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Review: ‘Warcraft’ Is The ‘Battlefield Earth’ Of The 21st Century

Duncan Jones' ambitious video game adaptation is an unmitigated disaster.

Paula Patton in Warcraft


Warcraft” is a once-in-a-generation disaster, one of the most ill-advised and ill-conceived studio films of this modern blockbuster era, but you have to give Universal some credit for trying. At a time when films of this scale are defined by safety and defenestrated by compromise — at a time when blockbusters are rigorously engineered to appeal to the broadest possible audience — Universal went all-in on a summer movie so niche and nerdy that it makes “Willow” look like “Lord of the Rings,” and “Lord of the Rings” look like “Masterpiece Theatre.”

Adapted from Blizzard Entertainment’s massively popular computer game series of the same name and resulting from a visionary deal that Universal forged with the software giant more than a decade ago (long before “Avatar” confirmed the potential upside of such a gamble), the film once seemed poised to bridge the seemingly uncrossable gap between movies and video games. Years passed without any evidence that the project was actually pushing forward, but a steady drip of exciting production news helped sustain interest. When director Sam Raimi dropped out, he was replaced with Duncan Jones (“Moon”) a talented young director with real credibility and a deep-seated passion for the material. When “The Force Awakens” crowded the film’s release date, Universal confidently repositioned “Warcraft” as an early summer tentpole.

Now, 10 years and several directors after it was first announced, “Warcraft” is finally here, and not only does it fail to bridge the gap between movies and video games, it self-immolates and swan-dives into the void, illuminating a dark rift that’s even deeper than it is wide. A grotesque, funhouse reflection of modern blockbuster cinema, the film is truly a staggering failure, and there’s no joy to be found in its profound awfulness — an exciting director has burned off several of his best years, a major Hollywood studio has been punished for their ambition and two disparate mediums have exposed the worst in each other.

Presented in garish 3D so vivid that viewers can practically feel the movie losing money in real time, “Warcraft” unfolds as though a Dungeon Master were narrating a very expensive episode of “Drunk History.” Essentially a feature-length prequel save for its first two minutes, the film opens with growly narration about how humans and orcs have always been at war, and then jumps back in time to illustrate how the two species first came into contact.



Orcs, for those unfamiliar with the videogame franchise, are a species of steroidal homunculi warriors who live by a savage code that seems incongruous with their posh British accents. A nomadic people who rove between worlds as a collective “horde,” these motion-captured monstrosities have braided hair, giant hammers and protruding molars (which they pierce with rings). The ones who have lines are white, and the ones who exist as fodder for the action scenes are green — while this dichotomy almost certainly causes some kind of racial discord in the orc community, it’s also our only means of telling these things apart.

The orcs are supposedly a smart species, but they have yet to invent t-shirts, nor can they seem to figure out why every world they inhabit seems to start dying after their obviously evil wizard leader (Daniel Wu as the power-mad Gul’dan) drains the land for fuel. On one hand, it’s hard to respect the intelligence of the orcs when they fail to see that Gul’dan — who has glowing green eyes and feeds his magic portal by literally siphoning the souls of his slaves — is pure evil. On the other hand, the orcs’ blind allegiance to power is one of their most recognizably human qualities.

And Jones’ script, which he co-wrote with Charles Leavitt, is nothing if not focused on the orcs’ underlying humanity. Our first proper introduction to their way of life is an appreciably tender moment in which a bland warrior named Durotan (“Fantastic Four” star Toby Kebbell) is goofing around with his pregnant wife Draka (Anna Galvin) in the privacy of their war hut. There’s nothing like watching a weightless, humanoid CG wildebeest use his massive hand to caress his mate’s swollen belly. Of course, a scene like this one only exists to heighten the stakes of the set piece that follows, and Gul’dan has quite a spectacle in store for us: The hunchbacked mystic, having exhausted the horde’s current planet, plans to open a massive portal through which he will lead his army to the realm of Azeroth (a verdant place full of humans who can be used as kindling for whatever dark shenanigans Gul’dan gets up to next). And so Gul’dan leads Durotan, Draka and some other indistinguishable digital cretins into Azeroth, inciting a needlessly convoluted war between orcs and humans.

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The film’s human hero is somehow even less interesting than his orc counterpart. Like someone took a still photo of Aragorn and faxed it to another franchise, Lothar (Travis Fimmel) is a military man with rangy hair and a glinty smile that says “I’m the least ridiculous-looking person here, so I guess I’m the protagonist?” Compared to the empty and uninspired Lothar, “Avatar” protagonist Jake Scully feels like he fell out of a Dickens novel. When a dorky young mage named Khadgar (Ben Schnetzer) warns Lothar that the orcs have spilled into Azeroth, the two men race to consult the reclusive wizard Medivh (Ben Foster, delivering a performance so big that it can probably be seen from space). He divines what we already know: War is coming.

Bridging the gap between the two factions is a half-orc, half-human woman named Garona (Paula Patton), who Lothar frees from Gul’dan’s grasp. Painted green and sporting a set of plastic Halloween fangs on the wrong half of her teeth, Patton consistently looks like she’s about to lose a cos-play contest for her own character. But the most troubling thing about Garona isn’t her cheap aesthetic, or her flat affect, or even the fact that the film’s plot would be almost completely unchanged if she were erased from it entirely. No, the most troubling thing about Garona is that a human man had sex with a female orc in order to bring her into this world (even the “Warcraft” community is confused about her lineage, and yet the film bafflingly assumes that it won’t be a problem for newcomers).



Garona’s inexplicable parentage — which is fun to mock, but impossible to ignore — epitomizes the incoherent nature of the film’s fantasy world. Jones and co. assumed the unenviable task of chiseling a coherent adventure film from a dizzyingly dense mythology, but the degree of difficulty can’t excuse the degree of failure. Whereas “The Fellowship of the Ring” baked the myths of Middle Earth into every frame and — following Tolkien’s expert lead — allowed viewers to discover its secrets along with its sheltered characters, “Warcraft” unfolds like a feature-length version of a “Previously, on ‘Game of Thrones'” package, blitzing through the plot as though the movie’s only task was to remind viewers of a story they already knew.

There’s no denying that fans of the franchise will find more to enjoy here than newcomers, but while familiarity may help lessen the confusion of some plot details, no degree of goodwill for the games will compensate for the sloppiness of the storytelling. For a movie that mostly takes place in three generic locations, it’s almost impressive how poorly each scene connects to the next, as character motivations (and character identities) soon smudge into nonsense.

For a film that had the time and resources to pave over any potholes, the only logical explanation for a disaster of this magnitude is that everyone involved lost sight of what they were making. Perhaps “Warcraft” is an argument against the idea that fans are the best people to help shepherd their beloved properties to the screen; whereas many of the most incompetent recent blockbusters have been directed by untested special effects gurus, Jones has proven his bonafides. “Moon” and “Source Code” are the work of an intelligent filmmaker who has an innate gift for mining rich characters from high-concept premises. For someone so skilled to create something this bad, either he was overwhelmed by the scale of the project, or he was too invested in the lore to understand how it needed to be reimagined for an audience who may not share his knowledge or enthusiasm.

This is truly a depressing experience. It’s rare to feel such pity for a major studio movie, but watching “Warcraft” bend over backwards to set up a sequel is like watching a desperate paramedic apply CPR to someone who’s clearly been dead for hours. He’s gone. He’s gone. Let it go. Let the battle between orcs and humans end in a stalemate. Call off the fighting and implore both sides to return to their loved ones. Bad movies come and go — “Warcraft” is a tragedy.

Grade: F

“Warcraft” opens in theaters on Friday, June 10.

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Daniel Hardy

Mr. Ehrlich, you have outdone yourself. Bravo.


    You sir are a Troll on epic scale. Perhaps you should go review a movie that isn’t fantasy because apparently you have no idea what that is or how that works. An F? REALLY? You’re a joke.


