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2017 Oscar Predictions

Academy voters have their nominations ballots. Stay updated on the Oscar race throughout the year below. (Updated January 15, 2017.)


Best Picture (frontrunner)

Best Director (Kenneth Lonergan, frontrunner)

Best Actor (Casey Affleck, frontrunner)

Best Supporting Actress (Michelle Williams, frontrunner)

Best Supporting Actor (Lucas Hedges, frontrunner)


2017 Oscar Predictions: Best Picture

2017 Oscar Predictions: Best Director

2017 Oscar Predictions: Best Actor

2017 Oscar Predictions: Best Actress

2017 Oscar Predictions: Best Supporting Actor

2017 Oscar Predictions: Best Supporting Actress

2017 Oscar Predictions: Best Animated Feature

2017 Oscar Predictions: Best Documentary

2017 Oscar Predictions: Best Foreign Language Film

2017 Oscar Predictions: Best Original Screenplay

2017 Oscar Predictions: Best Adapted Screenplay

2017 Oscar Predictions: Best Editing

2017 Oscar Predictions: Best Original Score

2017 oscar Predictions: Best Original Song 

2017 Oscar Predictions: Best Visual Effects

2017 Oscar Predictions: Best Makeup and Hairstyling

2017 Oscar Predictions: Best Costume Design

2017 Oscar Predictions: Best Production Design

2017 Oscar Predictions: Best Cinematography

2017 Oscar Predictions: Best Sound Editing 

2017 Oscar Predictions: Best Sound Mixing 

Awards Season Analysis:

Oscar voters are starting to fill out their nominations ballots, which are due no later than January 13. See the 2016 Oscar timeline below.

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Sundance Film Festival: Amazon Studios scooped up Kenneth Lonergan’s emotionally devastating drama “Manchester By the Sea” (Roadside Attractions), starring acting frontrunners Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams for $10 million. They fared better in the awards derby than rival Netflix did last year by adopting a more theatrically-friendly approach (the film has grossed $32 million domestically so far).

After earning strong reviews, a standing ovation and the two top awards at the Sundance Film Festival, Nate Parker’s “The Birth of A Nation” was deemed an early frontrunner for Best Picture. The Academy not only loves a well-told true story (see “Spotlight,” “Argo” and “12 Years A Slave”), but last year’s diversity controversy promised to shine an even greater light on “Nation” this year. The film was acquired in a bidding war for $17.5 million by Fox Searchlight, which has notched 13 Best Picture nominations in the past 12 years, more than any other company. They proved victorious with “Birdman” two years ago and were positioning “Nation” as their top contender this fall. But Parker was dogged by a college rape scandal as he tried to promote his movie. Searchlight plowed ahead with their commitments to a Toronto press junket ahead of an October 7th commercial opening, which was soft, and the film’s Oscar hopes died with its box office.

"The Jungle Book"

“The Jungle Book”

Spring: Don’t count out one of the most popular and well-reviewed films of the year, Jon Favreau’s Rudyard Kipling adaptation “The Jungle Book” (Disney, April 4). Like Ang Lee’s “Life of Pi,” the family film could emerge as a strong contender with support from all the crafts, especially visual effects.

“Hell or High Water”

Cannes: Emerging from the festival was CBS Films’ “Hell or High Water,” starring Jeff  Bridges, Chris Pine and Ben Foster in a modern heist western set in Texas, which scored the best reviews of the year and became the top performer at the indie box office. Also gaining notice was Focus Features’ “Loving,” the heart-tugging Jeff Nichols true biracial romance starring two acting contenders (Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga).



Focus Features

Fall Festivals: “Loving” went to Toronto along with Focus’s well-received “A Monster Calls,” a four-hankie mother-son fantasy drama from Spanish filmmaker J.A. Bayona (“The Impossible”) starring “Theory of Everything” nominee Felicity Jones, a Supporting Actress candidate. But the distributor changed release dates and the air went out of the balloon; when the film opened at the intense Christmas box office, it was too late to regain that lost momentum.

The fall fests proved a crucible for a raft of other critics’ faves.

La La Land

“La La Land”


Venice gave a warm reception to “Hacksaw Ridge,” Mel Gibson’s comeback bid as a director ten years after “Apocalypto.” Andrew Garfield has been lauded for his pacifist soldier medic, earning Critics Choice, Golden Globes and SAG nominations.

