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‘Suicide Squad’ Review: These Heroes May Be Bad, But Their Movie Is Even Worse

“Suicide Squad” promises to flip the script on superhero movies by forcing the audience to root for the bad guys. But that isn't enough.

Suicide Squad

“Suicide Squad”

Warner Bros

Just when you think the summer movie season can’t get any worse, along come the “Worst. Heroes. Ever.” And while the film’s official tagline is selling its stars a little bit short (surely last year’s incarnation of The Fantastic Four still holds that dubious distinction), the mundane, milquetoast, and often mind-bogglingly stupid “Suicide Squad” almost makes good on the threat of its marketing campaign.

Of course, the advertising copy isn’t referring to the quality of the film’s super-powered task force so much as it is to their moral fiber, but this motley crew of demented rejects  — a real who’s who of who gives a shit — are bad in every sense of the word except for the one that might threaten to make them interesting.

Intended as an antidote to the rest of the DC Cinematic Universe (in that it’s aggressively flippant instead of gravely serious, and merely bad instead of soul-crushingly awful), “Suicide Squad” promises to flip the script on superhero movies by forcing the audience to root for the bad guys. Alas, that wild and crazy idea is the only thing that separates this dank sewer of messy actions beats and misplaced machismo from any of the other films that have come to define its genre. And writer-director David Ayer — justifiably concerned that his characters hedge much closer to good than they do evil, and that viewers might therefore mistake his generic slop for the same movies that its meant to subvert — takes pains to remind you of the conceit every few minutes.

“We’re bad guys!” smirks Harley Quinn when a stodgy soldier questions her behavior. And then, after a dull sequence in which our anti-heroes fight off a phalanx of anonymous CG baddies (like the Avengers) while exchanging witty banter (like the Avengers) and using their various abilities to emerge victorious without breaking a sweat (like the… you get it), Deadshot goes out of his way to reorient us : “Don’t forget, we’re the bad guys.” The most damning thing about this painfully PG-13 movie is that the reminder actually feels necessary.

On the other hand, these painfully familiar characters might help you find your bearings in a story that wastes no time hitting full stride — it’s safe to say that no film has ever gone from a complete standstill to a team-building montage quite so quickly. When “Suicide Squad” starts, government agent Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) already knows that she wants to assemble a team of villainous misfits and meta-humans, she knows exactly who she intends to recruit, and her dream team of sociopaths is already in custody. Batman has rounded up the worst of the worst, and Waller — whose self-interest eventually poses the film’s only provocative moral dilemma — is going to use them to combat whatever threats the world has yet to imagine. She’s going to use fire to fight fire, and she’s going to get burned.

For all of the Ayer’s hurriedness, these early bits are where “Suicide Squad” is at its best. Ayer relishes the opportunity to welcome a dozen new figures into the fold, most of them fully formed and holed up in the same Louisiana super-jail. Each character is introduced with an instantly recognizable needle drop (e.g. “The House of the Rising Sun” or “Seven Nation Army”), the songs helping to ground these superfreaks in the world as we know it (while, less helpfully, also confirming suspicions that the movie is DC’s response to “Guardians of the Galaxy”).

There’s Deadshot (Will Smith), the world’s deadliest sniper, and the closest thing this movie has to a clear protagonist, though Ayer resists that fact at every turn. His only weakness: He misses his daughter. There’s El Diablo (an unrecognizable Jay Hernandez), a fire-starter who’s recommitted himself to a life of non-violence. His only weakness? He misses his wife. There’s Rick Flag (a lifeless Joel Kinnaman), the righteous do-gooder who’s in charge of the team. He misses his girlfriend (Cara Delevingne), an archaeologist who happens to be inhabited by the spirit of a very unfriendly Aztec goddess referred to as Enchantress. There’s a humanoid crocodile (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) who doesn’t contribute much to the team, a dumb Australian guy who contributes even less (Jai Courtney), and some other characters whom Ayer adds to the mix with the strain of a juggler trying to prove that he can.

And then — bringing up the rear in more ways than one — there’s Dr. Harleen Quinzel (Margot Robbie), aka Harley Quinn. Volatile, rambunctious, and sexualized to such an extreme that she feels like she wandered out of the film’s XXX parody (there are more shots of her ass than there are of several of the film’s supporting characters), Robbie’s take on the iconic sidekick is a spellbinding bit of bubblegum savagery, a caricature of male fetishism. Given how the Joker treats her, she’s potentially also a poor representation of psychological abuse, but “Suicide Squad” is far too coy to cop to that idea.