    When I had to look up a word from this writer’s second sentence. I could tell I was in for a Review that promised Trolling and Epic Fail at the same time. Say it out loud, “Dee- Fen- est-rate”.. that just rolls off the tongue. How about “Castrated by Compromise”. I think your readers atleast have seen that word before.
    I won’t go on anymore. What I’d say I’m sure is said by my brethren. Give the movie a chance for God’s sake; this isn’t about you getting attention by forcing it to sound like it’s the worst fail in years…….John Carter… sorry, I had to atleast say one.


      You needed to look up ‘defenestration’? What grade are you in?

        Brian Williamson

        Really?? You believe the word “defenestration” is one that the masses should know of and use on a daily basis? Let me guess, you “are” one of those people on WoW who actually play to have the opportunity to troll online because in real life you have gotten the shit beat out of you since grade school?? Exactly how many times in your life have you been given the chance to use a word that literally means “to throw someone out a window”?!?!?! It’s a word used hundreds of years ago to describe an event that supposedly started the 30yr war by the way genius. If you were in my home right now I’d use said word right before I made it a literal exclamation!!


      I don’t know when or where I picked it up, but defenestrate has been in my vocabulary as long as I can remember. From the Latin ‘de fenestra’ (out of [through] the window.) It’s a wonderful word to have at your disposal. You’ll never know when you need it.


        Defenestrate is a perfectly cromulent word. If you recognize the last but not the first of the multi-syllabic words in the preceding sentence, that is an indictment of the reader, not the author.


      You’re a loser.


    David Ehrlich – stfu and just go cook smthg. Probably you are more talented in cooking than writing.


    I am stunned at your lack of knowledge of the source material. Green orcs are slaves to the old gods from drinking Mannoroth’s blood. Which makes them slaves to the old gods. There is literal shit tons of lore that cannot be covered in 2 hours. Please go back to your LOTOR sad sack linear bullshit.

      Daniel Young

      There seemed to be a lack of interest from the reviewer, as if it was the intention to aim his sights at the movie regaurdless of how good or bad it was. From the time and time again when they explain what is happening and why its happening to the difference in orcs, and their intentions.
      I am not sure why one would go into a movie and pay no attention then blatantly insult it with weak at best arguments is beyond me.
      Where points like “Garona was half human” and constantly riffing off of that line, when clearly she war around before humans were established. She was quite clearly half Draenei. (the only other type of character established by that point in the movie.
      I could go on, but much like you I didnt put in my full attention to finish this review.
      I think by my commenting you have probably already won but I have nothing better to do with my time so I guess we both lose.

      Daniel Young

      My mistake I have replied instead of commenting. While im here
      The orcs were not green because they were slaves for drinking manaroths blood, they were green because of the warlock enhancements they recieved. Or as the movie called it “Fell”
      Orcs turned red after drinking mannaroths blood and became bloodthirsty slaves of Kil’jaiden. Not an old god but an alien.


    Im a big warcraft and WOW fan, yes I use those terms seperatly because they are different. I do agree that while some things were not quiet in line with the lore no movie based on a book or video game is ever going to be 100% cannon and im ok with that. I found the movie very entertaining and I found its attempts at at remaining canon very acceptable. I do have to agree that those who are not familiar with the WARCRAFT lore in general will probably feel lost (My brother was at first), and that is probably the only real flaw i saw with the movie. If i had to rate it (as a warcraft lore junkie) I would honesltly give it 4 stars simple based on the fact that the movie sadly isnt very welcoming to people who arnt familiar with the story line or its characters. I will say two things, I was pleased with how they handeled Karazan, and how they nailed Khadgars lack of grace. Also someone posted below about Lothar becoming king and stated that Terenas was king instead. Lothar never became king of stormwind this is true, but Terenas Menethil was king of LORDAERON not stormwind (Sorry, lore nerd moment)

    Brian Williamson

    Very well made. Captivating from start to finish, and gives the audience what they “should” be there for. “Entertainment” I admit that if you never had the pleasure to actually play WoW, you may find it hard to understand the storyline at first. But please remember one thing, “everyone” has their opinions on what makes a film good or bad. Just because a “paid” critic decides to take the low road and decimate it, shouldn’t influence how others view it. His opinion is just that, “his”. He isn’t a director, he isn’t a writer, and most likely he isn’t even a gamer. So truthfully the opinion of let’s say a 17 yr old kid, actually holds more weight on a film like this compared to some silly person who believes he is qualified to determine what the masses will or won’t enjoy. I am a 48 yr old male with a 14 yr old son, and we “both” LOVED it! I have a double Masters in accounting and business admin, and I played WoW for about 4 yrs. Unfortunately a divorce and other similar enjoyable surprises of life had to take precedent, and I had to stop playing. In closing I would just like to say this. We may not know art/film, BUT we know what we like! Yup…..


WOrst review i have read for a while.watched the movie in I-MAX throughly enjoyed it.Nowhere near as bad as he says


    This movie is definitely as bad as he says. It was absolute rubbish.


      You are a tragedy. And to all of those who say this rubbish, you are rubbish. Don’t act like you have made better movies before. You haven’t achieved anything with your life so stfu.



    Joanne Marcus


    Joanne Marcus

    I am not familiar with the Warcraft world, but I thoroughly enjoyed this movie as a fantasy fan. I was able to follow the plot, characters, and locations. I do not understand why so many critics are panning this movie. I would go see a sequel also.


Terrible review. Watched the film. It’s no lord of the rings, but it has its moments, and impresses on a technical level.


OMG this review is yet another total piece of shit.


Epic levels of smarminess shouted into the void. Round peg, square ****hole.


Oh, and someone already broke the embargo to drop the Battlefield Earth bomb. Tsk.

Erlend Å. E.

Most of your words are slurs and fancy ways of saying “I hated this”. First of all, no, not based on WoW. It’s based on Warcraft, hence, named Warcraft. Surely you can’t expect them to make the movie as appealing to newcomers as to Blizzard fans? This movie was made for those already connected to the franchise, from what I gather. And as a big fan of the warcraft lore, I was blown away by the rendition of some of the bigger characters. Khadgar is as clumsy as the lore says he is(if you read between the lines, and from the bigger picture, of the lore), Medivh was great, Lothar was believable and so on. The landscapes were very well done – they were true to warcraft, not World of Warcraft. When stuff only happens in Dalaran, Karazhan Stormwind and the black morass(apart from the pre-broken eastern ridge of Hellfire), you only play scenes in these landscapes/locations. Although a lot more things happen in the lore, this lays down the majority of the story of how Llane died, Lothar became king, Thrall was born and so on. Garona is half-orc, half-draenei, and as in the Warcraft lore(the continued lore into WoW, mind you – they’re trying to weave in their new lesser lore as well, can’t blame them) she initially believes she’s half-human. HOWEVER, they failed to highlight that she’s not just a “slave”, taken in by Gul’Dan, but also his personal ASSASSIN. That’s kind of disappointing, I suppose. But hell, I expected a disaster with this movie, and was positively surprised. Your review seems inaccurate to me, given what I have of knowledge in the lore of Warcraft, and my own experience of watching this movie.


