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‘Hillary’s America’ Review: Dinesh D’Souza’s Latest Documentary Is Republican Propaganda At Its Dumbest

Conservative personality Dinesh D'Souza's latest dose of anti-Clinton propaganda is one of the dumbest things ever projected onto a screen.

Dinesh D'Souza's Hillary's America

“Hillary’s America”

“Hillary’s America,” the third documentary from author, filmmaker and convicted felon Dinesh D’Souza, begins with an undeniably fascinating premise: What if a Twitter egg made a movie? While D’Souza’s previous feature-length attacks on the Democratic Party were similarly falsified and foaming at the mouth (remember the part in 2014’s “America” when he argued that Hillary Clinton wants to use NASA to turn the United States into her own personal panopticon of terror?), “Hillary’s America” is different — this time, it’s personal.

In January of 2014, D’Souza was indicted for violating campaign finance laws after it was discovered that he made illegal contributions to Wendy Long’s Senate bid (she wound up losing by more than 40 percentage points). He was found guilty, and accused the court of selective persecution on the basis that the Obama administration was supposedly trying to silence its dissidents.

“It all began when the Obama administration tried to shut me up,” he says via the droning voiceover that he wraps around his movie like a suffocating plastic bag, effectively contextualizing his subsequent arguments as the grandiose delusions of a paranoid man who thinks that the leader of the free world has ever given him a single thought. His account was effectively blocked — in the worst of all indignities for such a fanatically self-described patriot, he has lost his right to vote. But now, fresh off an eight month sentence in a minimum-security halfway house, D’Souza is all riled up and ready to reboot.

“Hillary’s America” opens with a promise writ large across the screen: “This is a true story. No names were changed to protect the Democratic Party.” Facts, on the other hand, have been radically altered in order to harm them. From there, the film immediately devolves into a delusional vanity project, as D’Souza re-stages his trial — and hilariously recreates his time in state custody in order to portray the experience as it happened in the narcissistic void where his thoughts are brought to term. He stages a series of hokey scenes in which he befriends a number of his fellow inmates, and finds himself mocked for the ridiculousness of his crime. “I think I might be the stupidest criminal in the history of American jurisprudence,” he sighs. No argument there.

But then, an epiphany: A supremely #woke prisoner named “Roc” removes the veil from over D’Souza’s eyes after the two of them are witness to a gang fight (or the minimum-security equivalent). What if politicians are the biggest gang of all? You can practically feel Obama reaching for the panic button on the underside of his desk, tapping it repeatedly in the hope that help might come sooner. They’ve blown this thing wide open, and D’Souza has seen the light: “I’ve been too focused on America as it ought to be,” he exclaims like a bizarro George Bailey who’s just discovered the joys of misconstruing history to serve his vile agenda.

And that’s when it hits him: “What if the Democratic Party’s plan is to steal the most valuable thing ever produced? What if the Democratic Party’s plan is to steal… America?” What if! What if your pets had secret lives when you went to work? What if there were a map on the back of the Declaration of Independence? What if you could get rich by serving a hot plate of toxic horse shit to poorly educated Americans every other year?

Of course, this is the same old dog and pony show upon which D’Souza has built his brand. It’s his usual shtick of piggybacking a baseless personal attack onto a pseudo history lesson, a feature-length dog whistle that’s blown at a pitch so high that only the most ignorant or paranoid of people are capable of hearing it. He’s smart to anchor his argument in the story of his arrest, because his proven track record of Republican fanaticism is the only sincere detail of this documentary.

Please be assured that the following actually happens: D’Souza visits a well-staffed mock-up of the Democratic Party headquarters, swooping into their museum under the guise of a humble outsider who’s curious to learn more about his country’s history. But then he spots a portrait of Abraham Lincoln — wait a second, but Abraham Lincoln was a Republican! That’s when D’Souza slips under the velvet rope, rides the secret employee elevator to the basement, and finds the real truth about the Democratic Party.

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D’Souza rewrites history, staging a series of still more hokey recreations (complete with some of the worst wig work in the history of the arts) and smothering them with his unctuous narration. His central thesis is that the Democrats were on the wrong side of the Civil War, and because that only happened some 150 years ago, obviously nothing has changed since. D’Souza is compelled by the fact that Republicans were once the party of equal rights, and completely uninterested in the fact that they aren’t anymore.

He depicts Andrew Jackson lashing a slave in the morning and sleeping with her at night (“What is it with Democratic Presidents and innocent young women?” he asks, subtly foreshadowing his fetishistic obsessions with Bill Clinton’s penis). He tells us that “No Republicans owned slaves.” Zero. He paints Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, as the mother of American eugenics because she once spoke at a KKK event (in a desperate bid to get them to stop procreating). He recounts how “The Birth of a Nation” was the first movie ever screened at the White House, and hammers that non-point home by showing one of Griffith’s Klansmen burst out of the screen and onto the White House lawn, to the great delight of Woodrow Wilson.

Every scene feels like it should be punctuated with a smash-cut to John Oliver’s stupefied face. Instead, we’re constantly returned to images of D’Souza, the director interjecting his constipated grimace into the film whenever possible and making Michael Moore look like Frederick Wiseman in the process.