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad

“Suicide Squad”

Attempting to honor the history of the character without stepping on Heath Ledger or Jack Nicholson’s toes, Jared Leto creates a surprisingly sensual Joker, a Joker who likes to cradle people’s faces in his hands while he’s talking to them. Like Tony Montana if Jim Carrey had starred in “Scarface,” Leto is part gangster and part clown, but he’s not really part of this movie. Ayer never finds anything for the character to do, and so Leto’s role is reduced to a glorified cameo, a prelude to a more significant performance in a future installment.

If not for the Joker’s storied history, his presence here would be truly baffling. Rather than add menace to this world, he forces “Suicide Squad” to settle into a space that’s located somewhere between “The Avengers” and “The Little Rascals.” It shouldn’t be this way — the Joker may not be a member of the Suicide Squad, but in a movie in which flawed but eminently redeemable people are misconstrued as the great terrors of the Earth, he’s the only human character who is truly beyond the possibility of being tamed. But Ayer lacks the audacity (or the authority) to position the Joker as a hero — he’s still the same agent of chaos he’s always been, a banana peel on the road towards justice. His sporadic appearances only serve to reinforce how safe the rest of these supposed criminals really are, how little interest the film has in shining a light into the darkness that defines the DCU.

The Joker represents the film’s best ideas (even bad guys need friends!) and also its worst tendencies (backstory is the only kind of story he’s got). His love affair with Harley, like Deadshot’s sob story about his kid or El Diablo’s even more depressing tale of domestic woe, is relayed to us as a distant memory, and so the majority of the film’s most potent emotions are fossilized in flashback. Case in point: Ayer’s antagonist is more than 6,000 years old, and her beef with humanity is tossed off in a single line of dialogue.

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How ironic that a superhero story determined to celebrate the genre’s villains should feature the worst villain that the genre has ever seen. If “Suicide Squad” falls off a cliff the moment the uniting stops and the fighting begins, that’s partially because Enchantress — the enemy that draws our task force into Midway City — is an unmitigated disaster. Blessed with absolutely zero emotional stakes and forced to spend most of the movie gyrating against a green screen, the character is a perfect shitstorm of bad decisions. Delevingne is a talented young actress, but she’s helpless to save this part, a victim of putrid ideas poorly executed.

And then there’s her horde of googly-eyed henchmen, who ensure that every fight sequence is a wasted opportunity. Also, they look stupid. So stupid. You will be stupider for having seen them. An action sequence is only as good as who the heroes are fighting, and Enchantress’ flimsy, faceless cannon fodder help explain why “Suicide Squad” — which is already missing any of the moral shading that made Ayer’s “End of Watch” an urgent, throat-grabbing police drama — is also denied the full-bodied bombast that elevated his “Fury” into such an immersive portrait of hell on wheels.

“Own that shit!” Harley Quinn barks at El Diablo after the pyro interrupts an uncharacteristically organic scene in order to share his origin story. Her words are delivered with such woodenness that they might as well be written on the side of her baseball bat. She’s imploring the meta-human not to sink away from the anger that rages inside of him, to tap into the villainous nature that got him locked up in the first place, but there’s nothing there but the faded embers of a fire that this movie can’t afford to kindle.

“Suicide Squad” never has the courage of its convictions — it doesn’t own anything. At best, Ayer rents some pre-existing pop iconography and charges us $15 to watch him take it around the block for a spin. Forget the “Worst. Heroes. Ever.” These guys don’t even know how to be bad.

Grade: D+

“Suicide Squad” opens in theaters on Friday.

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i just skip the part to the down, well waiting for friday to have my own review


You d**k you spoiled the villain! Edit it out right now! You dumb piece if sh*t you spoiled it for people

    Chris Christie's Belt

    Get a life son


    Oh, come on! It’s obvious she is the villain!

    richard beninya

    No he didn’t. The villain was already known. I’ve read it on numerous articles.


