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‘23 Ways You Could Be Killed If You Are Black in America’: Watch Beyoncé, Alicia Keys & More Celebs In Stark Short Film

The video is a collaboration with the We Are Here Movement and Mic.

We Are Here Movement 23 Ways

Alicia Keys and the We Are Here Movement have teamed up with Mic to release a powerful video titled “23 Ways You Could Be Killed If You Are Black in America.” The clip features some of Hollywood and music’s biggest names including Beyoncé, Taraji P. Henson, Rihanna, Pharrell, Bono, Janelle Monáe, Queen Latifah and many more.

The video was based on the piece, “23 Everyday Actions Punishable by Death if You’re Black in America” and has each artist identify a particular African-American victim of police violence and describe the way that their everyday actions led them to their tragic death. Keys begins by talking about a victim who failed to signal a lane change, then Beyoncé describes the recent incident that happened to Philando Castile.

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The video is a response to the recent shootingsof Castile and Alton Sterling, who “joined a long list of black people in America whose seemingly mundane actions have led to their deaths by police officers.” The We Are Here Movement’s mission is to manifest a world community built on true equality, and to put an end to the injustice of poverty, oppression, and hopelessness.

“Go to and tell President Obama and Congress that the time for change is now,” says Keys at the end of the video. “We demand radical transformation to heal the long history of systemic racism so that all Americans have the equal right to live and to pursue happiness.”

For more information on how to make a difference, click here.

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Rebekah Credeur

I feel that this needs to be addressed


What a bunch of BULLSHIT!!!


I don’t know about all of them..but I do know you don’t get shot just because your in your car with a child..(he had a gun between his legs, you can see it in his gf video..and he was told not to reach for it, and he did I know you dont get shot just for selling cd’s..he fought and resisted then reached for a gun. Pretty simple really..respect and listen to law enforcement..but some don’t think they have to

    Woman of God

    You sound absolutely ignorant and have no clue what you’re talking about. What you are saying is false and not factual information, but I’m not surprise…you wouldn’t understand. It’s people like you that make it even harder on black people because of your ignorant comment. You could have kept your opinion to yourself if it wasn’t to uplift or respect the message they’re trying to put out.

    Don Shula

    I bet you are a white guy.

Steven Davis

All life matters white black exc…police had to stop n think and not be scared to think beefier they act… They wrong and peace needs to begin before the streets get worse

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