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Natalie Portman Slams Hollywood’s Diversity Problem: ‘Movies Are All About White Men’

The "Jackie" star wants to see more worthwhile roles for women.


Natalie Portman in “Jackie”

Fox Searchlight

After keeping a relatively low profile in recent years, Natalie Portman is back in a big way with next month’s “Jackie.” Pablo Larraín’s biopic finds the Oscar winner at her best, which she says in a comprehensive Vulture interview is a long time coming: “People are like, ‘What has she done since Black Swan?'”

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“There are not great female roles that are just flourishing,” she continues, comparing modern-day Hollywood unfavorably with what it was half a century ago. Films of that era, Portman explains, “have such strong female roles all the time,” namely “Sunset Boulevard” and “Marnie.” “Even if they’ll make the occasional sexist comment, they still have a central woman character who has a personality…Now I feel like movies are all about white men and then you get a couple that happen to be about women.”

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The former First Lady is an exception, of course, and also “very ahead of her time in having the kind of agency to tell her own story,” explains Portman. “That’s everyone’s obsession now, presenting this image that they want to show the world.”

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Derek fleming

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Enough. Everything on TV and in the movies is all about feminism. Your a beautiful smart talented woman Natalie, stop messing it up with this bullshit non issue. Hollywood problems are not real problems


    JK I’m a dumb whoAHH


    On TV, females earn more than males, and there’s more female lead shows atm. So, drop your wage, and your elitism, you overpaid fuqqqq. White women need to STOP COMPLAINING. Imagine what it’s like for Blacks, Arabs, Persians. You were never a SLAVE.

SA Payne

… the whole debate is tiring, it isn’t a conspiracy… The balance is shifting…


Natalie Hershlag should complain to her own cabal, they are the ones who run Hollywood, not “white men”.


Why are there so many *chosen ones* in movies?


TRUMP WON. Only white man are allowed to talk now. Blame the left.

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