A still from Dinesh D'Souza's documentary Hillary's America

“Hillary’s America”

It’s easy to appreciate how the sheer velocity of D’Souza’s distortions might have an effect on some audiences — by the time “Hillary’s America” reaches the New Deal and argues that “The Big Switch” between party platforms was just “a bigger scam” (huh?), D’Souza has created such a farcical vortex of fictions that reality starts to erode along the margins. But the arguments are too cartoonish, too conspiratorial. “Oh,” you almost certainly won’t find yourself thinking during an extended recreation in which conservative boogeyman Saul Alinsky devises a way to con a cheap breakfast from a local diner, “Maybe the Democratic Party is a giant shadow organization hellbent on controlling the world.”

The current Republican nominee for President is never explicitly mentioned, but his approach to politics is baked into D’Souza’s filmmaking. Both men gear their arguments towards relentlessly attacking the enemy, both are rampant abusers of self-victimization and both have a habit of deflecting all questions of character and inquiries towards substance. The specter of Trump is omnipresent, even before D’Souza abruptly pivots its focus to Hillary Clinton for his documentary’s bravura final act. Young Clinton, portrayed by a Hope Davis lookalike whom it would be needlessly cruel to mention by name, is seen as a relentless community organizer who’s determined to bring America to its knees. D’Souza, in what surely must be his finest moment, depicts Clinton “outsmarting the master” in a scene where she meets “Alinsky” at a diner and tells him that “We should take over institutions of government from the inside.” So like… getting elected to office? Insidious!

By the time the ride is over, D’Souza has somehow managed to pin Bill Clinton’s infidelity on his wife: “If Hillary Clinton’s husband is a sex abuser, how is that her fault? Actually, it is: She orchestrated all of this. Hillary Clinton is the War on Women.” Trump thinks that women should be punished for having abortions, but sure, that logic totally checks out. Perhaps the best thing you can say about “Hillary’s America” is that it doesn’t hate Hillary because she’s a woman (though he might hate women because Hillary Clinton is one of them).

It’s a shame that D’Souza’s arguments are getting progressively dumber, because his filmmaking is experiencing marginal improvements, albeit only on a technical level. The recreations, however cheesy they may be, show some flair for composition, and the tracking shot that follows D’Souza into Clinton’s “headquarters,” while an empty exercise in style, is endowed with a confident visual flair.

As a documentary determined to damn the Democratic Party, “Hillary’s America” is a profound failure of unprecedented proportions, an embarrassment for Republicans, Americans and pretty much the rest of humankind. As a parody of right-wing conspiracy theorists, this knotted spiderweb of ideological garbage is practically “Citizen Kane.”

Grade: F

“Hillary’s America” opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, July 22.

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It’s funny how David Ehrlich isn’t self-aware enough to see just how much he has in common with Dinesh D’Souza.

    David Ehrlich

    omg please do tell. maybe we can become friends and make america great again together!

      Don T.

      David. You’re a douche. You don’t even have lefties on her defending you. Go move to Russia you bum! Cuba. Syria! Just leave this great country you hate so much. Fucking Marxist clown.

        Mike D.

        I guess the part when she talked about getting a rapist off the hook and laughed about it is GOP propaganda too, huh? Mr. Ehrlich, you are pathetic.

          Leslie S

          The rapist pleaded guilty to a lesser charge, which is not the same as “getting off.” And she laughed during an interview decades later when talking about polygraphs. So yes, the way you stated it is propaganda.

      Evan Rains

      Could you please make it more obvious you were paid by Hillary to write this “impossibly stupid” review? It really is vapid journalists like you who drive people to the right. You are not influencing anyone with a piece like this. The same 8 people who clapped for your last article will clap for this. Try and distinguish yourself from the regressive left psychos and you will finally have the audience you have longed for.


      You really don’t provide any actual proof that what he claims in the movie is wrong or misleading. This whole article is just you slandering him because you’re on the left and want to ignore the facts of history. If he’s wrong, prove it


      Ehrlich you should be embarassed by this smear piece. Totally gutless to smear this documentary and not provide counterarguments to what you disagree with.

    David Beall

    D Beall

    David Beall

    Hillary’s America, Seen Through the Eyes of Two Deadly Idiots, Reveals All

    David Beall

    Hillary’s America, As Seen Through the Eyes of Two Deadly Idiots, Reveals All



Eddy Q

Well Margaret Sanger was in fact pro-eugenics. D’Souza’s explanation for this is no doubt bullshit, which I assume is Ehrlich’s point, but it’s still worth mentioning.


Reading this, I laughed aloud at how ignorant you are. Using the thesaurus to replace half the words in your piece doesn’t make you sound smart, by the way.

If you knew anything about history, about Clinton, about America, you wouldn’t have penned this profoundly stupid article.

    Ted C.

    Hell yeah. This guy is a self hating liberal tool!!!

    Mike D.

    Well said Steven.


Everyone should see the movie and formulate their own opinion.


    It is painful to see how incredibly brainwashed people are. If you think Clinton’s are innocent and she is the best choice for the presidency then you have no clue about the reality of what she is….Get a brain and do a little research before blindly following the set agenda.
    If you enjoy the freedoms our constitution allows you better stay far away from this piece of garbage Hillary Clinton.

    Ryan Aufdencamp

    I can’t stand seeing so much blatant bias in an article. Not only was it poorly written, it fails to do anything but bash the film because of its stance. Instead of using fourth grade insults, actually say something intelligent about why you don’t agree with what he said. The failure to control your own personal emotions within this argument proves to me that you would say the exact same thing regardless of the content of the film. I would criticize a right-winged journalist bashing a left film if they did the same thing you did in this argument. Learn to control your emotions and bias in order to form a valid, well-informed opinion.


