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Spike Lee Tells Bernie Sanders: Clintons Ran Out the Clock, Assuming They’d Won

"It seems to me the Clintons were celebrating before the day was up," the filmmaker said.

Spike Lee

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Spike Lee has been an avid Bernie Sanders supporter, releasing ads and videos for the Vermont senator’s campaign. While Sanders lost the Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton, and Clinton surprisingly lost to Donald Trump, Lee is still sticking by Sanders’ side and wants direction from him on what people should do next.

In an interview with Sanders for The Guardian, the filmmaker stated that Clinton lost because she believed she won the election before it ended.

“You know I love sports. I’ve seen it too many times, when a team thinks they’ve got it all won, just wrapped up, and you see players go down the sideline and start celebrating, and then they reach the goal line and fumble,” Lee said. “The Clintons – and I’m not asking you for a comment; this is my opinion – thought they had it won. And what do the great coaches always say? Keep playing until there is no time on the clock! And it seems to me the Clintons were celebrating before the day was up.”

“It was not Hillary Clinton’s birthright to be president of the United States of America!” he continued. “And Trump, he played it like he was going to keep going at this until the whistle blows, until time has run out.”

Sanders replied by stating, “Right. You’re right. Now, no one can deny that Trump was holding three or four rallies a day, he was running all over this country, working 20 hours a day. And that’s the truth. But I think that speaks to, Spike, something that goes beyond Hillary Clinton. It really goes to the very nature of the Democratic party.”

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So now that Trump is the president-elect, what’s Sanders’ best solution for the future?

“I think we need a house-cleaning,” Sanders stated. “I think the DNC needs an entirely new direction. I think it needs leadership, and I think it needs to be very clear about the fact that it stands with working families and is prepared to take on the billionaire class and Wall Street, and corporate America, and the drug companies and the insurance companies. People are hurting. And we need a program that stands with working families and brings people together.”

Read their full interview here.

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