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‘Vaxxed’: Controversial Anti-Vaccine Documentary Set To Open Wider in the United States & Will Head To Asia

'Vaxxed': Controversial Anti-Vaccine Documentary Set To Open Wider in the United States & Will Head To Asia

Cinema Libre Studio and China’s Gaia Studio are teaming up to distribute the controversial documentary “Vaxxed” to U.S. theaters. 

The film was directed by Andrew Wakefield, former UK surgeon and medical researcher, known for claiming  that there was a direct link between vaccination and autism in his 1998 research paper, which later was declared fraudulent. 

It was originally set to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival but was pulled from the schedule over outcries against it. The topic sparked controversy for being anti-vaccine, with not enough credible proof that the result of the shots would lead to autism. 

“We recognized early on that the false controversy associated with the film would influence the big players that might normally partner with us to expand this film in the U.S,” Philippe Diaz, founder of Cinema Libre Studio stated. “I looked for a partner who would believe in the compelling messages, testimonies and corroborations presented in ‘Vaxxed’ and who would not be intimidated by corporate pressure, as were Tribeca and Houston Worldfest. We feel excited about working with Gaia, which turned out to be a great match.”

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“This is a topic in the news, and we feel this movie gives a moving account and record of actual events and trends occurring,” AL Yang, Chairman and founder of Gaia Studio, said in a statement. “This is knowledge and information that can help people. This can help focus people to more deeply think about and understand the problems we face both. This is a common global health issue.”

“Vaxxed” opened in select smaller theaters in New York on April 1 and grossed $59,400 in three weeks and more than $20,000 in its first week in Los Angeles. 

The film will be screened at the Cannes Film Market during the upcoming Cannes Film Festival. Gaia Studios also hopes to release the film in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan as soon as possible.

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