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The Accountant’ Trailer: Ben Affleck Is A Math Genius Assassin In Latest Action Flick

The Accountant' Trailer: Ben Affleck Is A Math Genius Assassin In Latest Action Flick

Guess what, Matt Damon? Ben Affleck can do math too, and seriously and also on the big screen. Take that, Good Will Hunting!

Affleck has recently been caught up in so much “Batman v Superman” fallout (place meme of a sad-faced Affleck reacting to whatever here) and anticipation for his next bat-eared outing that it’s easy to forget that he’s got plenty of non-superhero stuff coming up soon, like Gavin O’Connor’s bonkers-sounding and awesome-looking “The Accountant.” 

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In the new feature, which looks to combine pretty serious drama with some badass action, Affleck plays Christian Wolff, an accountant (of course) who appears to harbor one hell of a secret. The first trailer for the new film, which also stars Anna Kendrick, J.K. Simmons, Jon Bernthal, Jeffrey Tambor and John Lithgow, flips between young Christian’s life (where he’s apparently mocked by his peers for his prodigious talents as a math whiz) and his adult world (which sees him both working a steady-looking job and quite possibly moonlighting for some very bad people who do some very bad things).

The trailer draws clear parallels between Christian’s mathematical abilities, his obsessive personality and his ability to perhaps use violence to get the job done. The guy contains multitudes. 
The film will focus on what happens once Christian draws the attention of Treasury Department’s Crime Enforcement Division, run by Ray King (Simmons) and decides to go at least somewhat legit by taking on a robotics company as a new client. Once there, however, a smarty pants clerk (played by Kendrick) catches on to his schemes (which apparently leads to a classic scene of her yelling, “Who are you?” at Christian, possibly while on a boat).

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“The Accountant” will hit theaters on October 14. Check out the first trailer above.

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