    Would just like to correct you lothar was never a king after the first war the king was king Terenas


    Actually Garona is not the only big fail, king Llane died when the orcs destroyed and pillage Stormwind and garona murdered him because she was a double agente, clearly should have been showned how the humans lost and had to flee to Lordaeron after and could be here all day refering to lore fails that are soo manny that doesnt even looks like Blizzard supervised it… The most non sense comments or critics that i have read about this movie is comparing it to Lord of the rings or any other movie or story of the sort, thats just dumb and lack of knowledge and critics should be a bit more informed before doing critics on these bases… The other is even more senseless when people come and say this movie is based in warcraft and not Wow (world of warcraft)…
    Warcraft is a lore that started with the game warcraft, along all this years Blizzard made the story line in a way that the story line some you know by playing the game and other you know by Reading the books, both complete themselves, thats the amazing part, for exemple the ashbringer, by playing the game you know part of its story but other parts only in the books you can read about it. Saying that the movie is based on warcraft and not on Wow its almost has dumb as comparing it to the Lord of the rings, Its a movie based on warcraft Lore, warcraft lore includes books, comics, warcraft and world of warcraft!
    Ofc the movie could have been better, not in terms of effects but in terms of lore, for me its the only fail and a big one, some caracters could have been more intense, better fight scenes…etc
    The ammount of time and resources they had they could have done a epic movie and not just this.
    About this critic the only thing I can assume is that he never played the game or read any of the books or comics and knows nothing about it to do a constructive critic and his just talking about this without even knowing what to say but bad things…Thats wrong!


Just another “professional critic” copying and pasting what all the other critics are saying. When these reviews have the same jokes that other critics have said, it gets painfully obvious.


    Remember this guy actually Loved, not even liked, LOVED Gareth Edwards shitty 2014 Godzilla movie. So bland and lifeless.


Well, it looks like someone got a thesaurus as a graduation gift from their Liberal Arts program.

    Mike Kelley

    Well, it looks like someone got a thesaurus as a graduation gift from their Liberal Arts program.”

    This is the perfect comment. This review criticizes the Warcraft movie for taking itself too seriously and dousing itself in a faux-epic fur coat. That’s what makes the language in this review so ironic.


Haha, another desperate selfproclaimed critic who’s desperate to make cash for the weekly rent. You’re pathetic.


Stop comparing LOTR with Warcraft already,for fuck sake,people are tired of super hero movies and watch to see something new,good looking and fast actions.No more 3 hour of movie talking and one battlescene were you cant see what is going on screen


looks like he wrote the review before watching the movie


The movie was great as hell, made a good success, showing the main story of Warcraft. Your review is meaning-less, next time please place ur comments on mistakes done not the story line of a game developped to a movie made by Blizzard and published by Blizzard.


Good good. I can feel your hate, let it all out.


This reviewer has a stick up his butt obviously, so much hate I can feel it.

Guillo Mendez

Did you ever watch the movie? Also how much is Disney paying you? Are you really that desperate for money to review a movie by copy-pasting from other reviews. What happened to Journalism? Is it Dead? Write your own damn review after watching the movie.


    I bet Disney’s paying him at least a billion dollars to slam Warcraft. They seriously have that kind of money, you know.


Fun to see all seven of the butthurt WoW players who will actually pay to see this thing in theaters come rushing to its defense.


Fun to see all 8 of the butthurt WoW players who actually plan to pay to see this in theatres turn up to play defense.


    Adapted from Blizzard Entertainment’s massively popular Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game “World of Warcraft”. Stopped reading after these words. Next time do some reaserch before writing a review.
    Is the reviewer a real journalist?

    William P.

    Its not being butthurt. No movie should get 0 Score… Even movies who are GARBAGE should not get a score of 0. This critic probably got banned for botting ingame(lol) or just hates Blizzard for no reason. We don’t give a shit about your review buddy, this movie will be carried by its fans. You tried, but failed. You were not prepared.


    well as a none wow player that has seen it i can only say that this guy most have seen another movie, it was a good movie for what it is. And from what i understand the story is based on the first game orcs vs humans not wow.


I don’t know how professional reviewer you are, this is the worst review i have ever read. i can feel your prejudice of movie baaed on games.


Cant belive you are deleting comments you dont like,learn to take a CRITIC and thomas i watched it with 4 of my friends that are not even gamers at all,guess what,they invited me to watch movie again day after,because its a good movie,not like BvS


    “Comment awaiting moderation” Is THAT what that means?! Worst. Critic. Ever. One who dishes it, but can’t take it. Sad. :(


i find this review to be very unprofessional.


I also saw the film in IMAX 3D last night, and I have to agree with the gist if not the tone of the review. I think because I had much lower expectations than a WoW fan would, or because of the trailers, or because BvS, Cap 3, X-Men 6(?), I’d give it a solid D.

Erhlich is using some strong, harsh but surely entertaining metaphors – maybe some unfair comparisons but hey, the “syngeristic” path of this property is very aware of comparisons – but he’s right on point. It’s an incredibly disappointing item, even in the text of the film when it starts off with promise, and the irony of the orcs having more dramatic weight than the non-orcs.

It just all feels arbitrary and without purpose, except to have the fans giggle and the rest of us cringe and roll our eyes.


Oh come on. Yes, I’m a Warcraft fan and this might just illustrate your point but… It was bad but not “F-grade” bad. Like, I saw worse fantasy epics with acting and plot-holes just as dreadful but much more self-serious which is what just made them insufferable, as compared to this one.
I’d say that it’s maybe a C- or D+ material but not a “tragedy”. Rather a pity that all the talent involved are ultimately wasted.

Grom Hellscream

Mate, that review was fucking shit


    I really like gaming, but all these smug anti-intellectual gamers who’ve crawled out of their usual darkened gaming forums are really tiresome. We get it guys, you don’t like film criticism (or critical thought in general it seems), but here on what you’d call ‘the rest of the internet’ we tend to appreciate it. People also have a vocabulary that stretches beyond two syllables, but then you lot wouldn’t know about that having never ventured here before.

    As for the review itself; while bringing up some fair points, I think putting this film on the level of Battlefield Earth is kind of hyperbole.

Magni Bronzebeard

By my beard, this is the worst thing I have ever seen and I spent years fighting Kobolds and Troggs! Back to me forge.


    what‘s the meaning of by my beard


I guess the Warcraft universe is not attracting to movie critics, but that story, hundreds of million of people have known it from the last 20 years, so it’s very hard to imagine this to be as bad as you claim it to be, especially with the fan reviews that are really mostly positive.

Pedro Neves

“The orcs are supposedly a smart species, but they have yet to invent t-shirts” that line was so dumb it made me laugh. Shirts don’t define inteligence


    You should also know shirts don’t add to your stats! :P

Pedro Neves

“it’s hard to respect the intelligence of the orcs when they fail to see that Gul’dan — who has glowing green eyes and feeds his magic portal by literally siphoning the souls of his slaves — is pure evil” – say that about germans and hitler. Like seriously bro, how do you wanna be taken serious with those kind of ideas. Hitler was a Tyrant that made awfull things that people accepted because he was able to brainwash people with the power of his speech, playing with people’s fears. Just like Guldan

Julian van wierst

What the actual fuck did I just read? Nothing makes sense in this review as it was written by someone who decided to put an end to himself. First of all the movie was absolutely stunning to watch, even for the second time I cried of epicnes at the same time in. Everyone I brought with me into the movie were in love “Best movie I have ever seen” they said. I am requesting for this to be taken down. David, you have NO SINGLE IDEA of what even is going on. first: Garona half human what? She is half draenei, DO SOME RESEARCH BEFORE YOU WRITE SOMETHING!

Hallowed Fields

It’s these bad reviews that don’t allow actual good movies to get the attention they deserve. While you and your kin want to claim it’s a horrid abomination there are numerous people from around the world (fans and non fans) that have already seen the movie who claim it to have it’s trouble but overall a good movie. Critics have forgotten what it’s like to actually enjoy a movie through the eyes of the average moviegoer and instead look at as a homework assignment. Yes I do play WoW but not butthurt over the reviews. Like most people,I have watched some really good movies that critics for some unknown reason trashed. I think the movie world would be much better off without critics telling us what’s good and what’s bad. If it looks good just go see it and give it a chance. If it doesn’t appeal then that’s ok too.