    Dicks for spoiling it for us though

    Paid Shill

    But DC Entertainment is credited on the poster…

Jared Leto

I’ve got World of Tomorrow playing as I fill up this dead pig with hundreds of condoms I’ve transformed into semen-water-baloons. Going to send this mother fucker to the indiewire offices after I actually read this review.

    Justa GuynamedJoe

    I hope you’ve got a lot of dead pigs and a lot of condoms. You’re going to need them for the vast majority of reviewers who appear to dislike this movie you’ve sworn your soul and allegiance to.

      Jared Leto

      I’ve got a farm, brah. All my pigs wear Harley make up. And for your information, David Ehrlich is paid off. I paypal’d homeboy ten dollars to raise the score from D- to a D+. What’s up now?

    Matthew Curran

    I fucking love this comment so much, I might get it tattooed on my ass! Pigs filled with semen! HA!

Ben Affleck

Terrible movie, hmm? Can’t be much worse than Age of Ultron which is sitting at 75% on rotten tomatoes. Critics are full of s***. But surely we all knew that by now. I’m with ya if you need any help with that, Jared.

    Willy Ross

    I mean, Age of Ultron isn’t really a bad movie, it just has bad moments. I wouldn’t call it a masterpiece, but at least it’s better than Batman v Superman. And, 75% is pretty good, you know.


      That’s his whole point, ‘Age of Ultron’ gets a review on 75% which is pretty good but the movie doesn’t deserve it hence he’s claiming that critics are full of shit.

        El diablo

        These film critics are under the payroll of these big film companies. This is a complete mind-setting of viewers and sabotage of DC. Age of Ultron was one bad example of movie rated high for all its bullocks and cheap scripts! DC movies are films and not a fecal matter as this writer!


          Then probably people who voted on IMDB is paid by Marvel too. Else why would BvS get a 6.9/10?
          Just keep your theories to yourself.

          Ser Jorah Momento

          This is a Reply to Samarum, IMDB Votes are done by Users not critics dumbass

Grey ghost

As someone who actually likes the characters you dismiss (Digger aka Boomerang) it’s clear you didn’t give a crap about the movie either way. Also suicide squad are pretty jokey in the comic so that’s less like the avengers and more accurate to the characters and team source material , it actually nailed that part perfectly. Bad form spoiling parts of the movie, if that’s the quality of your reviews I hope you go the way of gawker right now.

Jon Snow

Oh wow, looks like the Marvelite reviewers are already starting to gang up on this movie in order to sabotage it too. Lmao these are the same morons who gave that snooze fest Age of Ultron a 75% rating. Smh, what a biased joke.

    Willy Ross

    You know this guy gave Civil War a C? He’s not a Marvellite, he’s just a person.

      Brandon Garrett

      You know that a score of 75 is a C,right?


        The Rotten Tomato score isn’t a rating. It’s a percentage of critics who gave it a score equivalent to a 6/10 or higher.

    El diablo

    ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!! These film critics are under the payroll of these big film companies. This is a complete mind-setting of viewers and sabotage of DC. Age of Ultron was one bad example of movie rated high for all its bullocks and cheap scripts! DC movies are films and not a fecal matter as this writer!


    Damn near every hero from marvel is a knockoff of DC heroes and this dude is saying they copied marvel. I’ll admit I like DC more than marvel but I’m biased with good reason. Marvel is to DC what scary movie is to scream, that’s about the best analogy I can come up with


Wow, I mean a lot of people probably guessed who the villain was going to be but it was supposed to be kept on the down low… aren’t there some rules to reviewing a film not out to the general public yet? I get that you did not find a good amount to enjoy in this pic and I get that after I see it I might agree with some of your ideas and concerns but this review reads as a bitter man trying to shoot a high flying bird because everyone has been talking about how beautiful it must be. I get that hype is over played these days but maybe go at it with the eyes of both a film critic and a hopeful nerd rather than a man who seems to just want to flaunt the ways he can call something bad. I do agree that Harley is a way over sexualized in this version. What made my wife fall in love with Harley was the way she didnt flaunt her body and was smarter than most of the other DC characters


You had me up until “Delevingne is a talented young actress” at which point I started questioning everything I had read before that.




    I feel the same way, she and her metal bikini were the worst things in this movie. Should have stuck to modelling.

Danny Mozz

Typical Marvel fanboy article. What perks were you promised?