      Lol its funny how one of the first things he says is convicted felon. When I see reviews of woody Allen the first thing we should see is pedophile… Clinton followers are just blind and stupid


This author is a fool. I doubt he even watched the entire film. One visit to the man’s Twitter and you can see how obviously biased he is in favor of one political party over another. His reviews of political films should not be taken seriously in any capacity. I imagine that he’s spent many a night watching “An Inconveniant Truth” covered in tears and ejaculate.

    Ted C.



    Exactly. Another weak and brainwashed sheep.


    Honestly, you have got to pause and wonder if it is just the same generic, snarky 3 or 4 liberals rewriting the same composite of desperate groupthink over and over. Expectedly pathetic AMD poorly written article.



jeffrey lysen

He wrote this even with knowing everything hillary and company has done… interesting

    Ted C.

    Yeah, what a joke!!!


Parts of this sound like it could be a section of Family Guy, and not even a good one at that. I can’t decide if I want to see this just to believe it, or wait until i don’t have to waste money.


I’m more convinced then ever to see this movie, bring my granddaughter, and as soon as available buy this movie just to piss off David Ehrlich. I’ve known the Democrats have whitewashed their past and have known of their raciest tactics on the black population since Johnson’s famous statement. People must note that the points made in the movie are not contested. Please everyone, take the time to see this movie. PROTECT FREEDOM.

    Ted C.



    If you are planning to see this movie do it this week so it spreads to more theatres.Buy tickets online if you cant go, we need to spread the truth.

      David Beall

      An Education for a moron:Hillary’s America, Seen Through the Eyes of Two Deadly Idiots, Reveals All


    I’ve known the Democrats have whitewashed their past

    Whitewashed their past and scapegoated innocent groups they hate for it. They now blame slavery on Christianity, just like they blame gang crime in Chicago on the NRA and blame Islamic terror attacks on the USA.

    The author of this “review” doesn’t even know the history of his own party. He is so caught up in the racist stereotypes inculcated by the Democrat party that he doesn’t even view non-Democrats as human beings.

    Martha Armstrong

    If this “Eric” would take the time to find an Used book store nd actually buy really old encylopedias and then actually read the history, he’ll find out exactly what was shown in this movie is the REAL history o the Democratic party…the movie tells it like it is, dramatically yes, but truthful

ravi kumar

David’s is trying really hard to steer away his weed smoking dumb nuts from watching this movie. His review is on the level of high school freshman. He is the reason why people take drugs.


Obviously this guy is biased to favor Democrats. If this was against Trump I bet he will give five stars…


Fuuuuuck Yooooouuuuuu! IndieWire, ha! Liberal rag. You’re a joke!

Ted C.

Love how there are more people commenting who have common sense unlike what is seen on most left wing sites. Yeah, wonder who this tool is voting for?!? Just shows you that a lot of the population is still brain dead or plain stubborn. Stupid stubborn! Either way, it’s scary. Hopefully this film wakes the Humpty Dumptys up!!!!

Sally Vacpak

David for you I give a GRADE F


This review appears to be just an excuse to personally attack D’Souza. Ehrlich makes accusations such as ‘Facts … have been radically altered’, ‘D’Souza rewrites history’ and ‘D’Souza has created such a farcical vortex of fictions’ but then fails to back them up. For instance, he says that the movie claims no Republicans owned slaves. If that claim indeed is made and is false, which I would imagine it is, it should be easy to prove. He implies that Margaret Sanger was not a big supporter of eugenics, when in fact she was. He stops just short of presenting any actual facts to refute whatever claims the movie is making. Everything from the inflammatory language he uses to the content of his writing makes it clear that he just personally dislikes D’Souza and the premise of the movie. There’s no attempt to actually review the merits of the film.

The truth

Conservatives conveniently like to forget about how the ‘Solid South’ used to vote Democrat until they all switched to Republican because of the 1960s Civil Rights movement, when Republicans tried to appeal to racist southerners. Argue whatever you want in these comment threads but the racism and hatred of Blacks are deeply embedded in the conservative states, no matter the institution.

    Pirates Progress

    Looks like self-indulgent, hate-filled lefty David has enboldened you to offer your own little opinion piece. Were you in a real college rather than a liberal brainwashing/programming institution you would be required to substantiate your claims….which of course, you would fail to do.

      The truth

      I have to show you history books? I have no obligation to source you that which is already a well recorded piece of history that was told to us directly by republican party strategists.

      COMALite J

      If history books are too tough for you, how about some simple ELectoral College maps? Compare ones before the 1964 Civil Rights Act, starting with the very first election in which the Republican Party existed (1856) and the very first one they won (1860) and many others that were racially polarized on up until just before the Civil Rights Act (1952 and 1956), with the first one after that (1968).

      If this place allows for clickable links within comments, click here for a post I made a week ago showing such maps.

      COMALite J

      Oops, 1964, not 1968. I did put the correct one in the link.

      Also, hear for yourself the actual words (from his own mouth) of the Republican Party strategist Lee Atwater, as he discussed the origin of the “Southern Strategy” that he helped perfect. (Link goes to YouTube.)


    Yea you have that backwards!


    You do realize that Democrats voted against the civil rights bill right?


It’s typical of Liberals to NEVER counter with facts but instead,attack and cloud issues with heresy all the while ignoring facts. This idiot like ALL LIBERAL IDIOTS can,NEVER be objective.