Bruce Darren Acosta

Warcraft is the Battlefield of the 21st century, what a load of bull****, you critics just like doing the way you want it to be, you haven’t seen the movie why don’t you go and watch it, if any WoW fans and non fans want to watch it, they can watch the movie.


ive seen it and what strikes me with your review is a total lack of knowledge, and how wrong you got the story. If you really call this battlefield earth is only based on a hipster idea that movies should not be based on a game, and that you see this as a cash crab whitch it´s not!!! They had a story to tell and they did! is it a perfect movie no, not even close but they did set up the world really well and now can they go more into the better storys, as the rise of the lich king etc…

Mr. Noo La Iffe

Totally “Professional”. Well done, so “Professional” I can give you 10 star for your pathetic reviews~

Anduin Lothar

Its just critics ruining the cinematic experience for everyone. The 8 “butthurt” wow players are correct. I saw the movie, it was fantastic. These critics are out for blood, but for the life of me I can’t figure out why. I think there is a money trail to follow, or lack there of.


Frist off this movie is not an adaptation of World of Warcraft. This movie is an adaptation of blizzards game Warcraft: Orcs & Humans that was first released in 1994 .This movie predates World of Warcraft by 30years in there lore. Yes Warcraft and World of Warcraft are completely different games. Get your facts correct before writing next time you dam dwarf.


This had to be the worse review to date. Hell, you’ve managed to beat TheWrap. Shame… Go back to Community College and get your money back.


    Great one calling out The Wrap! ;D


It saddens me to see this many negative reviews. I want this movie to be a success because if people haven’t noticed, all the epic fantasy trilogies are long, but gone. I would also like to see a review that doesn’t take into account the fact that it comes from a video game, but I guess that is just the trend… 30 years from now, there will be a generation that fully accepts video game. I long to live in that time.


This guy… Sounds like he hated the game WAAAY b4 the movie came out to recap the story lol. This guy don’t realize, this movie was made 4 the fans (including me). N the game has been making over @ billion per year so Blizzard wants the movie 2 be epic, yes but its being made mostly 4 the fans that number almost 20million so where do u get a small following from lol… Just go n enjoy it n don’t try to understand it. It will confuse the non-followers ;)


Garona is not half human actually. How would it be possible that an orc and human had a kid if these races never met. They never said anything about being human. (She is actually half draenei, the race that gets harvested in the begin of the movie). So your joke isn’t just bad but also incorrect. And just shitting on a movie isn’t a review. It wasn’t that good but it had its moments.


    Garona is half human. medivh is her father.


      garona father was an orcish warriors to a draenei female


Disconnect between EU + Russian + fans, who are loving it, and US audience is ridiculous. In all fairness, as a journalist, and I’m trying to look at this as objectively as possible, this review reeks of amateurism. You have to be extremely bold to claim something like this. There are couple of reasons for this: You genuinely don’t know what you are doing, clickbaiting, or just Warcraft hate. I’m gonna go with the 2nd one because I do think your IQ is at least 2 digits.


    US Critics is what I meant.


Another wannabe critic parroting what other wannabe critics have said. You suck.


I love all the nerds here so unable to accept the possibility that the reviewer both saw the film and didn’t like it.


Yall can call us butthurt players but when a critic calls Warcraft racist they deserve to be thrown off a bridge where in the blue hell do you get that from? Everyone should just stop there and watch the movies cause it’s obvious these critics don’t know what they are talking about.


Racist yep makes perfect sense…. oh yes and the orcs should have shirts of course and while we are at it lets put make-up on the females and makes them a lighter shade of brown/green.


Battlefield Earth came out in the 21st century.. so doesn’t that make Battlefield Earth the Battlefield Earth of the 21st century.

Somebody didn’t do their homework before trying to be witty.


    A century actually begins on January 1st, xx01 rather than xx00. Battlefield Earth came out in 2000.

    Better Warrick

    Actually, no, Battlefield Earth released in May of 2000, the 21st century began on January 1st, 2001.

    Somebody didn’t do their homework before trying to be witty.


I didn’t expect much from a WoW movie but come on. Have you actually seen Battlefield Earth?


It was never stated in the movie that Garona was part human, only that she “looked more like” them than other orcs. Anyway, I don’t know much about the WarCraft lore, but that point didn’t bother me at all when I watched the movie, because I assumed she was just that, “an orc that looked more human”. And actually, I discovered afterwards on some WarCraft wiki that she’s half-orc half-draenor (another race coming from the orcs’ world that didn’t any spotlight in the movie), so I don’t see where “even the Warcraft community” would be “confused about her lineage”.

Everything else I see in this review is either strawmen fallacies like Garona’s one, or either cleverly written but gratuitous mockery to what are actually perfectly acceptable parts of the movie (like the couple play scene). But even more outrageous about this review is the fact that most of the interesting points of the movie (also the majority of its plot) have been completely eclipsed in a poor attempt to scoff at it, almost as if the reviewer didn’t really see the movie, just like other comments said. Or maybe he was running out of bad metaphors to compare against such excellent material?


    You did not watch the same movie I did. Most of it is nothing of what happened in Warcraft, whether it is the lore, or the film itself.

    You do use clever words to try and compensate for the lack of comprehension for the movie’s story.

    You’ve done a good job at making a whole nation of players angry, but for the record to all the commenters, it was not made for the fans, but for everyone.

    I did not play the games, nor it was my favorite genre of game to play, but the story was compelling enough to get myself an account to World of Warcraft and play, so I guess it is mission accomplished on my end, not that it matters much.


      My apologies, the comment was supposed to not be for you personally.


Come on. It’s totally clear this guy accomplished his goal. To make a ton of money for this website by click baiting everyone who wants to see the movie into finding out just why he gave it a lower rating then every other movie he’s ever reviewed or seen or that has even been made since he decided on a rating of 0/100. What a complete troll. Guess critics throw objectivity, impartiality, and fairness out the window when they see that opportunity to make a ton of money on ads off a fan base that might be a little attached to both their games and their computer.


To rewier:You don’t get it man . You don’t have a clue what you just saw and because you don’t understand the film you were forced to compare it with other movies and ideas from fantasy in general that’s all.Your Ego bashed it becouse you don’t want to look stupid and you were not able to accept something new and different. Thats just my opinion no ofence.


Btw, this guy gave Neighbours 2 91/100. ROFL


Yes he is using what others have written. Also took the misses who knows fek all about Warcraft and she loved it as did I. Battlefield earth my rear if it were Disney you’d be waxing lyrical to get on the liggers party boat. Crap review from a seemingly copy and paste reviewer.


More copy and paste rubbish from a Disney fanboy who probably gave The Farce Awakens good reviews. Read this same review on Variety, etc. Watched with the misses and really enjoyed. I guess Blizzard doesn’t cater for party liggers looking for freebies like Disney did when they sold us worse tosh. Deliberately misleading review and should be scrapped.


Saw the movie yesterday loved it so much and not just because I’m a player but because it was a good movie

Wen Goen Lie

Warcraft is much better film than X-men: apocalypse , batman vs superman & captain america: civil war.


Watched the movie. Loved it and not just because I’m a player but I like the way the movie was plotted with twist besides its just the beginning don’t expect too much like the way it is in the game. I’m actually excited for the next sequ


BRAVO MR DAVID! BRAVO! BRAVISIMO! BEAUTIFUL, STUNNING I HAVE YET TO SEE A REVIEW MORE ANALYZED BY YOURS! 8 years in film school gentleman! This guy deserves to make movies on his own!


Are the critics just so desperate to make this movie fail in box office? I don’t get it, what’s your problem, people? I’ve watched the movie, I absolutely loved it! And I’m a girl lol. All my friends loved it also and some of us don’t know anything about Warcraft game whatsoever. This is surely not a perfect movie, but it still great and entertaining, and we had loads of fun watching it. Considering going to watch it for the second time even. I’m just so confused by all these reviews, so unfair…


Too matche hate in the article.