    Justa GuynamedJoe

    That’s mighty sour bowl of grapes you’re eating there, boy. Grow up and find something in your life more valuable than fictional characters in a poorly defined “universe.”


    Talented??? Cara Delevinge is a model trying to be a big time actress. She can’t act! I knew this movie would suck.


      A model who can’t act trying to make it big as an actress? Isn’t that the same formula they’re using for next year’s regularly scheduled DC flop?


    He gave Civil War a C. Not much better than this.

    Mariah MacDougall

    He hates marvel movies so stop with your juvenile conspiracy theories.

Sad Young Man

The comments here are exactly what I thought they’d be. If I had a nickel for every paranoid dude complaining about Marvel conspiracy theories and film critics, I’d have a lot of money.

Caips Arbad

Didn’t have to finish the first paragraph before figuring out the person who wrote this review is old enough to have served in Nam. Gave a review as a grumpy old codger. Get a real writer with an open mind instead of trying to sound like a Reed Richards reviewing a DC movie.


    i’m 31. don’t scare me like that.

Paul Powell

Gotta see it now…. Or is that the plan?

Justa GuynamedJoe

And, of course, here comes the attack of the butthurt DC fanboys. First they will ravage the critic…who has actually SEEN the movie. Then they will threaten violence. Then they will bash Marvel movies. Then they will threaten more violence. All because of a movie. Why they can’t just enjoy their movie and ignore everything else is beyond me. They have nothing invested in it and its not like the critics are insulting their moms (who let them live rent free in their cheeto stained basements.) Its just a movie! Why would you care if anyone else liked it or not? Their opinion is THAT important to you. Sheesh. Lives…find them…please.

    Julian Seguin



    Dude, come on. Don’t you realize that we shouldn’t be fighting each other and instead go after the guy who is criticizing a movie he clearly doesn’t understand because he doesn’t read comics. Enough DC this and Marvel that, the guy hates Super-Hero movies in general. I mean for crying out loud, he gave Captain America: Civil War a “C” when it was by far one of the greatest movies in the Marvel franchise. That means we can’t trust this guy… he might hate it, but we could still love it.


I suspected this movie was either gonna live up to it trailers or be a total mess. Your review echoes the one from The Hollywood Reporter. I think I’ll see “Jason Bourne” again because that movie ROCKED.


Wow,so many butt hurt fanboys in the comments,virginity really does damage to the brain.

Enrique Godinez

Cara Delevingne is a talented young actress? Lol


Just another s***tfull review!!!!

richard beninya

Oh man, the DC fanboys are not liking all the reviews coming out. There’s gonna be a nerd revolt!


Can we get a spoilers warning or something along those lines with this “review”. Hello? The movie has not been released to the general public yet and you have just revealed the villain of the movie that was kept under tight wraps this entire time…Thanks a lot you worthless sour a**hole. You should be fired.

Daniel Brown

Spoiler alert you a**hole. This movie has not even been released to the public yet and you just spoiled the villain, who had been kept under tight wraps this WHOLE time. Thank you, you bitter piece of sh*t. I hope you get fired for spoiling this film for fans who have waited months and years.

    Sad Young Man

    Did you just type the (essentially) same comment twice? Sour indeed.


LOL, the reviews are looking pretty bad on the whole for this one. Cue the flood of internet tears from the DC fanboys, hahaha.




    Sometimes there’s a buggy.

Shirley Dulcey

People don’t WANT to root for the bad guys. They want to boo them. And they don’t want to see the good guys fighting each other, which is why Batman v Superman was a flop.


    Speak for yourself, I find the villains far more interesting than the white knight far too perfect hero types.


You cant really take seriously a reviewer after he calls Cara a talented actress.


It sounds like all you want is another marvel movie… Enjoy ya whitewashing boy while we enjoy our diversity in the new dceu :)

Austin Rock

Fuck you indie wire. You guys don’t like shit or any other dc comic movies. Looks like all you like is marvel which explains all your shitty reviews.

    Sad Young Man

    The folks here *don’t* like shit, which is why they give shit like this bad reviews.

Matthew W

Well written review, David. Thoroughly enjoyable read. You may well have saved me 15 dollars.

