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Tom Ford: Trump Voters ‘Not Educated Enough to Realize He Actually Doesn’t Have a Plan’

The "Nocturnal Animals" helmer had a few choice words about the 2016 presidential election and the Republican nominee.

Tom Ford

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Tom Ford is not holding back on his thoughts about the upcoming election and Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Named Out Magazine’s 2016 Artist of the Year for its annual OUT100 portfolio, the fashion designer-turned-director had a few choice words about Trump, saying, “Unfortunately, a lot of people are not educated enough to realize that he actually doesn’t have a plan, cannot even make a sentence, and that’s where we have failed as a country — through education.”

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Ford, who’s mentioned before that he’s voting for Hillary Clinton, previously told CNBC that he’s “shocked” that Trump is even a candidate. “I think that he’s living in a post factual era. Nothing seems to matter. He can say things, do things,” he explained.

He also told Sky News that the fact that Trump has gotten as far is proof that our culture has “dumbed down.” “There was a time when any of the things he says would have killed a politician’s chances,” he said. “It’s absurd. What we’re going to do about it I don’t know — but it is a wake up call, and it’s very upsetting.”

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At the end of this month Ford will release his second feature film, “Nocturnal Animals,” starring Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal. The drama is among 2016’s most buzzed-about projects and has received rave reviews from critics. In his interview with Out, he also discussed the types of films he likes and how he’s often compared to Douglas Sirk.

“I like old-fashioned movies where people are more beautiful than they are in real life,” said Ford. “People keep comparing [my movies] to Douglas Sirk, and it was certainly never an intention — I find Sirk’s movies a little camp and melodramatic. However, I love them, and I know them all by heart, and I suppose I can be a little melodramatic. I like stories that are a little overblown like that, and I do like a lot of lacquer and polish on things.”

“Nocturnal Animals” arrives in theaters on November 23.

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Brother Nero

Tom Ford is not educated enough to realize not only that many Trumo voters, like myself, are very educated and that he does have a plan.



    Brandon Ford

    So educated that you can’t even spell correctly, or at the very least, proofread your comment before you post it? Wake up, dingbat, Trump has absolutely no idea what he is doing. His gaping inadequacies and unwillingness to learn policies makes him more than a lazy megalomaniac…it makes him negligent and dangerous.


    you spelled Trump wrong lmao


It’s not surprising that Ford feels that way about Trump voters. He probably socializes with the “educated people” who devised the complex financial instruments that helped sink the economy during the 2008 implosion. I’m not voting for Trump, but if he wins the Fords and that ilk will get a rude awakening.

Leon Raymond Mitchell

Yes Mr. Ford that’s what White Supremacy is all about, the endearing of Trump and him becoming President is about the destruction intentionally of different cultures. As Black man I am witnessing the return of JIM CROW The return of dogs set upon BLACK FOLKS the water hoses, the Whites only stores and drinking fountains, the difference will be there is enough stronger contingent of Blacks who will fight back by seriously violent means this time around thus the beginning of a Civil and Race War!


Hillary Clinton’s “plan” is more death and destruction: empire. Sorry actor, if you think you have the moral high ground you do not.

Jill Stein has a plan for peace. Hillary Clinton is a war criminal, already.


Why is Ford’s political opinion on Indiewire? Do people look to Ford for his opinion on politics? No…they care about his opinion on film. Also, every article on Indiewire that involves politics is against Trump. A little biased maybe? The film-related articles on this site are usually great and articles like this are garbage/serve no purpose but to push the writer’s political agenda. Obviously this site is very anti-trump…we get it. Politics are a joke…let’s move on and go back to sweet film articles!

Leon Raymond Mitchell

I could care less about either party or candidate. What I do care about is the preservation and longevity of the black race and people of color. White folk it’s obvious do not have that as a issue or concern and the sole person who threatens that is Trump. Take him out the race the race and I would give a damn who was running and I damn sure would not be voting


Fitting that Fords attack on the “uneducated” is incoherent gibberish.

21 years of education

LOL – says a college dropout – 😜 – is he even qualified to make these statements!?! Under his standards – I think not. 😂


    That “college dropout” as you call him, has been way more successful than that human wannabe running for yhe presidency

Vann Rich

Crazy how these comments very clearly illustrate excatly what he was saying. Uneducated, Bigoted, and deflective over anything that resembles facts.


Standard liberal reaction anyone who doesn’t agree must be an uneducated hick. I am educated and fairly smart. Well at least according to Standford. Oh and pretty sure those little letters PhD mean I gots me some edumacation along with students loan debt. He has a plan thats abundantly obvious. The other far more important aspect is he clearly loves this country. Unlike his opponent who loves herself and money. Anyone that wants to stand behind this sociopath HRC is apparently unable to form an opinion on there own or bother to do a little research and is just following the narrative being pushed by the left. That Trump is a bad guy and says mean things and grabs p___y. HRC has a stated policy of shooting down Russian warplanes (politically correct wording No Fly zone)

May West

Don’t fear Trump, fear the people who vote for him. I don’t think even God can save America now.


Tom Ford, twice dropped out of college in the first year, went to design school instead. The most uneducated celebs always play the Ed. Card…… sorry Tom, my EE Masters and MPhil. PhD. TRUMP your 2 years of design school.


Who’s Tom ford?


    A loser. He wants to slow the U.S.A. down by voting for an Obama no growth cronie.

Patricia Passione

His extreme LIBERAL view and labeling an opposing view is exactly why TRUMP won!!

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