    David Beall

    Here are some facts Hillary’s America, Seen Through the Eyes of Two Deadly Idiots, Reveals All


So. 2 things I retrieved from this poorly written article.’re a liberal with no brain and 2. You’re very worried and afraid of a Trump Administration and by golly you should be. Trump will silence all of you libtards very soon and it’s going to be bittersweet.




    Wow, you just said you support Trump promoting censorship. Fucking dumbass, enjoy living in your Orwellian dystopia and jerk off to your firearms while fisting your sister you cuck.


      Love how unhinged these democrats are becoming, they are exceedingly vulgar in every way. Liberals unmasked!


      Your chosen name tells it all, retard!


      Citizen’s United was a lawsuit brought by Hillary Clinton against a group that made a movie about her. Who wants to strip people of their free speech? Fascist Democrats that’s who.


It seems as though the left is hemorrhaging brain cells, next shoe to drop soon.

Tommy Gunn

Just a Judeo-Bolshevik propaganda hit piece.

    Pirates Progress

    Perfectly captioned! May I borrow that phrase as it has broad application for the tactics of the left.


Ehlrich is a shill for the establisment. Fuck you indie wire you sell-out lying controlled media scumbags.


David Ehlrich, you and every coward who serves the establishment — when it comes down — it’s open season on all you minions — everyone remember who the minions were — when it all comes crumbling down these people will be remembered by the rest of us, and cast out.

Doesn't matter

I AM a Hillary supporter and this author makes us all look bad… please distance yourself with us.. so much freshman-tier hyperbole and bullshit. I hope David Ehrlich is a pseudonym..


    Obviously a Hillary supporter! Nothing matters, b=not even the lives lost in Bengahzi


David is a liar! It’s not propaganda when you are stating facts, which David totally lacks. The demoncraps have been intent on enslavement of others and that was exactly why their party was founded in the first place. David is a LIAR!!

    David Beall

    Your statements are incorrect Hillary’s America, Seen Through the Eyes of Two Deadly Idiots, Reveals All

Right All The Way

Erlich’s an idiot – Ive read some of his hate-mongering crap before – just a blowhard – not worthy of anyone’s trouble


    Alinsky and conservative in the same sentence ????? Wow!!


It is incredible how very inaccurate you are about Dinesh D’Souza as He is NOT a convicted Felon. Oh well, so much for the progressive movement that is distorting so much of what is being echoed by the mainstream press and their sycophantic followers.


We are going to see it on Friday.

hank condon

I learned a long time ago that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s usually a duck.


It’s getting sadder & sadder to read comments on any site. The folks hyperventilating about the Clintons are selective & one-sided too. They believe things that have no basis in fact. Their belief systems are just as closed and unhinged as anyones. The ones who hail Trump as a savior who will kill people they don’t like have no sense of history. The idea that extreme right-wing beliefs are always right is as wrong as the belief that extreme leftist beliefs are always right. The small-minded and insecure folks commenting here will destroy this country if they get the chance. The USA is at its best when people help each other regardless of politics. The anger that created Trump is a dead-end. It will solve nothing. The movie being reviewed here is obviously not a documentary. It’s – at best – a polemic. But I’d say it doesn’t sound like a very effective one. How can it have credibility without citation? It sounds like fiction.


    @Rod: You nailed it. It’s frightening to see the lack of critical thinking and unhinged emotion running through these comments. They are programmed to be US vs THEM. There is no US and there is no THEM. We are one people that need to coalesce not divide.

    Pirates Progress

    We apologize for inadvertently publishing your comments on this thread. They were intended for consumption on the planet Priklok.


    @Rod: your comment here represents truth, and self control. Really people talk like this to one another online? During a time where we need to set aside our differences to survive, most people in here have exhibited a rottenness-just like the one they are so quick to point out in David’s review.
    Rod, you are that one person among these stone throwers who has encouraged me to believe that there are still even keeled people amidst this perpetual cycle of destructiveness. People need to look at what they write before they hit send! The Internet is not suppose to be the place everyone goes to “rip” those they oppose to pieces!


    If youre looking for citation, Dsouza released a book under the same title this month, something hardly any other documentarian does. As for the writer of the article, he should start there if he wants to deride something without focusing on actual facts.


      Um, Michael Moore and Al Gore both did that.

Gary Bernard Charwin

This is not so much a film review of “Hillary’s America” as it is a snarky adolescent whine by someone who just can’t tolerate those mean, intolerant people on the right.
I have a feeling Dinesh D’Souza has invaded David’s “safe space” with a detailed, fact-supported history of the Democratic party in general and the Clintons in particular. Even worse, he’s done it in an entertaining manner. Remember, the media/political/educational elite like David know what’s best for the American people and they will NEVER allow a little thing like the truth to threaten their control. Go see “Hillary’s America” before America elects Hillary, and Dinesh D’Souza becomes a two-time ‘convicted felon’ for exposing those in power and their willingness to maintain control by any means necessary.


Thanks Dave! I now want to see it ALL THE MORE!! :) Bought three tickets already for Saturday. Such compelling rhetoric! ;-)

Steven Fregoso

The one thing we can all be sure of is, if David Ehrlich hates it, its going to be good. This is a child-like review. David Ehrlich, keep up your ridiculous rants, its really makes Hillary followers look bad. Not that they need your help. Just bought my ticket!


@davidehrlich It’s actually comical to read your review. You did not dispute one fact in the movie (so it all must be true), you tried putting down the Republicans every chance you got when this movie is obviously about Democrsts and when all else failed you tried throwing Trump in there when this movie has nothing to do with him. Your true colors showed through your writings and that color is brown. The same brown that’s the ring around my a-hole.