Nic Lëur

Excellent review, whether your detractors are right and the info you’ve presented was culled from others opinions it doesn’t seem to matter. An over budgeted fx reel trying to give depth to innate 3D game characters which were never relatable to begin with. The film is garbage: it’s stocked with the only desperate people who would touch it but the acting won’t improve their situation. That game isn’t worth adapting, this film will be forgotten very fast and I won’t even trick myself into watching it, not even as a sadomasichistic impulse or a drinking game with no premise. Just…end it.


    You’re wrong. There will be a sequel. You think the U.S. is the number one box office?


    There will be sequels, I would bet on that.


    The game has been there for quite a while, and other games have tried to imitate it, without really getting it the right way, but since you want to make sure that this movie fail, maybe instead of making comments raving about how this person is right, you should think about how 12 milion people actually played the MMO, if the story is so bad it can’t be adapted.


I don´t know about the movie (I won´t go to watch it to the theater, that´s for sure) but your review has entertained me.


This is getting ridiculous. I didn’t know the story of WARCRAFT (games and whatnot) and I liked the film. I assumed Garona was a half blue thing due to being able to communicate with the first prisoners(blue ones). The characters were great especially the orcs. The humans grew on me and I liked them too.

My only complaint is that this movie needed to be longer about 30-40 minutes longer.

I saw Battlefield earth and no way is this on the same level as that.
Do we really need movies to spoonfeed us the story? I feel like that’s an insult to our intelligence. I followed it just fine and the lore even intrigued me to buy the book.


I have seen it twice in the opening week, the second time with my wife who has never played any of the Warcraft games but she really enjoyed it as a movie. I myself on the other hand have been playing WOW for 9 years so know a bit of the lore and took the film for what it was and thoroughly enjoyed it even more second time

Parsa Varposhty

Critics are a bunch of wannabe film makers who never had a real chance of actually making it to the industry. So to pour water on their flaming rage for not being recognized, they trash the work of others.
I’m not saying the film was a good movie. All I’m saying is that it’s not as bad as this guy’s painted it!


An idiotic review from an idiotic critic.
For an honest review from a professional critic who has never played Warcraft I suggest check out Mark Kermode.


U sir, are an idiot sir


Tries to insinuate Racism:
“The ones who have lines are white, and the ones who exist as fodder for the action scenes are green”

Makes a wholly idiotic, ignorant and racist statement a paragraph later:

“The orcs are supposedly a smart species, but they have yet to invent t-shirts.”

Like other commenters i’m not going to blast you for your opinion, im surely you truly think this film is a disasters but the above statements need retracting from this piece for it to have any credibility.

    John H

    Racist against Orcs?


      Pushing agenda. White orcs being only ones worthy of lines. Suggesting bias towards Anglo-Saxons of Earth. Statement regarding t-shirts, any who are without proper clothing, are to be considered uncivilized. Suggests writer’s true thoughts. Therefore, pushing a narrative.


gotta get those clicks…


“defenestrated by compromise” I had to look “defenestrate” up because, oddly, it was a new word to me. It means to either literally throw someone out the window or dismiss them from their position. Dismissed by compromise. Who hasn’t been there? But I’m not sure that it makes sense in your review as used. However, I love it.


Lucky for you guys that has seen the movie. I have to wait till next weeks to watch it. Most people only know the story from the game and not many have read the novels. If you ask me the movie is just a summarise version between the game and the novels (the original version and not the movie version.)


This is yet another review of this movie that ends up as creative writing of a turd. I don’t get how self-indulgent guys like him get listed as “critics”. You’re not doing yourself and the film industry a favor.


I’m concerned how many of these comments are upset that the review uses “fancy words.”


This is yet another review that ends up as creative writing of a turd. Basically EVERY argument is an exaggeration. I don’t get how self-indulgent guys like him get listed as “critics”. You’re not doing yourself and the film industry a favor.


Jeez, WoW fans really came out of the weeds on this one. This whole anti-critic movement by the basement dwellers was funny when it was B v S, but it’s getting a little played-out now, eh?

Great review, David.


    Have you seen the film? If not how do you know if it was a great review? If so on what points do you agree most with?


The movie is not based on World of Warcraft, it’s based on the warcraft games that predate World of Warcraft.


Good to see that your fans are here to applaud even though they haven’t seen it, they just agree with you. That was some really creative writing of a review that doesn’t even try to reflect on the movie.


It is mind boogling the hate that this decent movie reiceves.Orcs intelligence is tested, why they dont use T-SHirts”. Is this a real critic point.It is more than obvious that u knew what rate u would give to this movie before it even airs.You are discusting and insanely untalented


“Makes LOTR look like Masterpiece Theater?” Are you for real? LOTR *is* fantasy MP for crying out loud.


Re: orcs as “steroidal homunculi”: does the writer have any idea what words he is using? Comically incorrect usage of $5 words.


One of the worst reviews on the internet. Pages and pages of words without a single real and constuctive critic. Don’t do reviews anymore, for your own reputation, do something else, you can’t do that right.

Confused reader

Trying to figure out why you have people reviewing the story of a nearly 30 year old series who’ve never been a part of it. This movie is pretty much much fanservice to those dedicated to the lore, meanwhile some oiled up hipster wants to throw their two cents into the wishing well to bitch about a story they know nothing about which was noticeable when he dove into racial difference between “white ” and green orcs like some sort of SJW for the fantasy worlds… stick to reviewing your “underground” and indie scene, pleb…. take your pent up hipster anguish and your artisan coffee elsewhere…


What needlessly mean-spirited review. Did someone involved with this film beat up the critic when he was 5?


I saw it a few days ago…not the greatest movie I have seen but definitely not the worst worth and doesn’t deserve the hate in the review which by the way wasn’t as witty or well written. In fact if someone has the time maybe they can do a review of your review in the same condescending manner.


I noticed trolls missing on the movie. It seems they were hidden as smartass movie critics. You are poop sir. The people loved the movie. You do not matter.


Oh goodness, so much anger from fans of the games over a review. Why do you care what he thinks about the movie? You like it, good, like it. Don’t get your panties in a wad because someone else doesn’t. Most of these words went right over your head anyway. So pathetic.

Mike B.

Did YOU even understand the source material? it appears from this review YOU didn’t even bother to do YOUR research, otherwise you’d know what this story is setting up for the next movie.


Not sure what’s funnier, this review, or the borderline illiterate comments from fans of the source material. Good to know kids who dropped out of school may like this movie, though.


This isnt a critic, this is a joke :D i cant even take it seriously.


“Protruding molars” You do realize that molars are in the back of your mouth, right dude? Time to go back to elementary school.


What a moron! Warcraft is more than a movie, it s an experience. You have to have a really black soul to not enjoy such a movie.


Really? Another stupid, ignorant review. It’s not based on the MMO, it’s based on the Warcraft universe…I’m not even going to waste time reading the rest of your opinion. From what I did read, you just rambled on about how bad that movie is, yet fail to explain why it’s bad. You just poke fun at the directors and the appearances of the characters? My verdict on you as a “movie critic”: you’re a douchebag that don’t do research.


LOL he said it’s based on the World of Warcraft MMO…what an idiot. Stupid ass critic don’t know ish yet making so-called intelligent critiques…dumbass


I stopped reading after he wrongly said the movie was based off World of Warcraft, when just a smidgen of research would lead to the knowledge the movie is based off the original Warcraft Orcs and Humans, and takes place Years before WoW. This kind of stuff leads me to believe the critic went into the movie already not knowing or attempting to understand the movie he was watching and planned a bad review from the beginning.


So, I must thank all these retard critics for preparing me for the worst when it comes to Warcraft – The Beginning.
Actualy I just came back from seeing it, and it really rocks, it’s def a 7/10 movie, but I’m a WoW player so I must be subjective and give the movie a 8.5/10.
Garona understands what the captured drainei, and that’s a hint that she is probably half-orc half-drainei.
This movie has a lot of layers that will be discovered more and more in the next parts, so just enjoy it and stop hating.
0/10 … you must be … ….. ….

