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James Bond: Daniel Craig Reportedly Offered $150 Million to Return to the Spy Series for Two More Films

That's £113 million for our friends across the pond.

Daniel Craig as James Bond

Daniel Craig as James Bond


If Daniel Craig has been playing hard to get, his strategy may be paying off. In the latest tremor in the question of Who Will Be James BondRadar reports that Sony is ready to offer Craig $150 million to keep going with the franchise for two more films.

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“The studio is desperate to secure the actor’s services while they phase in a younger long-term successor,” says Radar‘s source.

Craig’s casting was initially met with resistance by fans, owed largely to the fact that the actor sports lighter hair than his predecessors, but his take on the enduring character has become one of the most acclaimed during his four-film tenure.

“Daniel’s the key for a seamless, safe transition as far as Sony and Bond bosses are concerned, and they’re prepared to pay a king’s ransom to make it happen,” continues the source.

That said — as with so much reporting on who’s going to be Bond, this has to be taken with a grain of Himalayan sea salt. It’s possible that all of the chatter has its base in reality, but nothing is real until a deal is signed.

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Since the release of “Spectre” late last year, speculation has run rampant as to who might replace Craig should he truly be done with the series; Tom Hiddleston and Idris Elba’s names have been mentioned with especially high frequency. Craig starred in “Casino Royale,” “Quantum of Solace,” “Skyfall” and “Spectre.”

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Gerard Kennelly

a gritty realistic 007 is almost impossible to cast


    I don’t know


Plz return Daniel without you modern Bond is Over no Acter can Match what you have done with Character. 150M to Have Fun Do It!!!!!


150M, that’s insane. I would rather them find another actor, save the money and make the films more frequently. And please don’t hire anyone who is currently famous. Hire an unknown, of all the actors on the planet I cant believe there is no one but Craig? PS I love Craig as bond, but its time to move on.


    John, I’m not sure you can make the movies more frequent then Craig has done. 4 movies in 9 years is pretty frequent in my opinion. Hope he comes back for two more.

Leigh Hincks

I am so pleased. If he can make that much, good on him. But to me, he is by far the best JB ever.


    That’s because you have no idea what you’re talking about


      So true. He has no idea.


Craig’s blonde hair was not the only reason that Bond fans were disappointed that he was cast for the iconic spy. After all, his hair is not any blonder than Roger Moore’s. Bond fans were not happy because of his thug demeanor, his lack of the debonair quality that Connery brought to the role, his lack of charm with the ladies, ad infinitum…

    Ginger Rogue

    Hmnm….seems you don’t know what you’re talking about. Fans were disappointed at the casting. Long before anyone knew how the character depictio would change. Thus, they couldn’t be disappointed by his “thug demeanor” because no one knew that would be the case yet.

    He was blonde. He was short. And he played most in independent films and often as supporting characters. That’s why people were disappointed.

    Connery’s Bond was both debonair and a nasty thug. Many people forget about that.


Roger Moore nailed the look, dry sense of humor, acting and all that was & is James Bond. Ps. I appreciate them all but I don’t like the franchise as much with Daniel Craig in it nor do I I like breaking away from the fun, gadgets and not staying true to classic 007 movies. I don’t need grittier or darker for Bond. I want to have a great time (stick with the tradition) Good looking clever, smart women and a very charming, sexy but sophisticated playboy they call Bond, James Bond. Don’t fix something that isn’t broken! (Good run Daniel, nice go in changing it up) of course I love Sean too. Roger fit the character to profile as described.

Albert Galdes

love to see him back ..for me he is the best ever


Well that should make the pain in his arm from slashing a little bit less painful……


I know that Sean Connery was the best but there are others except one,George Lasenby was not good. others have tried to put their take on the genera and I think we just need to see what happens. New Bond new ideas Craig is good in his own way. Who knows I think the idea of a new actor would be a good one when Daniel finishes. The articlw did not confirm that Daniel Craig was going to be the one for the next film. Still I am awaiting the release