Davidehrlich, your insight is blind…I have seen this movie and it is a documentary of historic facts that can be verified if someone has any intelligence and eyeballs to see , which you do not seem to have. I would encourage every American to watch this movie before making (their) choice, not who the media, that is owned by the “left pitch”..People of the United States are fed up with the con of the left pitch…The Silent Majority is about to rise up…….


Damn, after reading Ehrlich droning on and on, I will definitely see the movie.

Jack Coonan

“Gee, Bang up job so far, Dave…” Verbal Kent/Keyser Soze- The usual suspects


This history is true, although some republicans are part of it too, such as the Bush’s and Romney’s for example, the elitist. What they teach us in our schools is only a distraction from our genuine history and lies of it. We are pretty much brainwashed, and are grown to believe everything they tell us, so they maintain their wealth and power. The Bush’s-Clinton’s poison our foods and serve wicked oppression globally.


This entire article is a run-on sentence. Written at a fourth grade level.


Crooked crooked Hillary

Larry Sinclair

Hey David.. was Robert Byrd ever a Klansman? Did Robert Byrd ever change party affiliation? Which party actually voted an ex-Klansman to lead their party in the way way way back machine of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s? What party fought against women’s right to vote? Which party was Al Gore Sr from when he was fighting against civil rights for all? Why did ALL American have FULL civil rights in 1875 and then taken away?

    COMALite J

    Hey David.. was Robert Byrd ever a Klansman?

    Why, yes, yes he was.

    Did Robert Byrd ever change party affiliation?

    Why, no, no he didn’t.

    Which party actually voted an ex-Klansman to lead their party in the way way way back machine of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s

    The Democratic Party.

    And now, the other side of the story.

    Robert Byrd repented of what he had done, and thoroughly demonstrated the sincerity of that repentance in both word and deed. He backed the Civil Rights movement, the Voting Rights Act, the renewal of the VRA, and numerous other civil rights legislations. He got consistently high marks with the NAACP, who went on to mourn his passing and publicly eulogize and honor him. He apologized over and over for his KKK days and said that he’d be willing to apologize a thousand more times.

    Do you claim to be a Christian? If so, then why do you not do what He says? The whole point of Christianity is repentance and forgiveness. Byrd repented and apologized, and fought against the KKK agenda for the rest of his days. Jesus said that if you do not forgive others their hundred-pence sins (especially if they repent), God will not forgive you your ten-thousand-talent sins.

    On the other hand, let me ask the same questions you asked, about someone else:

    “Hey Larry.. was David Duke ever a Klansman?”
    (Why, yes, yes he was. Grand Wizard, in fact. He also quit that, but only because it wasn’t white supremacist enough for him. He then formed the NAAWP as a direct counter to the NAACP, and his friend and his ex-wife founded Stormfront, of which he is an active participant to this very day.)

    “Did David Duke ever change party affiliation?”
    (Yes he has: from American Nazi [!] to Democratic to Populist to Republican to Reform and back to Republican, which he is currently and is running for U.S. Senate again under.)

    “Which party has had an unrepentant ex-Klansman Grand Wizard, founder of the NAAWP, and major member of Stormfront, run for Governor of a State, and serve in its State Legislature [from which office he sold Nazi literature including Mein Kampf and, while serving in that position, attended Neo-Nazi meetings], run for U.S. Congress and Senate and for President, and now for Senate again?”
    (Republican. Though he did briefly run for President as a Democrat in 1988 [same year Ron Paul ran as a Libertarian], the Democrats were having none of it so that was the year he switched to Populist and won their nomination.)

    This is the guy who endorsed Donald Trump, and whom Trump pretended to have never heard of when confronted about this, despite the fact that Trump is on record talking (negatively) about Duke in 1991 and 2000.

Sean Pereksta

The bias here is incredible. None of it actually says why the film is terrible or wrong, its just a liberal complaining about how the facts don’t line up with his beliefs. Hillary is a criminal she has broken multiple laws in USC title 17, although i would not expect a liberal to research that much anyways. The democratic party has always been one of division, people say the parties switched, but if there is one topic that democrats have always been on, its the support of racial inequality. It turns out, when republicans run cities, the racial inequality goes down, while when democrats run cities, it goes up, why is that. Because democrats need minorities, they cant win off facts, because they don’t have facts,so what do they do, they race bait, they promise free things to minorities, at the

JB Smith

Mr. Ehrlich,
I read your “review”, I find it simply fascinating how ignorant you are of your own bias when you’ve chosen to review films. You made eerily similar comments regarding Mr. D’Souza’s other films “America:Imagine a world without her” and “Obama 2016”, but those films went on to become the #2 & #3 biggest grossing documentary films of all time. Just because you’re an Anti-American, Anti-Christian Socialist doesn’t mean that facts are not facts, Trump is a nightmare, but Hillary committed many felonious acts while under sworn oath to defend this Nation, and 1 of those Is treason, their very own people heading the FBI and DOJ admit that she violated numerous laws, then lied to cover it up, while her, her husband, daughter, and their “charity” profited off America’s demise and the blood of four murdered Americans. Funny thing about liberals when the history of their party, their leaders is terrible and disgusting, it wasn’t them, it was those damn republicans swapped parties for a few decades! Mr. Ehrlich also gave Michael Moore’s anti-American socialist propaganda films all a B+ or better, funny how that integrity thing fails to enter a liberals heart or mind