Telluride broke out Damien Chazelle’s audacious musical romance “La La Land,” starring Best Actress contender Emma Stone, as well as Barry Jenkins’ coming-of-age ensemble drama “Moonlight” (A24), featuring Supporting Actor hopeful Mahershala Ali (“House of Cards”). Clint Eastwood’s airplane rescue drama “Sully,” starring well-reviewed Tom Hanks (Warner Bros.) went on to be the year’s highest-grossing drama ($228 million worldwide). Also a hit at the box office ($153 million worldwide) was Denis Villeneuve’s brainy sci-fi thriller “Arrival” (Paramount), starring Telluride tributee and Best Actress contender Amy Adams, who also leads Tom Ford’s Venice/TIFF entry “Nocturnal Animals,” which didn’t hurt.

Lion - Dev Patel


The Weinstein Company

Also playing well in Toronto was Weinstein Co’s Oscar pick for this year, Garth Davis’s tearjerker “Lion,” starring Dev Patel in a true story about a man who lost his family when he was five years old and uses Google Earth to try and find them again. Mira Nair’s “Queen of Katwe” (Disney, September 30) also snagged strong reaction at TIFF, especially for Lupita Nyong’o as a fierce mother trying to help her chess-playing daughter escape the slums of Kampala. But Disney struggled to find an audience for the film, which should have been nurtured as a slower release and topped out at $9 million worldwide.

Annette Benning in 20th Century Women

“20th Century Women”


Debuting at the New York Film festival was Mike Mills’ semi-autobiographical “20th Century Women” (A24), starring Annette Bening in a rich comedic role as a woman much like his mother, which scored rave reviews and Critics Choice and Golden Globes nominations for Bening.


Scoring with audiences and critics over the holidays were “Hidden Figures,” a sleeper Fox hit starring Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Janelle Monae as three 60s NASA math whizzes, and Paramount’s film version of August Wilson’s Tony-winning Pittsburgh play “Fences,” co-starring the director Denzel Washington and Viola Davis and much of the cast of the 2010 Broadway revival. Also from paramount, nabbing strong reviews but modest audiences, was Martin Scorsese’s austere Japan religious drama “Silence,” starring emaciated actors Andrew Garfield and  Adam Driver.

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Hey Anne! Little correction. You got Café Society and Machester by the Sea’s distributors mixed up. Lionsgate has Café Society and Roadside Attractions has Manchester.

Gunnar rehlin

Seen Florence Foster Jenkins. Both Streep and Hugh Grant should be up for noms.

Gunnar Rehlin

Seen Florence Foster Jenkins. Streep and Hugh Grant (never been better) should be nominated.


Dude, we get a few sweet months a year without worrying about this. Let’s enjoy them. Happy Thursday.


Where is Kubo and the 2 Strings? Looks incredible.


Michelle Williams is supporting in Mancheste tho


Probably another PILOT will win for best picture ( SPOTLIGHT was PILOT of a promising TV series, not a movie…and that’s when we say: TV is better than film…) and why bother? We already know that BIRTH OF A NATION will win everything. And the best thing is that voters don’t even have to watch it. Just thick that box! Let’s think about 2018 instead.

And yes, I agree with you CARTER, let’s enjoy the movies with out thinking about it. I really think the Oscars are dying. No one really cares. I am sure new generations are growing up with out caring about those awards, even if they want to be famous. I am sure that in a couple of years from now, the BEST PICTURE will be voted by the public at home.

TC Kirkham

As always, the crowdpleasers are left completely off the list – I’ll stick my neck out now and say that John Carney’s delightful "Sing Street" will hang in to be this year’s "Grand Budapest Hotel" and be in the Oscar mix, for songs if nothing else. The Academy remembered "Once" as well it should, and "Sing Street" should fare as well if not better…


How did you put The Light Between Oceans and its cast on contenders list, while you dodn’t even talk about it in the article? Cause it got to no festival? Not in Berlin, not in Sundance, let alone Cannes? It is pretty much clear why that movie didn’t get picked by festivals, while others were. Loving and The Girl on The Train is at least two promising films (waaaay above TLBO) that are you undeservingly put on long shot.

Aaron E Hunt

Lol Maggie’s plan as a best picture frontrunner?


Add your voice to the conversation…

Hansel Moya

What about Disney’s Hawaiian princess "Moana"

Barb G

What about Rooney Mara in Una?