Torrent Lad

Protest. Protest. Protest. Just don’t buy a ticket. I’m so tired of bad, uninventive writing and plotlines. WB is strip-mining DC into TOTAL OBLIVION!!!


the worst is that it’ll drive people go nuts, replaying the bloody misery tragedy caused by its cousin Dark knight rises in Colorado 2012

My festering sausage collection

The idea of paying money to see any movie staring Jared Leto is utterly absurd.


Huh… if you’re whinning about how they’ve sexualized Harley, then I guess you have not picked up a DC Comic Book in decades.
Chose something else that is relevant to complain about, Comic book geeks don’t want a Harley that is not a 100% sexual fantasy. That’s the point of the character.

    Brandon Garrett

    Agreed. It sounds like the only things this movie got right are Harley and Mr. J. I’m not even remotely jazzed about their ridiculous makeup and costuming choices, though. Margot Robbie would still look amazing in the classic harlequin costume, and Joker just isn’t even close in my opinion.


    Um… I don’t know if you guys are aware of this but comic books and movies are actually two different things.


It seems like this guy just does not like comic book movies in general how can you give Civil War a c-minus that’s ridiculous I really don’t care if you spoil who the villain is Isle of DC Comics the death what was not a big fan of devious although I did like Man of Steel didn’t love it though I think the biggest problem with these reviewers are when it comes to comic book movies that are not Marvel movies is that they are expecting them to be Marvel movies with the exception of this guy because he obviously just hates comic book movies I’m going to wait to see the movie for myself everybody’s opinion is different you read a review and don’t go see a movie based on that review you’re just cheating yourself find hopeful For Suicide Squad but if it’s not good I know Wonder Woman is going to be amazing.


Wow talk to text messed up that whole thing guess that’s what I get for using I said I wasn’t a big fan of bvs but I like to Man of Steel nothing annoys me more than someone who calls people Marvel Fanboys or someone who calls people DC fanboys you are the sad ones if you love comics you should love all of these movies to be great if you want to choose a side go get involved in politics and leave Comics alone


Wow this was a horribly written article with a hilariously bias reviewer hoping that no one notices how bias he is. I honestly feel bad for you man, maybe try your hand at something else…

    Donald Clarke

    Not “bias”. BIASED, BIASED, BIASED. It’s an adjective not a bloody noun. Drives me barmy. (And he’s not biased, either)


You dont read the the comics do you?


Its obvious why It’s bad .. they rated it pg-13 and made it a kiddie movie. I love that its getting bad reviews they should of went the dead pool way


    Its not a pg-13. It’s a 15 (here in the UK anyway) and not everyone listens to critics reviews, the whole cinema room was packed out when me and my brother went to watch it on the first day showing which just goes to show the majority like to make decisions for themselves.


All I got from this was “I’m a male feminist and I hate all DC stuff anyway”.
You almost make me want to watch it, just to spite you.

Capt Obvious

“Robbie’s take on the iconic sidekick is a spellbinding bit of bubblegum savagery, a caricature of male fetishism. Given how the Joker treats her, she’s potentially also a poor representation of psychological abuse.”

Well, sounds like the Joker may not be as trustworthy as once thought.


“A who’s who of who-gives a shit” – That line should be on the poster.


How much did Disney pay you to write this review?


I have no doubt that this movie has major problems, but I wish IndieWire would employ a film critic who served his readership and not just his own outsized ego. I’m starting to think the internet has forever ruined film criticism, and that’s sad.

    Sad Young Man

    How is he not serving his readership, considering how most of the people who read the reviews here regularly don’t like garbage like this?

Victor Carroon

“Attack of the Butthurt DC Fanboys” — is that the sequel title?


Sounds about right. The reviewer sure is doing his best to make sure we know he disapproves of his own weird ideas of masculinity, though.


THIS MOVIE WAS amazingly good and i’m a marvel fanboy well in some parts of the movie were lacking in entertainment i found that the characters would have performed better in a solo movie instead of a movie this big the villain was really dumb tho but still i liked the movie a lot and i highly doubt there is a marvel conspiracy its just dc hasn’t had enough time to put the back story’s for the characters on the big screen.