Ronn Page

Why would some critic spend so much time on s so called F film. Answer is simple, he is a biased and extremely dangerous tool of left wing in America sad, sad, sad


I find it an absolute joke that people like this lefty sycophant author even bothered to review this movie because the bias is so blatant it is pathetic…..nothing will make me more please than to see all the cry baby Hollywood lefties lose it when trump is elected….Ehrlich you are a disgrace to journalism just like the rest of you liberal idiots who cheer for the criminal Hillary

Cam Martin

Yay, I am so glad that so many of you are intelligent enough to see this guy for the moron he is. Trump, 2016 ftw. To bad he didn’t choose Rand as his running mate :(


It’s easy to appreciate how the sheer velocity of D’Souza’s distortions might have an effect on some audiences — by the time “Hillary’s America” reaches the New Deal and argues that “The Big Switch” between party platforms was just “a bigger scam” (huh?),

David, you DO realize that the illusive “party switch” is in fact a lie that has been pumped through the school system to block out the Democrat’s ugly past right? You cannot be this delusional to think this isn’t a fact. Your article is shit and exemplifies the pathetic attempts for Democrats to hold onto this notion they they are inherently the most racist party that ever existed. You do realize that LBJ has been quoted as saying “I’ll have those n***ers voting democrat for the next 200 years.” And he passed the civil rights act of 1964. Your shrill opinions on the matter do not make you correct. Seriously, go fuck yourself if you want to claim to be a part of the “intellectual party” but somehow can overlook all the evidence that proves this notion to be one of the biggest lies of the democratic party in history.


I really wish you liberals writing shitty review articles were capable of providing real facts and evidence to disprove the facts included in the documentary. But, liberals are not capable of making a logical argument. Only name calling and finger pointing. *sigh*


Very good film. First third was slow with somewhat ponderous historic 8th grade level re-enactments, not my thing but I’m glad I hung in there as starting with the New Deal stuff you almost can’t look away from this one. Liberals are losing their minds over this film but per usual expect them to not be willing to discuss facts and instead revert to Defcon 5 ridicule, couple with the usual speaking in tongues/invoking of Bush/racism/woman-hating insults if you try discuss this with a lefty.

Film focused — among other things — on historic Democratic Party exploitation of blacks, so much so that it made me wonder if a primary goal was to gain black votes for Nov.

Bill and his Women and the Hillary/Alinsky stuff — I imagine any liberal who sits through this will put in their earplugs and bury their face in their palms. This stuff will be unwatchable for those folks.

8.5/10 for the aforementioned slow early pace, and because it tried to make me cry at the end. And succeeded.
Very good film. First third was slow with somewhat ponderous historic 8th grade level re-enactments, not my thing but I’m glad I hung in there as starting with the New Deal stuff you almost can’t look away from this one. Liberals are losing their minds over this film but per usual expect them to not be willing to discuss facts and instead revert to Defcon 5 ridicule, couple with the usual speaking in tongues/invoking of Bush/racism/woman-hating insults if you try discuss this with a lefty.

Film focused — among other things — on historic Democratic Party exploitation of blacks, so much so that it made me wonder if a primary goal was to gain black votes for Nov.

Bill and his Women and the Hillary/Alinsky stuff — I imagine any liberal who sits through this will put in their earplugs and bury their face in their palms. This stuff will be unwatchable for those folks.

8.5/10 for the aforementioned slow early pace, and because it tried to make me cry at the end. And succeeded

Lame Sherry

As I read this, I thought, “This guy Ehrlich really thinks the Clintons are good people who run a clean competent game and made millions through hard work.” Thanks for the laughs! Talk about delusional.

Bob Uda

On Friday, July 22, 2016, my wife and I went to see the genius Dinesh D’Souza’s brilliant movie titled “Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party.” The movie is thoroughly truthful and supported with historical documents, interviews with known experts, and authentic film clips of relevant persons and their actual statements. Anyone not taking the progressive democrat Kool-Aid should see this movie. Democrats who desire to be free and not remain captive on the present-day virtual plantation should make it a point to see this revealing film.

What this movie boils down to is a step-by-step proof of a vast left-wing conspiracy that keeps the poor and destitute continually captive in the progressive, urban plantation. Just keep feeding them free stuff for their votes. This is the reason why the democrats desire to bring in refugees and declare amnesty for all illegal aliens to make them American citizens. That action would just increase their voter pool to keep corrupt progressive politicians continually in office. Dyed-in-the-wool democrats will dismiss this film as false, fabricated, and untrue.

If you take the time to see this film, it makes clear why and how the progressives use Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals to push their agenda on unknowing Americans who survive on media sound bites and political freebees. Make a point to see this movie soon so you will not remain as one of the fooled masses by a presidential nominee who desires to keep you in bondage forever. Enlighten yourself and do not let that happen.

Our nation is currently at the turning point of discontinuing as the country we continue to love and support over the past half century. Please do not allow Hillary Clinton to complete Barack Hussein Obama’s fundamental transformation of the United States of America.


Biased much, we understand you’ve sold your soul long ago but chk this out trendy super cool guy … truth can not be propaganda, the items in the film actually happened … let that sink in a minute, now pull your lips off of hillarys as and write a honest review -xBURNx


    Completely ABSURD for informed American voters! Google: Gerald R. Molen & Dinesh D’Souza;both REPUBLICANS!