HE SAID HE HAS TO HAVE SEEN THE MOVIE TO LABEL THEM AS A FRONTRUNNER, relax people… plus Rachel Weisz looks excellent in just the trailer alone.


A label saying "in honor of political correctness" should be applied to Birth of a Nation, how can it be a frontrunner if nobody even knows about the real contenders yet?……ridiculous predictions.


I don’t get it. Maggie’s Plan, Born to Be Blue and a A Bigger Splash… all of them debuted last year. It doesn’t make any sense that their studios want to campaign for them only now, at least to me. Wouldn’t have been a better choice to do it last year?


An Indie movie site would not be so obsessed with Oscars.
You should stop pretending you are about "Indie" movies.


To put birth of a nation above the premise of Angels Lee’s upcoming film is just stupidity.


How come you’ve seen ‘Moana’? Can you write a little bit about it, please?


You’re blowing "Maggie’s Plan" way out of proportion, it’s not all that critically acclaimed and it’s a May release…

Emma Moore

Michelle Williams is definitely a supporting actress in "Manchester by the Sea".


what is so wrong with you? The Girl on The Train, Loving, War Machine and Patriot’s Day are more of substance and crazy good materials, yet you put such average The Lights Between Oceans on contenders? This is obviously just an Oscar marketing for movies mentioned in your contenders list.


It would be amazing for Alan Rickman to get his first Oscar nomination for Eye in the Sky for Supporting Actor – throw in John Goodman for 10 Cloverfield Lane for that discussion too!

Luke McGowan

@Carter – you don’t have to read it dude. Some of us want to read about it all year round. To me, this has been a few months late coming out.


I feel like The Circle should be included on this list. While it may not be a "prestigious" film, the talent behind it is very promising. Hopefully it’ll be a nice surprise like Mad Max was last year. That is, assuming the movie is good.


Shouldn’t "Zootopia" at least be on the "Long Shots" list for best picture?


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TULIP FEVER may be better than the critics predict


I think Fences will be release in 2017


Carter is right, it’s may, you haven’t seen most of these movies, why bother? And Oscar nominations are way less interesting than talking about movies, please make articles about cinema. You can be good at this. I want to read more about Green Room or Midnight Special, more than "what we know about that movie that won’t be release until fall".

Iván el Conquistador

I agree with J J N. Zootopia is a box office blockbuster and a critical darling. At least, it should do the same feat Beauty and the Beast, Up and Toy Story 3 achieved in their respective years.


I hope Certain Women gets some love



Jake Durlak

Who else really misses Peter Knegt?

true cinema

Of course birth of a nation will win even thought it is not deserving.


Is Australia’s Holding the Man receiving any awards buzz?


What about Maryanne Plunkett in The Family Fang?


Jake gyllenhaal anyone?

David Ulrick

Does anyone else miss peter knegt


Let’s stop ignoring Kirsten Dunst’s beautiful and subtle performance in Midnight Special which got crazy critical plaudits (right on the heels of Fargo, no less!) Probably no match for Michelle Williams but still!


I hope Casey wins his first oscar for manchester by the sea. loved that movie


Even though they may be some controversy around Nate Parker… Check out the film… Writing, Cinematography, make up, every element of a great film…… oh and the acting…..

Nigel Asipa

Fences, Manchester by the sea, Moonlight, Silence, La La Land, Jackie, Passengers, Nocturnal Animals, Arrival, Live by Night, Sully, The Birth of A Nation, Allied, Loving, Christine, The Founder and e bevy of others i’m sure are on my radar for the next few months.

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Unless Moana does something amazing Zootopia has this one beat! Loved by audience and critics, 98% RT and still the top film of 2016, it’s original, has a timely message, and made over a billion dollars!

Pretty much a perfect storm!


    And yet it is not even mentioned in the long shots section for best picture. Not to mention that they don’t have it listed as the front runner for Best Animated. There are phone calls being made behind closed doors at Disney if you ask me. They are pushing Finding Dory, and Zootopia will get snubbed somehow. Should definitely win best animated, and be nominated for picture, but I smell a big time snub, possibly in both categories.


    Rotten tomatoes and Box office is supposed to be the reason behind an Oscar?


It is a shame Hacksaw Ridge is not on this list.


why is ARRIVAL still on this list? Has this not been updated in a while? No nominations for ARRIVAL from other top awards so far….Also, Hacksaw Ridge they are raving about….


*Janelle Monae!

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