John H

So much GOLD in this review I don’t even know where to begin. My favorite? “Presented in garish 3D so vivid that viewers can practically feel the movie losing money in real time. . . ” I’m still laughing.

Fickle Rectum

I don’t see what the problem is here.


Wow, really? Really?
Are you looking for attention? Are you?
Did Disney paid you for “this”?
You’re just a hater, right ?
Because hate is everything I feel from this hmm, review…
And I’m not a fan, didn’t play Warcraft ever.
People are right, you know, this is the worst review in years, so tell us, are you paid, or you’re hater?
And Neighbours 2 91/100, really? Are you sure that you’re qualified for reviewing?


Wow, really? Really?
Are you looking for attention? Are you?
Did Disney paid you for “this”?
You’re just a hater, right ?
Because hate is everything I feel from this hmm,review…
And I’m not a fan, didn’t play Warcraft ever.
People are right, you know, this is the worst review in years, so tell us, are you paid, or you’re hater?
And Neighbours 2 91/100, really? Are you sure that you’re qualified for reviewing?


Dear reviewer the movie isn’t based in World of Warcraft MMORPG it’s based in the warcraft games games that are RTS like age of empires if you have any clue about it btw, the lore is related tho.
muh avengers flicks fucking cuck


I don’t like that you didn’t like this movie that I haven’t seen yet! Even though I haven’t seen it, I hate that you are hating on something I know for sure that I will like!! I am going to lose sleep knowing that a movie critic who I’ve never met didn’t like a movie that I won’t be seeing for another week! I will only read unbiased reviews from now on. Ones who I already know will agree with me and already know the movie will be great before they see it!


    I seen this movie on June 1st. You are wrong. This was a good movie. In fact there were multiple people who wanted to check out the game after the film. I directed them to Regal Cinemas and explained that they can get the game with all of the expansions for free with 30 days of game time!


To rewier :You don’t get it man. You don’t have a clue what you just saw and becouse you don’t understand the film, story, arts type or warcraft universe you were then forced to compare it with other movies and ideas from fantasy in general that’s all. Your ego bashed it becouse you were not able to accept something new and different. Thats just my opinion on your review. Same as you wrote your opinion on movie.

John M

Hello studio plants. Beautiful day to be commenting, isn’t it?

Jack H.

Another hack “critic” without a shard of originality. He had to echo the Batlefield Earth claims. This just about borders on plagiarism. Really sad to see hacks like this get published. Maybe this website can invest in good reviewers who aren’t lazy or clueless.


That’s the funniest review I’ve read in ages – brilliant

Your Mom

LMAO! I always knew you were full of shit, David. Jeez, I just saw this movie and it wasn’t as terrible as you make it out to be.

Jhon Mc Johnsen

This reviewing guy should be defined “arms stolen from agriculture”. Really, go grab some tomatoes from fields, you’d be really qualified for that.

Naked Brunch

I guess this comment section is what a revenge of the nerds remake would look like.


The review is spot on. The movie is atrocious, and I’m a big warcraft fan (played the original RTS games and WoW for a bit back in the day). I was expecting much better. The only saving grace is that some of the buildings looked just like the ones from the original Warcraft II and that a Murloc made a brief appearance. Otherwise it’s a big 2 hour waste of time.


I don’t usually comment on pieces like this, but wow! I like to consider myself a reasonably intelligent person and I managed to find quite a lot to enjoy in the Warcraft movie. Whilst the movie is not without fault, this review feels less like a honest critique and more a vitriolic diatribe


What the hell? Are you for real?


Dear Mr. Erhlich,

Having just seen Warcraft in the cinema I must say I am astonished by your review of Warcraft. Having read most reviews that have come out yours is one of the most negative.

I myself work in the entertainment industry and this makes me a critical man of movies and series. I have done so for about 16 years. I am not a fanboy.

I do understand some of your points, but giving this movie an F (a 0 on Metacritic) is beyond professionalism and I almost believe that this review is mainly so negative (putting it mildy) to get attention to Indiewire (clickbait). In which you succeeded.

I am sure you are an ethical journalist so I hope I am wrong about the above. Maybe the people going to the movie are right ( maybe you are, but giving a movie a 0 is not right. It really is not, because people read these things and base their cinematic choices on this. Meaning that your review might sway people to go to other movies. In this case I find that a pity because me and also my wife loved the movie.

I hope that maybe you will change your rating to reflect better that production value of the movie. No movie should ever get a F or a 0.


Very poor and empty review. Most of what you´ve said makes no sense, and gives a very strong impression you don´t know what you are talking about. You so called critics would do well to stop imitating the sold out critics that run Rotten Tomatoes.


Crappy review from crappy critic!!!


this isn’t a freaking movie about World of Warcraft. this movie is about the history BEFORE World of Warcraft. Get your facts straight before you critique a movie from something the movie storyline is not about. This movie is from BEFORE the World of Warcraft timeline. Don’t call yourself a critic until you have the facts straight for what you are critiqing.


Pretty sure you never read WoW Novels – “Beyond the Dark Portal”, “Tides of Darkness” and “Rise of the Horde”.
Most fans who’re familiar with them already know what’s in store, don’t need your droll. LMAO


I rely can not believe these critics i mean seriously why you trash this movie so much and praise some stupid movies what the hell is going on with you guys oh my god. I would love this movie to succeed.


This review is all about the reviewer and has nothing whatsoever to do with the film which was a hell of a lot of fun. I think this film might represent the widest gulf between professional critics and general theater-goers in the history of the medium, because all the critics seem to be suddenly ingesting some bad catnip, where all the member reviews on IMDB and online at large are absolutely gushing. Trust your gut instinct. If you want to immerse yourself in a gorgeous fantasy world, see some truly inspired battle scenes, and see the beginnings of a new film franchise that I hope will survive the absurd driveling of critics who undervalue something that was crafted with so much care, then go for it. While the David Ehrlichs of the world whine and mewl and espouse their tepid “opinions”, you go and enjoy the hell out of the ride of Warcraft.


I haven’t seen the movie but the review is a bit harsh. I can appreciate subjectivity. But an F? Really? Doubtful it’s that bad.


I think people will remember you as the guy who gave the movie %0 on metacritic. While the movie may not be a great adaptation, you wouldnt be able to stand for 2 hours if it was a real %0 movie. I used to follow IndieWire, but I you managed to shatter my trust with this lack of research and very unprofessionally hate-filled subjective review.

David J Kim

Well, this review is the result of online “journalism” where websites hire kids straight out of college for cheap and refuse to hire an actual critic. Here’s a newsflash to this so-called “critic”: in 2008, the beloved Roger Ebert stated that the world of Movie Critique is soon going to die, and its because rather than producing engaging and intellectual discussions about movies, several critics are simply resorting to absolutism. You are contributing to a problem with reviews like these. You should go see how Mark Ellis and Kristian Harloff do movie reviews, and see how they channel their inner-Siskel and Ebert.

Kevin Fontan

Dear David Ehrlich,
You lost me right after you misused the word defenestrated. You proceed to gang rape the english language through out the rest of your review. This leads me to believe that you are in fact perhaps an Orc trying to hurt this film. Maybe you just have a broken penis and need to use words that you do not understand. Regardless, please so stop doing that. Otherwise your comparison to failed Scientology films was spot on. You make us both lay in the shower and cry now so thanks for that.


Reads like Hillarity Clinton’s next victory speech… Author should go back to flipping burgers.


This review is totally unreliable and flat out false. Fair enough, some of the remarks he makes are alright; however, I think when he says things such as “The orcs are supposedly a smart species” it is apparent that he did not follow the plot of the film whatsoever. The Orcs are not from Azeroth (the planet in which they are invading) and therefore cannot be expected to see that Gul’dan is “pure evil” as they have nothing to compare what is evil and what isn’t on Azeroth.