JJ Davis

I’ve read several negative reviews of this movie, most refute historical claims, but offer zero evidence to the contrary. So, Mr. Erhlich, if this movie is nothing more that fabricated, re-written history and propaganda, where is your evidence? Cite your sources!


    Completely ABSURD for informed American voters! Google: Gerald R. Molen & Dinesh D’Souza;both REPUBLICANS!


Completely ABSURD movie for informed American voters! Google: Gerald R. Molen & Dinesh D’Souza;both REPUBLICANS!

Jack Ring

Written July 19 when the movie was not released until July 23.


    Film critics are often sent screeners before films are officially released.

Jack Ring

UNBIASED’s opinion of the movie strikes me as “extremely silly, foolish, or unreasonable : completely ridiculous” Oh, Goodness me, both are REPUBLICAN!


A must watch documentary about the true story of the Democratic party, I fact checked everything and is 100% real! I am a former Democrat and this confirm my decision. The author did an amazing job breaking down history into an easy to understand process. Every one should watch this before the election


    So many talk about the facts in this movie yet I’ve yet to see anyone present any in the comments that actually matter. Are you afraid of giving spoilers or something? Where are these awesome ‘facts’?

    Also it should be noted that facts are often only half the equation, they need to be rationally connected to valid conclusions. It is on this front that D’Souza fails most. The reasoning of his movie is absurd and that should be most apparant to all.

Robert Jorgensen

IndieWire like all of Hollywood does not like Democrat Bashing


This comment section became a self-parody pretty damn quick. How many of you are auditioning for the next Christopher Guest movie?

Marilyn T

Fantastic movie and recommend it to those who want the truth. Our kids are not taught history so recommend they see it! Maybe it will help take their heads out of the sand!!

D Norris

Per usual, no refutation of facts, just jeering, name calling and mocking. Facts are pesky little things


    Just a refutation if absurd reasoning, what a jerk.


This has 5% on Rotten Tomatoes, soooooo……it’s not just him, crazy troll comment section lol. It’s pretty much universally regarded as a bad movie.

    Kevin Healy



    I think my favorite comment is the very early one which suggests the author moves to Russia. It’s quite clear that Mr. Ehrlich has no interest in being in a country that supports Mr. Trump.


    It also has an 88% positive rating by people who’ve seen the film on rotten. The highest discrepancy ever on that leftist site. Get a clue, racist.

Allen Bagby

A collective 4% rating on Rotten Tomatoes by “liberal” critics should tell you all you need to know – They’re Hillary voters. They can’t bear watching their sacred cow get slain so artistically. It’s a solid documentary that uses humor and history (not revised history) to focus unflinchingly on the cloak and dagger game that the collectivist Democrats have played through the centuries. It’s definitely made for the choir that’s expected to show up and sing along but it’s also great for a fence-sitter who is open-minded enough to consider another viewpoint. Obviously, liberal critics have great difficulty enduring another viewpoint. But then again, how can a Hollywood critic be expected to actually know history or be fair-minded when it comes to a conservative filmmaker? They only know what their liberal journalism professor taught them. I can definitely see how it would make them squirm.

Another brick in the wall


One concerned citizen

Mr Erhlich, please state what facts are incorrect in the film, line by line please. You call it Republican propaganda, but until you cite your sources of the facts being historically incorrect, your article is just plain opinion with a heavy agenda. If you would just understand that the film is about power and the way Hillary has used tactics like the mafia to gain power and money, you cannot dispute that.

The Clinton’s are a power couple, seeking to gain power over the last 30 plus years and will stop at nothing to continue gaining more money and more power. All they care about is their gain of personal power, wealth and to continue the progressive overtake of the federal government.

She and her actions cannot be defended. You suck up to her and to the power elites to keep her going. You should be ashamed.

The truth is hard to accept. You and your fellow progressive socialist friends in the media immediately resort to name calling to twist history in your favor. Like the kid in the playground who is a bully, you resort to name calling and verbal aggression to beat up the other side. It’s an old game, an old tactic.

Your tactics are transparent and we all see your cowardice, your intent, your inability to set aside opinion. But the left will do everything in their power to keep the black vote, to keep the 80 plus year progressive dream going until it is finally finished. And hey will stop at nothing until it is complete. History, according to you and them, is irrelevant.

Shame on you. The truth in the end always wins. Always. My desire for you is to stand up for the truth. The truth hurts (obviously expressed in the way you wrote this article). But in the end, it shall set you free.


    Thanks for giving even one example of mafia style tactics. If you have solid evidence of election fraud or corruption please don’t keep us waiting

Jim Peterson

My voice

Jim Peterson

Liberals can’t handle the truth!!!

Bordwell Thompson

To be fair I think Ehrlich gave fine explanations about what he didn’t like about the doc from a technical/craft perspective.

I watched the trailer (over 3 minutes long! Try 1:50 – 2:20 next time), and honestly the whole thing seemed kinda racist (plenty of boogie-man-esque POC inmates, exploitative use of a whipping scene) and buffoonish, like a boring National Treasure movie. People really wanna get riled up and pay $15 for this just because it echoes their ideology?

Also saying all democrats/liberals are racist is as reductive as saying all Christians go around murdering and raping foreigners in an attempt to convert them to Christianity – that used to be the case, right? But if anyone said that now you’d laugh em out of the room.

Also wish we we could see how many people on here don’t believe in climate change – maybe we could highlight their names in yellow; it’d be way easier to just skip over their comments then.


