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Tom Hanks Found Clint Eastwood ‘Intimidating as Hell’ and Says He ‘Treats His Actors Like Horses’

Eastwood directs in a "really quiet soft voice" due to his time on the 1960's TV series "Rawhide."

Tom Hanks and Clint Eastwood

Tom Hanks and Clint Eastwood

John Salangsang/BFA/REX/Shutterstock

Tom Hanks has had a pretty busy year, starring in three different films, hosting “Saturday Night Live” and was a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Hanks received the most acclaim for his performance as Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger in the Clint Eastwood film “Sully,” which garnered critical and commercial acclaim. Hanks recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show and discussed working with the veteran director and his intimidating style.

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“He treats his actors like horses,” says Hanks, “because when he did the 60s series ‘Rawhide,’ the director would shout ‘Action!’ and all the horses bolted. So when he’s in charge, he says in a really quiet soft voice, ‘All right, go ahead,’ and instead of shouting ‘Cut!’ he says ‘That’s enough of that.’ It’s intimidating as hell!”

Hanks also discussed how the real Sully was active in the production and pushed the cast to stay true to the reality of the moment. “Sully was very particular about how we portrayed the procedure and the emotions. He pulled out this dog-eared, stapled and notated script that he had read. Post-its, stapled index cards all over it – I’m sure his wife had even written ‘No’ across it in lipstick! We went through every page and every moment, every beat had been commented on. He had opinions.”

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“Sully” will be available to purchase on iTunes and Amazon on December 6. It will be available on Blu-ray and DVD on December 20.

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    Perhaps Clint treated the actors like horses is because so many of them actually “act” like the rear end of horses.


That’s an American thing ‘saying action’ I think.
Being an actor, I’ve worked with European directors who don’t say that.
And being an actor, it makes sense. ‘Action’ makes an actor freeze instead of relax into the moment



Reece Daniels

The title made me think he was an abusive director lol


    No kidding! Talk about a phony “grabber.”


Probably Tom Hanks just needs a hug and a timeout… being the delicate little snowflake he is…

    Sue Terry



    Wonder if Hanks will be leaving the USA by January 20, 2017 or if he will stay here and CRY for the next 4-8 years?


    What’s wrong with you? Hanks wasn’t complaining. Maybe you’re just someone who treats horses badly.


    Tom makes a joke a few “tough guys” here don’t get. Funny when people insult others after failing basic reading comprehension.

      Kenneth Rehberger

      Redneck Eskimo

        Kenneth Rehberger


          Kenneth Rehberger

          Reading comprehension good. It separates those who are capable of critical thinking from those in desperate need of an above the neck anal extraction.

    4uck You Trumpanzees

    4uck all the Trumpanzee azzholes on here. Racist cowards who don’t even read the article. LOL.


Poor Tommy, Typical liberal crybaby, Waa, Waa, Waa.

    Kevin C

    LOL, you righties are quite uppity considering you wailed like babies the last 8 youve elected a flim flam man. Great job!

      Anne Rush

      For the whole 8 years, we haven’t made near the noise you libs have in just the3 weeks since the elections! Trump is nowhere near the flim flam Obama is. His life is pretty open compared to hiding everything Obama. And Trump lacks a long way of being the liar and criminal Hillary is!

        Eddie Hansen

        Trump didn’t get rich by telling the truth or walking over somebody. Politicians lie to keep peace or try, businessmen lie and cheat to get rich. He will not be Prez for 8 yrs. Who knows he could be impeached. I bet he even chooses is on Secret Service that he can buy off. Eastwood would be a better president.


The same was said about Alfred Hitchcock and other great directors. The quality of his movies outshines the whining of overpaid actors.

Blaine Johnson

I wonder if Mr. Eastwoods dislike of Obama who hands out awards to just about anyone who donated money to him had anything to do with it….Thant’s gratitude for you as I’m sure he was picked by Clint….typical stupid liberal!


Screwy article title. Don’t you mean “actors act like scared horses, and bolt, when eastwood speaks? Very different perspective.

Huba buba

Eastwood is a RACIST and needs to retire.

