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2016 Emmy Predictions: Outstanding Comedy Series

Can "Veep" keep its hot streak alive, or will a few younger entries knock the queen from its throne?

Julia Louis-Dreyfus & Tony Hale in "Veep" Season 5

Lacey Terrell/HBO

Quick Hits

  • Last Year’s Winner: Veep
  • Was It an Upset? Kind of. Most experts believed “Modern Family’s” five-year win streak would end, but disagreed over whether “Veep,” “Transparent” or “Louie” would defeat it.
  • Still Eligible? Yes
  • Hot Streak: Though “Modern Family” lost its winning streak last year, it could still become the most awarded program ever in this category with just one more win. It’s currently tied with “Frasier” at five trophies.
  • Fun Fact: The last time the highest-rated show nominated won was in 2012 (“Modern Family”). The last time the lowest-rated show won was most likely in 2004, when “Arrested Development” took home the prize over “Everybody Loves Raymond” and “Will and Grace” (though lack of ratings for certain HBO programs makes it hard to tell for sure).

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“Veep” is looking to extend its reign, and it may be tough for anyone to stop it. The comedy with the second most nominations, “Silicon Valley,” is on the same network, and it would be odd for HBO to back anything other than its established winner. Not that it won’t give Mike Judge’s increasingly popular comedy a good push, but “Veep” has a better track record with the TV Academy (if only by a bit).

“Modern Family” seems to be on the decline, so despite its record-tying run in this category, odds aren’t great for a return to the top. “Transparent” has a better shot, as Amazon has been pulling out all the stops in promoting its critically-beloved series. Heck, Norman Lear himself spoke on the show’s behalf at an FYC event. You better believe there will be more of the same from Amazon during the coming months. Netflix will attempt to match their efforts for “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” getting Tina Fey out there front and center to shill for votes. (The “30 Rock” star remains a favorite among voters.)

But it could be “Black-ish” and “Master of None” that stand the best shot at unseating “Veep.” It’s the first year both have been nominated, but each have tapped into the zeitgeist in unique ways — in addition to being funny as hell. Aziz Ansari’s comedy has an edge in reviews and boasts a particularly cinematic look. Plus, fans are fervent to get its topical content out there, and that discussion could elevate the series above the rest.

Below are IndieWire TV Critic Ben Travers’ predictions for Outstanding Comedy Series, which will be updated throughout the awards season. Make sure to keep checking IndieWire for all the latest buzz and highlights from the 2016 race, and read the rest of the predictions in all the categories, as well.

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The Nominees:

  1. “Black-ish”
  2. “Master of None”
  3. “Modern Family”
  4. “Silicon Valley”
  5. “Transparent”
  6. “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”
  7. “Veep”

Will Win: “Veep”
Could Win: “Black-ish”
Should Win: “Veep”

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What about Black-is? I think its going to play good this year; and please take out modern family, big bang theory. The academy is growing tired of those 2 so new shows will take up those slots. I dare to say you’re the worst is going to get in.


also Jane the Virgin!!

Quavon B

If there was ever a show to make an exception to the ‘"only 30 min shows rule" it’s Crazy EX-Girlfriend, not just because it’s a great show but it’s more of a straight up comedy then Jane The Virgin or OITNB (witch are also great comedies).


Yep, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend should be there. It’s better than half of the potential nominees.


Blackish needs to be on the table for a nomination. Sharp, smart and funny.


Veep has to take it agaikn this year, mean have you seen just the promo. besides modern family was a flop this year, it gets less funny since season 5, Transparent nah its not your time yet, silocon valley, im sorry i just don’t see it. The big bang theory besides fan favorite shammy moments this season i largely doubt it. the rest I’m not even going to mention, i thnk we already have a winner


The fact the one of the longest running, most overlooked and to this day utterly wonderful comedies that RIGHTFULLY deserves a chance not being on this list stinks. "Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia" just never gets its due. It has a great cast, Danny DeVito in his best role EVER, brilliant writing, critical reception. Its all about money and lobbying.


No mention of the freshest show


Did not finish my last comments
To of the hottest and freshest shows on TV are GRACE AND FRANKIE and SENSE8 do not see any mentions of either or the actors. Lily Tomlin and Kame Fonda are TVs fiunniest ladies and Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston are incredibly believable. I agree tKe modern Family out it is stale and all though JULIA is hilarious time to give someone else an EMMY!

Mark V

Carmichael Show should definitely be in


Glad someone is mentioning “you’re the worst”, it’s such an under valued show.
The Big Bang theory may not be at it’s best these days but it’s stills than quite a few of the previous nominees.


Any chance for Girls to land a nod? It’s been absent the last few years, but I’ve heard many critics and fans call season 5 one of the series’ best.


Not sure if CBC’s “Schitt’s Creek” is eligible – it aired on the Pop network here in US. Partially improvised sitcom with Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Chris Elliot. Perfect in every way. Folks who like the Christopher Guest films (Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, etc) especially should watch this, but anyone with a sense of humor will come away charmed.


Why is Master of None the potential spoiler? Yeah, it did well, but based on the number of nominations, doesn’t seem more likely that Silicon Valley would be the next in line? Though, to be fair, it’s a minor squabble because Veep is going to win, holds down.

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