Excepting a few normal egos with rather realistic perspectives, David’s analysis has pretty much infuriated an entire nest of right-wing zombies. This level of contemptuous, misanthropic, and malevolent right-wing nihilism feels spookier than an actual horror movie. Where did these freaks come from? What graves were disturbed? And above all, how in the world can these freaks even entertain the diabolical delusions of DSouza with a straight face? This guy ought to be not in a jail, that’s not going to help, but rather in a mental ward. Poor fellow, the guy has finally cracked. There’s no hope for this one.


If that’s all you can say about the film, I’d say Mr. D’Souza is doing pretty good; if you’d call both of your documentaries being in top 10 Best Documentaries Ever Made good. His books are New York Times best sellers so you are not hurting his feelings, sir! Just because you dislike his documentaries does not make them any less factual. He does get his information from experts in each field, after all!


He says that the movie greatly disorts the facts but he does not specifically call out which facts and how they are distorted and what the “truth” really is. Inside his review is just angry mud slinging. Sorry, but writing an angry review and calling the movies facts wrong is not enough to rebut its claims. List what the claims are, and what the “truth” really is.. or shut up.


    Actually he kinda did, reread. If you like, I can also recommend some books to improve your reading comprehension skills. Kaplan’s Preparing for the GRE is pretty good.


      No diggity, he did not refute a single fact. Are all racists like yourself so lacking in simple critical thinking skills? Or is it a symptom of your being a heartless racist?


““Hillary’s America,” the third documentary from author, filmmaker and convicted felon Dinesh D’Souza” — one sentence and all pretense of honesty is gone. That’s a record. Thanks indiewire for saving me 5 minutes.

Rick Pavlicek

I prefer that facts are checked in the film instead of subjective opinion. A point by point analysis was what I wanted. I pay little attention to partisan speeches by either party. As detective Friday used to say “just the facts mam”.


The big question is where is this film? Did it commit suicide, like most everyone else around her?

Mr. Nice Guy

So what did you think of Fahrenheit 911, Sicko, and Bowling For Columbine? Can you be objective? Only if it feeds your narrative. Dipshit.


It’s about the history of the democrat party more than Hillary, up to the present day. You belong to the slavery party, because you are a racist and a leftist. (redundant) And you cannot fault a single fact raised in the film or book.
Americans against hate! Trump 2016!

David Gibson

It’s so obvious the author is a democrat, which is what the film is about, so therefore cannot giive an objective review. Must be good since he’s downing it so much that he can’t even attempt to make his review seem unbiased.

Terrified Human

This comments section is terrifying.

Pete Hoovey

For anyone to believe that Hillary will do right by this country is sadly mistaken. It’s been shown, time and again, her ability to lie without remorse, her ability to endanger the lives of others without remorse, her lie after lie about her private email server, and for those of you not knowing the danger this could cause, well, just take a look at what Wikileaks is publishing. My point is that by her using her own private server which does not meet the security requirements for State Department emails is reprehensible. That one single act, in and of itself, should exclude her from ever being appointed, elected, or ever hired for any position within the Federal Government. Her disdain for those that protect our rights, the men and women of the armed forces, is apparent not only through her actions, but also her lack of action. This is not a person that I would even allow in my home to sell me a vacuum, but most are thinking she’ll make a great president. If she does win the election, through tampering or fraud of course, you’re all in the for the ride of your life and by sticking by your principled sway to the left, you’re opening yourself up to much more than an inept POTUS.


Donald Trump won the election. HRC lost.. Maybe people saw the movie and learned the truth about democrats and voted appropriately.

Reviewers like this progressive must be stupid not to realize that giving such a review of this type of movie will cause many to want to see it. His first line said it all “”Hillary’s America,” the third documentary from author, filmmaker and convicted felon Dinesh D’Souza, begins with an undeniably fascinating premise: What if a Twitter egg made a movie? ”

It is a must see if you want the truth about the democratic party.

Al Gibson

It’s no doubt he is grasping at straws and lacking research so much that he doesn’t even know that he’s lying or he would be hiding his head in shame for such misleading statements. Calling D’Souza a ‘convicted felon’ destroyed the author’s credibility at the get go. If he had any morals at all he would have already done his homework to see that the conviction was fabricated and the result of a biased ambush on him for an act of support and kindness ‘the illegal way,’ where the left gets away with it over and over again at much greater criminal levels for a very selfish reason just because they invented an acronym “PAC” in order to skirt punishment for doing the very same thing only for completely crooked reasons– for personal gain. D’Souza had no personal gain, in fact, his money which he contributed to his friend’s campaign fund was lost because she lost. Three people contributed $10,000.00 each (the limit per person) and he simply reimbursed the other two. Hardly a felony compared to the billions that the left steals from taxpayers and schemes to try to buy their way to the power position that they do not qualify to hold. They depend on duping America and they cover it up by knowing damn well that the people they bribe to support them are too lazy or dumb or both to research the actual details of the events. Or, they are crooked too. They outright lie to their supporters and mock them and laugh at them in private. Republicans have serious things to do to save the nation– even for the ones who are fighting tooth and nail to destroy it. Nastiness comes from the ones who are wrong and whose success depends on people believing them. Without such blind faith, they would have been crushed at the start and no one would ever think of trying it again. But they will keep having kids and filling their heads full of smut so they can carry on the legacy of biting holes in their own life rafts and not realizing it’s they themselves keeping them down, not anything else, and the democrats have been profiting from that since the crooked birth of the party.

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