    Michael Morgan

    To Huba Buba & Steven, You two would crap you pants just standing next to Clint! He’s one of the best actor/directors this generation has. He picked Tom Hanks for his talent and if Tom was intimidated by him, that was his problem. I’m sure he got over it pretty quick. Clint refused to accept the award from Barry on principle and I stand with him on that! That’s right, I’m one of those uneducated deplorables Hillary spoke about that cost her the election!




      Poor Tom


No big surprise. Eastwood is a White Christian Bigot Bully who can’t die soon enough in my opinion.It’s time to start calling people what they are.. and Eastwood is a douche.

    John Buonocore

    STEVEN, No bigger a MORON low class scumbag than you.

      Martin Miller

      BUONOCORE, where are you from? Sound like a dumb right wing immigrant. Clint is a super-talent, but is a fascist…


        martin, stfu you liberal crybaby pig-molester


    your mom is a filthy whore for not aborting you


    @ Steven – Eastwood was brought up Protestant, has been non practicing as an adult and has shown interest in Buddhism the last few years.

    Who gives a f**k about what a demented, hatefilled old goo gobbling socialist POS thinks like you anyway

    William D

    Unless you personally know Clint, I don’t think you can make personal statements about him. As for Hanks, I am sure the different style and the fact that Clint is Clint may have been intimidating. Most actors really like working with Clint. Also, this is work and not politics. Liberal and conservative comments do not belong here.


At least 5 people didn’t bother to read the article. “Typical redneck ignoramuses.” LOL!

    Anne Rush

    In reading all the comments, it appears that all the liberals are the ones who can’t read or took the article out of context more so than the others. Of course Eastwood is a conservative, so that would naturally make you libs rant


Let me get this straight. He was un nerved because Eastwood didn’t scream action. He should have worked for Hitchcock who famously said “Actors are cattle”


Its amazing how many of you didnt actually read the article and just jumped to a conclusion that this badly titled article suggests.


    Dan, I think you and me are the only ones who understand that Tom was making a joke. Jeez Louise people, whats wrong with you?


      leftwing haters gonna hate


Most horses seem to be a bit brighter than most actors.


    True, and my Grandfather always said that horses were the dumbest animals on the farm!

Sue Terry


Sue Terry



Funny picture! Clint is 6’4″ Tom Hanks is 6’0″


    Clint has shrunk a bit over the years. In 86 years the spine tightens up a little.

Sue Terry

SUE!!!!!!for the fucking 3rd time




Shit article.


When Hanks is dead and long forgotten, Eastwood will be still remembered for some of his movies, especially those made as a Director and some as an actor!


seems fitting for a Horses-ass cry baby pussy pants being directed by a real actor

Yarply Twelve

I am sure he finds Clint intimidating as he used to stack Fs like him 5ft high. Use them for sandbags.

Joseph Broz

The headline makes it sound as if Eastwood was a bad guy when in fact, he’s very nice and a great director as well. I know Hanks voted for Clinton, but I don’t hold it against him.


Like Eastwood as an actor, director etc, but, as for being a nice man as someone said, not sure about that. He is kind of typical of his age. I grew up with guys like him. Not going to elaborate.


Who writes this crap. Tom Hanks is liberal so what else is new. Are they ever good to anyone but themselves? I watched Clint film a movie back in the 80’s. He’s a wonderful guy, nice than nice to everyone. Someone Hankie could learn from.


Who writes this stuff? I watched Clint film a movie He’s a super nice guy but not a liberal like Hank Thank goodness. :)




Half of you idiots did not read the article…it is a compliment!!! I have never heard anything but praise from the people he has worked with. I also agree with his politics (any person with a brain would) but that has nothing to do with this article.


And yet if these same conservatives were treated the same way by their own boss, they would be the first to complain.


Looks like hanks is going to whine about something , no matter what or is it the media making something out of nothing ??? This seems not even worth mentioning , more flip flop crap


Well little Tommy, if you don’t like the way Clint directs, don’t take the part. Go get yourself a part in a Clinton / Obama movie

Ann Patrick

Looks like several idiots on here feel the need to make BASELESS accusations about a talented director, producer and actor solely on the information he is not a liberal. News flash morons, this is still America, where we are free to vote how we choose and are free to express our opinions politically. Calling someone a racist with absolutely ZERO proof AND wishing him dead, is the height of ignorance and shows an extreme lack of education and decency. Clint Eastwood is a Hollywood icon who has not only acted in but directed some of our best films in the last 50 yrs.