Also; at one point in the movie, Durotan (an Orc) says something along the lines of “The Orc’s answer to everything is war” (sorry if that’s a bit off, I can’t really remember, but the line is in the scene where Medivh blocks the Orcs from advancing). The quote emphasizes that the Orcs are inclined to follow Gul’dan as he is the leader of their assault on Azeroth.
Also; the remark about them not being able to invent shirts is purely irrelevant. Many Orcs in the Warcraft universe do not wear shirts to display their size and dominance. That was plain stupid.

I honestly think that Ehrlich either has no idea about anything in the Warcraft Universe or he doesn’t understand the movie properly. The points I made are only but a few that he was inconsiderate about, if you want some more then feel free to reply. Also; I’m not saying that ALL his points are wrong, the movie was by no means perfect but it’s not as bad as it was made out to be.

Also; the movie isn’t based around World of Warcraft; more so the books and the previous RTS games prior to the release of WoW.


This guy is a moron I dont know what he is talking about I loved this film it was good really enjoyed it so did my family who have never heard of it before. seriously get better critics… This one is clueless


This critic… Lol… You know, there were at least 3 Warcraft games before WoW right? Thos movie isnt just adapted from WoW, but rather the Warcraft universe… But yeah generalize by using WoW as the sole example


What’s the meaning of “By my beard”


My favorite part of this review is the comments from all the WoW dorks. Unable to read at a basic eighth grade level, making non-sequiturs about “Liberal Arts education,” their cheeto-dusted indignation palpable. The fiasco of this movie was totally worth it, having gifted the world with these comments.


    Rick, put a ring on that chode of yours and calm down. I’m pretty sure you are just trying to be as insulting to the majority of people as possible by using lame stereotypes. I mean how else could someone assume that everyone has “Cheeto dusted imagination” What the hell does that even mean? Please explain.


    Who’d have thought, Mr. Ehrlich isn’t the only condescending twat around here. Do you believe that your brain grows when you feel superior towards others, thanks to your illusionary complex, twisted self-conception? If you guys are to smug to comprehend this movie, or have no clue about its background story, why do you even have to steam off your irrelevant opinions?


Holy crap, this guy….. Spouting SO much nonsense it’s funny. I Loved it. I hope people go see it for themselves and not take this geezers opinion into account and they form their own.


The main purpose of the movie industry has become high profits at low risk. “Warcraft” is a brand name intended to bring in lots of money with little effort — just like Captain America, X-Men, Ninja Turtles, etc., etc.

Reviewer of movie critics

I went to see this movie with a friend and his girlfriend last night.
Me and my friend played the RTS Warcraft series and world of Warcraft (so Warcraft fans I suppose) while his girlfriend just tagged along because she wanted to go see a movie that night (she never heard of Warcraft before but hoped for the best).
All 3 of us enjoyed the movie. Not too hard to imagine for 2 Warcraft fans/players but our 1 non gamer also enjoying it was far from certain (the most objective one of us).
When I asked if the amount of locations, characters and the back and forth switching between them was confusing she said, ‘It really isn’t that hard to follow.’.
The CGI was fine, characters were decent, visuals were nice, story was good (all 3 of us agreed on that with some minor flaws).

Reading around on different websites it shows that most viewers enjoy this movie but people who are paid to review movies aren’t.
If movie reviewers differ so much in opinion with movie watchers, the reviewers are biased ( money goes a long way) or maybe reviewers have lost touch what average people expect from a movie.
Reading this review, I am leaning towards the first option.
Reread this critic’s review and now disregard the over-the-top comparisons, the derision and the verbal diarrhea our reviewer is overly fond of.
What is left, precious little content of why he deems this movie is bad. I can summarize it like this: the reviewer finds this story goes too fast and he had trouble following (Oh and he doesn’t like Garona, he finds her costuming cheap).
The rest of it is just snippy comments or unexplained reasoning (Charachter motivations and identities smudge into nothingness our reviewer writes. Surely he could have explained why he thinks this instead of his first 4 paragraphs which contribute barely anything to his review).

Ehrlich, on the VERY VERY small chance you are reading this, having an opinion (good or bad) about a movie is fine but barely or poorly explaining that opinion isn’t.

The author of this review is autistic, I think he's called David Ehrlich

You’re a fucking idiot, I hope you know. If the movie’s SO bad, then why not let them know through a respectable manner that it is a failure without an analogy every sentence. Not to mention, you act as if you’re defending the fans of the game that the movie is based off of. Their goal could be to reel in more players to the game by the movie and expand upon the movie in a sequel, but this isn’t Lord of the Rings, and it won’t be. *Insert an analogy here to keep David Ehrlich interested* I believe you’re focusing on points that you couldn’t catch because your ability to comprehend content is too little, so you missed 75% of the movie. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but even if it’s bad, even if the numerous things of blabbed on about are true, *insert analogy that describes that how David Ehrlich reviewed this was preposterous*. Enjoy your breakfast.

Reviewer of movie critics

Can’t believe you delete comments you don’t like despite the fact I had no name calling in it and had well explained reasons behind everything.

What a bunch of censorship


That was terrible movie, rip money :(


lol the reviewer is so fucking ignorant of the Warcraft lore… Makes me wonder why did he even bother to go and see a movie heavily based on a game and novels he never heard of or read. Totally unsuitable for this.


It’s a great movie, better then most I’ve seen this year.

All the plot wholes the critic describes have perfectly good explanations, kinda sad the man didn’t even do his homework before picking up the pen to write a review.

It’s funny he think himself smart, w/o bothering to take the plot line as it is and enjoy its evolution. All is goint to be revealed eventually, that’s the beauty and mystery of Warcraft.

Sadly some people just want the fully story plot served on a silver platter. This was the begining of an legendary war, depicted beautifully.

Anonymous Anonymous

Your review is so biased that it made me vomit. Before reviewing a movie, maybe try to inform yourself about it. The movie is taken from ‘Warcraft’ the RTS game; not ‘World of Warcraft’. Garona is not half-orc and half-human, but half-orc and half-draenei.

You just talk about the plot (of which you know nothing, evidently), but what about the great use of CGI, etc.?

Poor review!


lol Mr. Ehrlich you are just pure idiot and braindead person. I saw some of your reviews on and I´d like to ask if you really think, that you have any qualifications for reviews? In every way you should be fired because unfortunately you really don´t have qualifications for reviews….
I thought that I would at least see some your positives on masterpieces like Shawshank Redemption, Schindlers List, Godfather, Forrest Gump or Green Mile but hey, you didn´t even make a reviews for the greatest films and you call yourself movie critic? Well maybe its better I didn´t found any of them because when I see how you act like critic…
People like you are the scum of the society, you talk about something when you actually know shit about it – its not based on World of Warcraft…


I’d suggest the revewier look up the definition of the word “homunculus.”. Orcs are most certainly not homunculi at all, in fact they are really the opposite of the term. I am curious, however, as to what the reviewer thought the word meant when he misused it.


This looks like fun fantasy….if you don’t go in expecting and epic drama it should be fine.

Lord Jaraxxus

Trifling ‘film critic’, your arrogance will be your undoing! You face Jaraxxus, eredar lord of the Burning Legion! INFERNO!


Broforce has more intelligence in its design than this reviewer put into his word-vomit.


Hipster who thinks too highly of himself


‘Orcs failed to invent t-shirts’

wtf is wrong with u


Yeah… pretty sure Garona is half draenai and half orc, or maybe critics like you love to hop on the hate bandwagon like the rest of them?


this movie is seriously not anywhere near as bad as this hack is making it out to be, listen i am no fanboy either i have played none of the games and i was able to easily follow the nuanced threads this troglodite was foiled by


Pretty fair review.


