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Dave Chappelle Slams ‘Key and Peele’: They’ve Been Doing ‘My Show the Last Five F*cking Years’

Chappelle poked fun at Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele during the Roots Picnic festival in New York over the weekend.

Dave Chappelle


Dave Chappelle is working Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele into his latest stand-up comedy routine, but probably not in a way that the comedy duo appreciates. Chappelle recently vented to an audience at the Roots Picnic festival in New York over the weekend that he’s been “watching Key and Peele do my show the last five f*cking years,” Uproxx reports.

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Six years after Chappelle quit his hit Comedy Central show “Chappelle’s Show” in 2006, “Key and Peele” premiered on Comedy Central in 2012 with the same half-hour sketch comedy format and similar humor.

To be fair, Chappelle could just be reciting a line that he knows will get laughs during his comedy routine. He did also poke fun at himself during the performance. “I look like fucking Morgan Freeman,” he said. “It’s been a long time since you’ve seen me New York.”

While Chappelle got semi-serious shortly after bringing up the Black Lives Matter movement, he also found a way to work in a gag and poke fun at Kanye West.

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“The best way to show people that black lives matter is to live a good black life,” Chappelle said. “As Kanye West once said, ‘My life is dope and I do dope shit.’”

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Honestly, I never liked Chappelle’s show all that much back in the day when it was on. Key and Peele’s show was better AND funnier, period. Chappelle is funny, but half the time his show wasn’t, to be honest.

    TJ. Church

    I never watched Chappelle’s show when it’s aired, but he was funnier in ONE “SNL” monologue than either of them have ever been… For further comparison, he was funnier in any one part of “Men In Tights” decades ago than they together were on “Stand Up For Cancer”.

    Adam C.

    Squeesh, I’m thinkin you’re FOS. Those two are 3rd rate (at best) ripoffs of actual funny comedians. Chappelle is smarter and more talented and VASTLY funnier than both of those cornballs put together. Key was never really funny on MadTV, esp. that uber-lame screaming PE teacher bit. That was always the cue to get take a whizz, get a beer, or make a snack. If you’re serious, then you have one lame, and no doubt rather dimwitted sense of humor with so much of Chappelle’s material going over your head.


      Adam C.

      First of all, I’m not FOS justbecause I don’t agree with you about Chapelle—-Inever thought his show was that funny to beigin with—I only saw the edited parts of it on regular late night
      TV. I’d heard of Chappelleand seen him in a few things long before his show came out. I actually found him funnier in his Block Party movie that anything he did on his show. To be fair, I never saw that many episodes on it because I didn’t have cable. I’ve found certain skits that Key & Peele have done(the Obama anger generator) and the one that spoof
      the hell out of every action movie cliche you

      can think of, much funnier and more clever

      than anything I’ve seen Chapelle do.
      That dosen’t mean I’m ignorant of good comedy, itjust means I have a different preference in comedy than you. Your claiming I’m FOS willl
      never change that. Also, Keanu was fun and hilarious—plus it was a big box office hit, which proves neither Key nor Peee


        which proves neither Key nor Peele are third rate anything. Plus Chappelle meant that slam as a joke—he didn’t actually mean they were ripping him off oranything. And their humor is totally different from his, anyway. There ismore than enough room for different comedians inthe field. You don’t have dog out one black comedian for another.


Of course they are going to do his show…. Hollywood had something that worked and he knows they are not that creative… They will do the same thing over and over and over and over. He expects what for the few minorities in Hollywood who are clawing scratching doing and saying anything studios tell them to actually be creative..
The public does not challenge the Film and TV industry to do better. Its a lot of Nepotism and Nepotism doesnt normally mean creative it means ROUTINE…
Remember when In Living Color bursts on the scene… Hilarious.
Dave Chappelle Hilarious and made a lot of $$$ for the network. They can find desperate comedians to fill in voids He knows that.

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