As for the “horses” comment, Banks was saying that Eastwood’s calm demeanor was intimidating. A compliment, not an insult.

Shame on you boring pot stirring trolls bringing politics into a discussion based on your hurt and disappointed political leanings. Grow up. The election is over. Comment on the topic at hand, not your ignorant, personal feeling because you didn’t get what you want for a change. Boo hoo!

Alan Keene

Clint Eastwood is a professional amateur


Try not make make a great American Hero out to be such a false bully. You are better than that, or maybe you are not. Then again you are an actor, so only your family probably really knows. You are such a gifted talent. Please do not come across as a cry baby. Hollywood is overflowing with them. I love your work!


I can only imagine how hard it is to have a boss that takes you for granted, and is mean to you. The struggle of making $3,000,000 for 3 months of work is real!


I saw the original crash on television. Why did we need a movie of it with Tom Hanks?

Clint E.

Thanks Tom. I had fun !!

Joe Pagan

This is why Tom Hanks is not an alpha male like Clint. Love Tom’s acting, but you’ll probably never see him in a “tough guy” role.


interesting to see that Tom Hanks can still be worried about his performance.


Wha5tt the hell has Tom

hanks done that makes him worthy of the Presidential Medal of Freedom? It seems under Obama the only requirement is that your a liberal!!!


What did most of you read? It is no wonder this country has gone down the proverbial toilet. Tom Hanks was clearly not complaining, just making the point that Clint Eastwood is an intimidating director…so what? It has nothing to do with either of their political views, and certainly nothing to do with the politics of anyone who is writing a comment about it. I think we live in a world filled with children.


At the ceramics studio where I work, our boss has one hard and fast rule: No talking politics. First violation, you go home for the day. Second violation, you go home permanently. My boss is a very smart woman.

Douglas Grooms

You conservatives are a bunch of meatheads! This article has nothing to do with politics ! You all just can’t wait for the least little opportunity to spew your ignorant hate! IThe way you all act you think you own the world right now but with this attitude people who are moderates will be sick of hearing from you all!
You know abortion would have probably been outlawed years ago but it is when people like you open their mouths judges probably decided it may not be so bad after all!


    Douglass… you are making the case for after-birth abortions. Please… volunteer to lead by example.


I didn’t know Tom Hanks was such a pussy.


Somebody get tom a kitty!!! Quick!!!


And don’t forget…WWII started when America attacked Japan. Because we’re racists.

Hugh Jackman

That’s because Tom is from the pussy generation. Grow a pair!!

Dick Spottswood

So when you say Clint treated actors like horses, is he suffering from Alzheimer’s?. I mean does he have a bag of carrots and apples?

hari carri

Clint Eastwood and Tom Hanks are both very talented

hari carri

I had like almost every Eastwood movie he made. But l dislike Clint Eastwood ever since his ridiculous performance on stage, talking to the chair bit! He is not a nice person.

hari carri

You crazy people are making a mountain out of a mole hill!


Tom Hanks is just another sore loser liberal that needs a rattle and thumb sucker, just like all the cry babies of Hollywood. Hey Tom, “Stupid is that stupid does” that about sums up your liberal buddies in Holly fairy land.

Art Carney

recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.. OK what this he do? Other than a actor and a huge left wing democrat. Most if not all of these people were nothing but left wing democrats. Now Gates has done a lot of good works, but the rest? And Ellen was given the award for being open about her lifestyle? This group was a waster of time and money. This was nothing but a pay off for supporting CLinton


Perfect example of false creative storytelling lies. The MEDIA IS NO LONGER TRUSTWORTHY.


Tom Hanks, no thanks. America hater. I’m gonna stick to being an America lover. Not hater. Trump loves America. He helps it not hates it. Why you liberals hate America. I thought Tom was nice not bad. Clint is good. Great.


I was saying Boo urns

Ace Kool

Where I live, horses here get unbelievably great treatment, is that what is meant by the Hanks statement?

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