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Michael Moore’s Women-Empowering Twitter Rant Bashed for Being ‘Spectacularly Not True’

In today's "most misguided moment," the filmmaker is taken to task for something that probably seemed like a great idea at the time.

Michael Moore


It’s safe to say that filmmaker Michael Moore has made his choice this election year very, very plain. After all, the “Bowling for Columbine” and “Fahrenheit 9/11” director somehow found the time to create, film and release a spectacularly anti-Donald Trump film (that would be “Michael Moore in TrumpLand”) in the space of mere weeks, and he’s spent the last few weeks quite loudly stumping for Hillary Clinton for president.

The always-outspoken Moore has also spent plenty of time talking up politics — specifically focused on the presidential race — on a variety of other mediums outside of his own filmmaking, from his blog and social media platforms to The Huffington Post, amongst other outlets. Moore, as ever, has something to say, but over the weekend, the filmmaker was taken to major task for a series of Twitter comments that came from a seemingly supportive, yet woefully uniformed place. And he paid for it.

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On Saturday, Moore posted a message to his Twitter account that further clarified his belief that women are better suited to work in political arenas, at least given the current climate.

While that was a fair enough statement, and an empowering one to boot, his follow-ups vastly diminished his chosen message.

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Moore was swiftly given a pretty serious history lesson, most of it care of writer Jessica Hellis, who commented that his tweet about women and their (in his world, apparently nonexistent) involvement in evil deeds was “spectacularly not true,” and then proceeded to unveil a number of examples of women “committing wrong.”

Unsurprisingly, it became a bonafide Twitter Moment. Take a look.

As of this writing, Moore has not responded to Hellis.

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Does Hellis actually know the meaning of the word “usually”?


Jessica Hellis sounds anal retentive


Hellis is obviously correct that Moore is wrong on this subject, even though she seemed to be having the best orgasm of her life while telling him so. Simply correcting him on his factual inaccuracies wasn’t enough. No, sir! That’s not an option when there’s a kind of annoying celeb to take down a notch! After all, there is no American sporting event more popular than telling a person how unbelievably wrong they are. And when that person’s famous? That’s akin to putting a bullet into the mythical white rhino. Nevertheless, her greater point remains: the awfulness of human beings transcends gender.


Jessica Hellis truly sounds like an idiot. Her so called points were the stupidest thing I’ve come across.


    Woyzeck,you truly are an idiot, her so called points are the thing that idiot Moore was saying women don’t do. please don’t have children…..

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