    “some parts of the movie were lacking in entertainment”, “i found that the characters would have performed better in a solo movie” ,”the villain was really dumb”, “dc hasn’t had enough time to put the back story’s for the characters on the big screen.” Dude, that’s the whole movie right there. What’s left to like? If you saw it, I’d really like to know what’s good, aside from Margot Robbie in very little clothing (which is a good thing)


You had to know there were issues when they were doing reshoots a couple months ago. WB said they want their movies to be “funny” like Marvel. Theres a difference between fun and funny. Superman isn’t some dark brooding hero, his image is like Captain America, the ultimate good guy. Will Smith as the world’s deadliest sniper….no. DC needs to take a minute and stop trying to rush this. Been waiting a long time for a decent Justice League movie franchise and they’re doing their best to screw that up!

dennis sørensen

Never listen to any review, people can judge fine by them’s a job function that serves no purpose at all lol.So watch the movie and make up your own mind is my advice ;)

Thidwick Moses

The most disappointing thing about Suicide Squad is that the critics failed to understand it. The story was an interesting take on how good and bad can coincide in the same person/being, and how easy it is to switch from one to the other. The enjoyed the cast, the art direction, the set design and the costuming in this film. The introduction of the characters was excellent. Only the scripting of the second half of the film needed work, and David Ayer should have collaborated with a more able writer. The twee moments between Squad members should have been removed, and instead the tension between Squad members, and between the Squad and the military, should have been maintained throughout. The back story of the twisted but sweet relationship between Harley Q and The Joker should have been beefed up, as well as the back story of humans’ relationship with the spirit world – as this would have usefully contributed to the main theme of the movie. And the sexism should have been removed as it is plain boring and makes the script less sharp and witty. I really enjoyed being introduced and reintroduced to all of these characters.


I don’t trust any of these reviews as the movie isn’t even out yet and they’re often using socio-political activist terms like “sexist” and many anti-gun agenda comments…

So they aren’t even judging the film fairly but rather being prejudice based on their own biased agenda.

So to me it seems like a lot of the negative reviews are from angry social justice warriors with thick black frame glasses.

Maybe the story isn’t the greatest in the world but it still looks like a fun movie people will enjoy and that’s something theaters haven’t had in quite some time.

Mark Gray

Most critics never read comics…that is the problem


    I don’t read comics but I absolutely loved the film and could imagine the comic. It’s the best film I’ve ever seen. The problem is the critics have no imaginagion, are dull minded and have absolutely no taste.They couldn’t see a great movie if it smacked them across the face.


      Imagination…yeah that spelling looks right lol.


I am a lover of the super hero genre of films, and there have been some great flicks (The first two Captain Americas, The Dark Knight), and some real stinkers (The newest Fantastic Four). I thought Guradians of the Galaxy and Deadpool were very original and entertaining, while deviating from the typical superhero fare. Well, I was sorely disappointed when I saw this train wreck of a film. I think this review is spot on. The reviewer does a must better job than I ever could and dissecting this dreadful mess. I hate that Suicide Squad was so poorly executed, and now I’m out about $30 after popcorn and a soda. At any rate, I’m gonna have to start checking out this guy’s reviews because he nailed this one!

mark kincaid

I thought this movie was great…much more creative and deep and perhaps that’s why a lot of critics missed this. because the truth is we’re all a combination of good and evil forces and I thought the movie depicted really well, how even those at the negative pole…still have those that they love – children, lovers, mates and it is these sparks of goodness – that is their salvation – though the enchantress had no one she loved – so she was too much evil….

Well done movie….


This is the best movie ever! It was amazing! I enjoyed it from beginning to end. It had everything in it that you wouldn’t find in most superhero films, humour, romance, horror, a whole lotta of action and was unpredictable. I loved the cast, especially Will smith and Margot. Also Mark Kincaid os right when he says the movie is so creative and deep. The critics chat absolute sh*t! I mean I read one critics review stating its a PG movie… no it’s not, it’s a 15 in the UK anyway and I definately wouldn’t allow my kids to watch it. Critics sorry you must have been watching the wrong film because it certainly wasn’t Suicide Squad! Go and get a proper job and let the viewers decide whether they like a film or not for themselves! Idiots! Can’t wait for Suicide Squad to come out on DVD! Well done David Ayer, take no notice of the critics who are just jealous and want to slate you. We love you!

    Sad Young Man

    “This is the best movie ever!”

    I’m going to cry.

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