide following. Transcends all age groups and nearly 50 yrs in the business.

Jari Hakala

It would be a shame if this project does not get funded. Tangerine Dream had a huge influence, both musically and to many of us, personally. Such a great story deserves to be told.

Prophet 5

TD have been part of my life since 1973. When Edgar passed away, it was losing a brother….this historical documentary will tell the world about the magic of Tangerine Dream, and it’s influence on film and music media. Let’s make it happen!

Chris Wirsig

If there’s one music documentary I’d like to see this year, it’s this one. Tangerine Dream are one of the few pioneers of electronic music and deserve to be on the big screen :-)


I loved TD since 1990, and I continue to discover something new!

Neil Price

Tangerine Dream are one of the greatest bands of this and the last century and their wonderful music will live forever! They deserve to be documented for future generations to admire and learn from!

Michael Neville

Brilliant and inspiring band and a necessary project. We need this movie!!!


Here is a fact that I share with many TD fans around the world : this band has been like a "soundtrack of my life" since I was a teenager. Tangerine Dream was not only a precursor in electronic music, their music changed many times during the 70’s / 80’s / 90’s / 00’s / 10’s and broke many so-called frontiers. Obviously, electronic music wouldn’t be the same today without their huge influence, but they made so much more ! This documentary would make understand in details what they gave (and still give now) to the musical world. So may the Dream go on…


Tangerine Dream has been my enduring favorite band for almost 40 years. I would love to see this documentary get made… It would be a great insight into this enigmatic band’s history. I have loved the evolution of their sound and I would love to see how that all came about. A few Euro for the DVD pledge is a small price… The archive footage shot by Edgar himself will priceless.

Kevin Carswell

Tangerine Dream is one of a short list of groundbreaking, innovative, and highly influential bands which is actually not known to many people. The roots of all electronica many dance artists of the last 3 decades can be traced to this landmark German band. It was their sound and creativity which drew artists such as David Bowie and Brian Eno to Germany in the 80’s. It is hoped by all who know and love Tangerine Dream’s music that this documentary will bring the band the recognition they most certainly deserve.

Richard 'Ant' King

A great, great project that needs to be achieved. I have been a Tangerine Dream fan since their first album Electronic Meditation in 1970 and they have been the soundtrack to my life ever since. The passing of the Maestro Edgar Froese in January 2015 was one of the saddest days of my life and we need this documentary to honour the man and what he achieved, along with other important band members, over the years. They had such an influence over me and of course, over many, many bands/artists and their massive contribution to the world of music needs to be recorded in this documentary, so please support the cause with whatever amount you can afford and help this major project happen. Thank you so much. Make th Dream come true!!


This documentary must be be given the chance to succeed. To delve into such a piece of musical history would be truly unmissable. The Tangerine Dream documentary will be a story of musical evolution and a wonderful tribute to the memory of Edgar Froese. Let’s make this happen ;-)

Digital Horizons

An overdue nod to the work and influence of this great band. A very worthwhile project needing your support.

Tim Richardson

I listen to TD almost all the time. So many other bands and instruments have been influenced by them – I really want to see this documentary.


Bonjour, Voilà enfin une idée très intéressante de faire un documentaire musical sur le groupe qui a marqué la musique de son temps. Sachant que le temps est par définition intemporel, Tangerine Dream représenté par Edgar Froese restera un point important dans l’histoire de la musique.

Luis Manuel Lostal

Edgar Froese and his band Tangerine Dream are the pioneers of electronic music and there must be a documentary about the band. Help us that is possible!

King Heiple Jr.

My first introduction to Tangerine Dream was from a thoughtful owner of a small record (remember them) store. He sold me a copy of Phaedra and I was hooked. I only got to see them live twice. Once in a theater in downtown Cleve, Ohio. The second time at the Nautica open air theater on the river front in Cleve, Ohio. They were amazing. I am supporting the Kickstarter Project and I hope that you do too. This band dominated the electronic music scene for their entire existence. They did many sound tracks and never lost relevance. They will be sorely missed. I hope that a project is put together to release much of the archived material like is being done for Frank Zappa.

cliff proctor

TD are the most influential, yet hardly credited electronic band around. This project will at last give them the recognition that has been mostly lacking in their career

Yemin Palku

Although I discovered Tangerine Dream quite late, the band fascinated me right me right away. Now I’m listening to the massive amount of albums TD released over last 50 years, discovering one musical highlight after the other. The music is well thought out, a proof that TD is one of the most intelligent bands ever. A documentary about TD is absolutely mandatory. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

Steven Feldman

Tangerine Dream have long been underrated because they didn’t dabble in Top Forty, but their influence and importance to the evolution of electronic music is crucial and needs to be analyzed and recognized.

emmi schlemmi

A gorgeous project that needs our support :)
For all the music addicted people; especially krautrock and earliest electronic music lovers.Great work of tag/traum and all the guys behind the scenes!
Five decades of tangerine dream-thank you for sharing this huge moments with us

Cyaron EFM

This is something that absolutely needs to happen. Tangerine Dream has been a huge influence and inspiration, but with such a huge catalog it can be daunting for newcomers to find their way. This documentary might actually preserve the legacy of the band for future generations, and we have to make sure that happens.


Hugely influential musical project and Edgar Froese’s life work. This man was the real deal; born on D-Day June 6th 1944 in East Prussia, his family suffered at the hands of the Nazis, fled the Soviet invasion and moved to Berlin, an iconic city of the post -war period. He was a protege of Savador Dali, who translated surrealism into the musical medium. During the 1970’s Tangerine Dream were brave musical pioneers who went against media fads and brought atonal and classical genres into the sphere of modern popular music. They were a live as opposed to studio -based band up until Froese’s death in 2015, yet always electronic, usually instrumental and frequently inspirational. Many famous musician’s were influenced by them. Didn’t know any of this? That’s why there needs to be a documentary!

Ben Marshall

Tangerine Dream have been one of those bands whose influences trancend their pidgeon holed genre. In the spiders web are so many diverse people, each attached in some way. It’s really time that this landmark band had some light shone into their huge array of works and sotpped being the unsung heros of electronic music!

Brien Comerford

I revered Edgar Froese. Extremely talented, diverse, cerebral, spiritual, surreal and ethereal. His solo Cds were astounding. A compassionate humanitarian, vegetarian, environmentalist, animal lover and nature advocate. Last but not least-his cosmic guitar playing.

Matthias Schorer

Tangerine Dream and Edgar Froese have influenced my musical life in many wonderful ways and I very much like to see the documentary movie about TD happen.


This project will be an important milestone and is a wunderful tribut to the wunderful Edgar Froese. I am very hopeful it will be startet!

Gary D

These guys have been the soundtrack to my whole life since around 1980. The ups, downs, and the in betweens…..Let’s get this one into the history books officially!!

Alan Miller

This is a documentary that needs to be made as it
might be the only opportunity to have a detailed record of the history behind one of the most innovative bands of the last century. A band whose music has given inspiration to many major musical and cinematic artists – the story of the music and those that created should be told. I could give many more reasons for why this project should be supported – but I will leave that to the others who also had the music of Tangerine Dream as part of their life’s soundtrack.

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