I think someone blew himself after writing this review … I can almost feel Mr. Ehrlich’s self-gratification after every want-to-be witty, degrading sentence he wrote.
“Warcraft” is a once-in-a-generation disaster, one of the most ill-advised and ill-conceived studio films of this modern blockbuster era”. Oh come on, Mr. Ehrlich. In order to make such a general, valid statement you would need to have the lowest capacity to break out of one’s narrow-minded little world-view. And, well, you obviously don’t.


Holy hell, all these ass-pained warfat fans getting mad that their precious blizzard movie wasn’t that great and someone called them out on it. Jesus christ the movie sucked, but these salty tears were so worth it.


There is clearly a negative bias with this guy. The movie wasn’t amazing but it wasn’t awful either. I would say it is worth seeing if fantasy is your thing.


Warcraft was fantastically enjoyable, masterfully executed (at the very least in terms of world-building and fantastical characters and story), and all of it’s features are elevated for the fans of the games.

I played Warcraft 3, and World of Warcraft for about a year, during which I had a great amount of fun playing with friends, and learning about the world of Azeroth: This makes me biased, of course, but nonetheless. Warcraft first amazes the viewer by showing them beautiful shots and animation in the form of the Orcs on their home world of Draenor. I have to say, the moment I saw them I didn’t stop smiling until I left the theatre. They looked amazing! The characters of Durotan, Gul’Dan, and even Orgrim Doomhammer had depth to their personalities, facial expressions, and movements. Duncan Jones did us right on that front.

When it comes to gripes that people have, it often comes down to Garona and Anduin Lothar. While yes, I do think it was an odd choice to have Garona look the way she did, she fits just fine into the world. Yes, I do think the romance may have been a bit rushed, but in reality the movie spans the course of at least months (packed into 2 hours, and keeps up a fast, engaging pace the whole time!), and come on, you can see Lothar’s attraction right off the bat.

The film was by no means perfect, but it was fun the entire time. I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw the orcs, and my smile widened farther when I got to see magic on screen like never before. It was fantasy taken to the fantastical, and if you ever expected anything less going into a movie about another world where humans are fighting orcs after going through a portal powered by dark magic, then you need to rethink a whole lot of things.


LMAO at the butthurt fanboys. This movie is trash


    Well, real viewer’s rating just prove you wrong, my poor friend.


Gave a zero to a film that viewers receive with “universal acclaim.” Reviewing films: you’re doin’ it wrong.


Ok so I was obsessed with World of Warcraft. I was the kind of nerd that ran around in-game looking for clickable books to read, dedicated my youth to it.

Anyway this movie sucks. Get a grip fanboys

“Patton consistently looks like she’s about to lose a cos-play contest for her own character”

Haha so true


Best Movie review ever!


Maybe the movie wasn’t as good as we all expected, but you, Sir, have outdone yourself in writing a poor, phony and uneducated review. So who didn’t do their job right in the end – the filmmakers or you?


Warcraft Review Comment Drinking Game:

Commenter puts the word “critic” in scare quotes? Drink.

Commenter declares the review invalid because the film’s plot comes from the original Warcraft RTS, not the MMO spinoff? Drink.

Commenter feels the need to explicitly declare he isn’t a fanboy? Drink.

Commenter mentions a friend who isn’t familiar with Warcraft, but went to see the movie and said he had a nice time? Drink.

Commenter complains about the use of a word he isn’t familiar with? Drink.

Commenter mutters darkly about “Liberal Arts Majors”? Drink.

Commenter accuses critic of lack of professionalism for not having done research on the underlying franchise before watching movie? Drink.

Commenter implies a real critic would’ve played through a twenty year old RTS before reviewing the movie? Finish your drink.

Commenter claims extreme physical reaction to reading a critical review? Drink.

Commenter displays general lack of awareness that his own opinions are not self evident, objective truths? Finish your drink.

Commenter accuses critic of being on a rival studio’s payroll? Drink.

Commenter accuses critic of conspiring with other critics who didn’t like the movie? Drink.


I was about to put a angry statement about what i feel about your review. Then a remember that you are entitled to your own opinion, and that’s your right to not like the movie. But putting a 0 on something i mean even Pompeii didnt get a 0 and that was garbage. I wont cry all over this review for the simple fact that fan review have stand up against those “official” review. Sir have a good day!


and you’re a critic? You are comparing this masterpiece with Battlefield Earth? pffff… How much money did Disney or whoever pay you to write this shitty article? idiot!

P Holland

What movie did you watch? Not only do I place it in same collection with the Tolkin films as am rpg gamer I declare here and now it is the best gaming movie ever made. It is filled with believable compelling characters a vivid and understandable story with the right amount of twists and subtle foreshadowing. I for one await the next installment, and pray the bosses at Universal find you as big a fool as I do.

Yaroslav Nechaev

Author of the review is obviously racist. So much hate towards looks and customs of an alien species (orcs) I don’t even know what to say.

This reviewer is a piece of shit

This review is absoltely terrible don’t listen to this retard. Hope the reviewer gets cancer. This is why I hate movie critics this piece of shit gave it 0/10 to get clicks to his shitty site. Good thing I have ublock so smd reviewer.

Sylvia Lars

“Garona’s inexplicable parentage” You sure you actually SAW the movie? They explained it really clear.
“Orcs, for those unfamiliar with the videogame franchise, ” What? Why are you explaining it like those who don’t know a thing about the franchise won’t get it just by watching the movie?
“these motion-captured monstrosities have braided hair, giant hammers and protruding molars (which they pierce with rings). The ones who have lines are white, and the ones who exist as fodder for the action scenes are green — while this dichotomy almost certainly causes some kind of racial discord in the orc community” Coff Coff Guldan!
Also, why are you so surprised by orcs’ appeareance? I know I know: this is your FIRST approach to a fantasy movie EVER.
“The orcs are supposedly a smart species, but they have yet to invent t-shirts” Again, you should go research at least a little about fantsasy genre.
“nor can they seem to figure out why every world they inhabit seems to start dying after their obviously evil wizard leader (Daniel Wu as the power-mad Gul’dan) drains the land for fuel.” *sighs* Durotan realized that already, but he wasn’t strong enough now had the numbers to confront Gul’dan. Do I have to repeat every line in the movie for you?
” inciting a needlessly convoluted war between orcs and humans.” Sorry, but their warld was dying and the only way of living for the orcs is war… oh wait, but these things were already said in the movie, why do I have to repeat everything?
“empty and uninspired Lothar”? wth? Did you expect him to make philosophical remarks every 3 seconds? Lothar is a fighter, a very good one if not the best in this world, he is friends AND brother-in-law with the KING, he doesn’t need to prove he’s smart or clever time and time again, he’s no green boy, they all know his value. The famous commander of the great Azeroth’s army.
“When a dorky young mage named Khadgar” Oh sure, because All mages and wizards that are no kids should knowww a thing or two about the world and they should be respected everywhere they go. Right. Well, welcome to human race, where we all are different. You can have also have young people, scholars too!
“fangs on the wrong half of her teeth” Sorry, but you should see this movie: Warcraft. There are people named “orcs” whose fangs are that way too. Maybe then the way of Garona’s teeth won’t be rare to you.
“the film’s plot would be almost completely unchanged if she were erased from it entirely” Yeah, because interpreters are everywhere in this world. And look! King Llane’s still being betrayed! And Gul’dan lets Lothar goes anyway!
I have no more time, but I’ll give you an advice: go see more fantasy movies, no matter how old they are, and read more fantasy books where you are at it, and THEN start thinking about calling yourself a “professional critic”.

Brain Stew

I don’t know anything about the game’s lore and I thought it was really easy to follow. The reviewer had their fangs out (and on the wrong side of their mouth) from the jump with this one and it reflects poorly on them as a professional. I think the real boldness of the film was in not making the Orcs generic evil fodder for heroic humans but letting the audience live in their skin for a bit and see the machinations at work that were drawing both sides into combat.

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