Frederic Salgado

In 1962 when America first learned about James Bond, creator Ian Fleming did not like Sean Connery because he looked like a truck driver and did not fit his ideal image of James Bond Which by the way was his neighbor on Crab Key, Hoagy Carmichael a thin man tall kinda sophisticated. When Sean Connery came on board director Lewis Gilbert took Sean to his taylor and barber and essentially transformed Sean Connery into what would be James Bond. in 1967 He announced that he was done with the character and George Lazenby took over in 1969 and Oh Her Majestys Secret SErvice performed okay. Next came Sean again this time on his terms to do Diamonds are Forever in exchange to do another movie called Warhead which became Never Say Never Again. in 1973 a new Bond came on board Roger Moore in the Blaxploitation style Live and Let Die a popular genre at the time. Both his movies did fairly well as Bond fans were slowly adjusting to Moore dry humor and no double entendres associated with Connery. Of course he was also associated at the time with Simon Templar The Saint. It took a few movies to really get fans settled comfortably with Moore when in 1985 he took retired his license to kill after A View to A Kill. in 1987 a new face was introduced to Bond fans in the form of Timothy Dalton. Who was closer to the character Ian Fleming had envisioned as his secret agent 007, and again Bond fans fussed but his two movies were not enough time for fans to get to know his style and in 1989 with License to Kill closed Daltons’ chance and he might have connected with fans had he been given the chance.From 1989 to 1995 fans of the franchise suffered Bond withdrawal until Pierce Brosnan aka Remington Steele took over and fans took to him slowly as well from 1995-2002
he was not given the five movies he was supposed to have done and instead did only four then in 2006 a whole new Bond for the 21 century emerged, He was blond and his name was Daniel Craig and fans were not too happy their secret agent was blond. But after four movies looks like a new generation of Bond fans are taking to this new actor. I see as the new james Bond actor Henry Clavell aka Superman. he proved to be good in the Man from Uncle even if the movie sucked but I could see him as the new 007. As for plots why not use the books written by John Gardner most of the earlier movies used some of the Ian Fleming book material except for On Her Majestys Secret Service which used the entire book. James Bond will Return


dude said he’d rather slit his wrists than do another Bond movie!

Cole Thornton

Craig will be back and the reason is three words…..Cowboys and Indians.

Goto Guru

‘THE WORLD IS TOO SMALL’ could easily be the title of the next Bond film. It also points out why the genre has nearly come to an end. We are not in the 1960s, anymore. We live in the age of CNN, email, and instant messaging. Soon, even average people will regularly take trips into Near Outer Space. Add in the role of Talk Radio, across the past 20 years, and you quickly realize that any Movie Audience is painfully well aware of what used to be the exclusive domain of International Spies. Indeed, ‘THE WORLD IS TOO SMALL’.

Ronalds Yorks

So far the best James Bond


I’m kind of torn. I thought Spectre was well done but still pretty bad. I’m over the psychological stuff, the mommy stuff, the orphan stuff. I didn’t think Waltz was particularly good as Blofeld but I do like Craig as Bond.

Problem is, they basically started a trilogy and NEED Craig back. They backed themselves into a corner by starting the Blofeld storyline now. They rebooted with Casino Royale and Quantum, then rebooted again with Skyfall (where he was made to seem over the hill, despite being “new” to 007 status in CR). And now, they’ve started a trilogy. The other challenge? Craig is 48 and will be close to 50 if/when the next Bond gets going and probably 52 on the one after.

Another Poster

Daniel Craig signed a contract to do 5 007 movies and so far has done 4. While is it true that Sean Connery first signed a contract to do 6 James Bond films and dropped out after making 5, breaking a contract in Hollywood is never a good idea.

Daniel V.

The posters, Amy and GotoGuru make good observations. Thus the Bond movies have to straddle between alternate realities of the idealized Bond and what an actual spy (are there such left?) would do nowadays.

Now, when I say, “idealized”, the template for that was of course set by Connery in the first films and those very much depended on the culture of the time re Cold War, Space Race, emerging technology, etc. What each Bond thereafter – more accurately the scriptwriters and the Broccolis – tried to do was to be somewhat contemporary.

So, it seems to me that the Bond movies will have to be not too far that way in fiction fantasy or too close this way in realistic concerns. Again, could a super spy or a super villain really exist today?

How long that ‘straddling’ will go on to keep the balance between fiction and reality is anyone’s guess. Who knows, maybe a time-traveling Bond? Bond on another world? But I have to admit that I would draw the line on ‘Bond Meets The Zombies’. :-D

Leon Raymond Mitchell

Roger Moore and Brosnan made Bond Camp and God Awful, but lawd have mercy Let Craig go off, he was awesome a Bond for this generation. He got roughed up a lot which made it real and this Bond had,and I know all you white people hate this word DIVERSITY . I hope they pick somebody like that guy who did Superman but I bet they will go with the guy that played LOKI but remember once you sign on to do BOND you can’t do any other franchise or potential franchise until your contract is up

Sanjay Rajvanshy

Sony, Don’t do the mistake of continuing with Daniel Craig. People have outrightly rejected the last Bond film Spectre.. Cast Henry Cavil instead as he has the class, the charisma to take the spirit and legacy of Bond .


I have already seen the script for the next Bond Film, it is about a Billionaire Spectre agent who attempts to become the United States President after making his money from illegal activities in the real estate business, he will stop at nothing to destroy his political opposition and using his family members to create even more wealth for himself whilst destroying the United States of America and starting WW3 and leaving the world on the edge of a nuclear war in the process……oh hang on that was Donald Trump, sorry, wrong story


Never saw a Craig Bond movie and never will. Yes he has rugged good looks but that is not what has been presented to public before he took over the role. For the most part Bond is tall and swarthy. Jon Hamm would be the perfect Bond. He has the looks, the build and knows the secret agent territory.

Sean Connery

Jon Hamm

Sean Connery

Jon Hamm


I think Daniel Craig is great he haS portrayEd this new and improved Bond 007. PAY THE MAN

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