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‘Rogue One’: White Supremacists Call for Boycott of ‘Star Wars’ Film Over ‘Anti-White Agenda’

Others say they will watch the film but root for the evil Empire.

Star Wars: Rogue One

“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”

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White supremacists are calling for people to boycott “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” accusing the film of promoting an “anti-white agenda.” Per Forward, according to a Reddit post by GenFrancoPepe titled “(((Star Wars))) Is Anti-White Social Engineering,” many are angrily pointing out the casting of women and multicultural actors who rebel against an Empire full of villainous white men.

“Nearly all of the major characters are non-Whites and the main character is an empowered White female,” the post reads. “This film should be boycotted.”

Another user stated that the movie will be a financial failure due to its diverse cast, “The new films are going to flop big league anyway. You can push the female heroes as much as you like, but even most women don’t find it interesting.”

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Many white supremacists aren’t all about boycotting the film, rather, some say that they would watch the movie and root for the Empire.

“If you’re annoyed by their allegories then don’t watch it. If you’re like me you’ll pirate it at some point and fantasize about being a stormtrooper,” one user commented.

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Earlier this week, director Gareth Edwards spoke to IndieWire about “Rogue One’s” diversity, macro issues of globalism and terrorism, and how in the past it’s been easy to label it as good guys versus bad guys.

“The goal of a lot of films used to be: If we just eliminate the bad guys, we win,” he stated. “But I think a more modern, realistic viewpoint is that no one’s good, no one’s evil and the only real way we’re going to stop wars is to understand each other better, come together and empathize with them.” Adding, “And this film tried to take away the black and white and make it more gray. You even see the point of view of the bad guys and you start to understand what [the Empire] tried to do.”

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This isn’t the first time a “Star Wars” film has been boycotted. Last year, “The Force Awakens” also received backlash from Neo-Nazi groups because the leads were portrayed by John Boyega and Daisy Ridley: a black actor and a woman. The hatred and racist banter didn’t effect the feature, as it went on to make $2.068 billion, becoming the third highest-grossing film of all-time.

“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” will be released in theaters on December 16.

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Yes. Because White Supremacists make great movie critics.


LOL! I can’t even…LOL! Nutzo’s, Trump has unleashed Nutzo’s!

Dirk Stryker

Funny thing is… every character in this and every other Star Wars movie is an ALIEN.


You white supremacists are HI-larious. Weak cowards.


The white christian reichwing need to be put in internment camps till they learn how to live with others.

Charles Incharge

So you give a voice to three disgruntled white dudes who are commenting on the larges movie of the year. Groundbreaking stuff “Indie” wire.

Derek fleming

Theyre right about the empowered woman being boring as all hell

Kate H

Why is it the loudest defenders of the white race are always the worst examples of it?




“Local racist boycotts movie set in imaginary universe due to lack of protagonists that look like him”


White supremacy is a fact.


This is exactly why the boycott is now up to 100,000. Now they link IndieWire and more people are max.

Calling them white supremacists is what fucking pisses them off. Stop acknowledging them and QUIT highlighting what they say.

Dont give them an extra voice you imbeciles.

JC Tessier

It’s funny how they label anybody who wants to boycott the new Star Wars as white supremacists. I boycott the movie because I am against bashing a group of people based on their gender and race.


Well it is true in some way Hollywood always pushes multiculturalism in the worst way.You never hear about people complaining about films that exclude whites. If a film has an all white cast suddenly it’s racist? Anyone ever ask why can we never see a film where a heroic white male saves the weak white female anymore? That we never see in this era. And those people are true racists for making sure we never have this portrayed in films. Jj Abrahms even made a racist comment saying how he thought that TFA was too white.

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