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2017 Golden Globes Live Blog: Follow Along as IndieWire Riffs on the Most Entertaining Awards Ceremony of the Year

The festivities begin at 8 p.m. EST.

Inside the Beverly Hilton


Jimmy Fallon is hosting the Golden Globes tonight, and you know what that means: The “Tonight Show” host will probably spend the entire night laughing and never make it through any of his lines. In anticipation of that, your brave friends here at IndieWire have decided to step up to the plate and provide running commentary of our own in the form of a live blog. We hope you’ll join the fun as we riff on the presenters and answer the question you’ve all been wanting the answer to for so long: “Who is Eric Kohn wearing tonight?”

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As winners are announced and our extensive predictions in both the film and TV categories are put to the test, we’ll be sure to offer insights on the independent films that made their way to the Beverly Hilton, from “The Lobster” and “Moonlight” to “20th Century Women” and “Toni Erdmann.” Who knows — one of us might even don a kukeri costume for the occasion.

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Tonight’s ceremony starts at 8 p.m. EST on NBC. Join us, won’t you?

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William Earl January 8, 20176:31 pm

Hello, IndieWire readers! We’re excited to watch the Globes with you tonight.

William Earl January 8, 20176:34 pm

Drew Barrymore is talking with Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet. Puns left and right about her “Santa Clarita Diet” character eating people! “IT HAS BITE!”

William Earl January 8, 20176:44 pm

Riley Keough looks glam, but she should have worn her wardrobe from “American Honey” to make an even bigger red carpet splash.

William Earl January 8, 20176:44 pm

Michelle Williams bringing Busy Phillips as her date is very important.

Liz Shannon Miller January 8, 20176:46 pm

I’m here at the Beverly Hilton, where a very important fact is being reenforced: For any one actor, there are at least three additional “handlers.”

Eric Kohn January 8, 20176:47 pm

You don’t have to be a fashion expert to appreciate Janelle Monae’s dress. “Moonlight” represent!

William Earl January 8, 20176:49 pm

Andrew Garfield to Ryan Seacrest: Mel Gibson “hits audiences right where it hurts.” OK!

Liz Shannon Miller January 8, 20176:49 pm

I officially decree that Eric should be IndieWire’s Chief Fashion Critic, in addition to his other titles.

Eric Kohn January 8, 20176:50 pm

Liz, you’d have to get used to a lot of black and stripes.

Eric Kohn January 8, 20176:51 pm

So THAT’S what happened to Eleven.

Liz Shannon Miller January 8, 20176:51 pm

That actually sounds very appropriate for 2017.

Eric Kohn January 8, 20176:52 pm

Years from now, we will all remember this as the year Amy Adams really found her groove…in “Nocturnal Animals.”

William Earl January 8, 20176:52 pm

“Love and joy is a limited commodity.” — Justin Timberlake’s red carpet slam poetry

Eric Kohn January 8, 20177:00 pm

Red carpet interviews are all soundbites, but I’ll take “Darren Aronofsky introduced me to Pablo Larrain” over the usual routine. Props to Natalie Portman.

William Earl January 8, 20177:00 pm

Fact: Winona Ryder will be cool until the end of time. In other news, she’s calling “Stranger Things” the first “genre thing” she’s ever done, so alright!

Liz Shannon Miller January 8, 20177:01 pm

Tim Burton weeps.

Eric Kohn January 8, 20177:03 pm

Fleeting red carpet split screen shows Sarah Jessica Parker and David Schwimmer. What year is this again?

Eric Kohn January 8, 20177:04 pm

Viola Davis can handle anything. Even Al Roker.

William Earl January 8, 20177:05 pm

Evan Rachel Wood cites her outfit’s inspiration as “Marlene Dietrich and David Bowie.” Meanwhile, Brie Larson is channelling Jessica Rabbit. Both are perfect people.

Eric Kohn January 8, 20177:06 pm

More welcome flashes of insight on the red carpet: Viola Davis’ insightful riff on the historical significance of Edward Albee. And now it’s time for Pharrell.

Dana Harris January 8, 20177:06 pm

Watching Viola Davis speak on the red carpet makes me realize how rare it is to see a man stand in smiling, silent support.

Dana Harris January 8, 20177:06 pm

“You’re nominated for Hidden Fences!” Yes, that really just happened.

Eric Kohn January 8, 20177:10 pm

“Hidden Fences” would be a helluva mashup.

Eric Kohn January 8, 20177:12 pm

Why would Keith Urban have “final approval” on Nicole Kidman’s dresses?

Eric Kohn January 8, 20177:13 pm

It’s really hard to accept Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys all dressed up without assuming it’s actually Elizabeth and Phillip on assignment.

Dana Harris January 8, 20177:14 pm

To be fair, I think live red-carpet reporting may be shortest straw in journalism.

Liz Shannon Miller January 8, 20177:15 pm

Red carpet journalism is like a three-hour firing squad without the promise of the sweet release of death.

Eric Kohn January 8, 20177:15 pm

Pete Hammond just wandered through John Lithgow’s shot.

William Earl January 8, 20177:19 pm

Do we think Jessica Biel found “Toni Erdmann” to be a revelation, or a bit bloated and unfocused? Discuss.

Dana Harris January 8, 20177:21 pm

Go Jeffrey Tambor: I think this may be the first time ever that “cis-gender male” was uttered on the Golden Globe red carpet.

Eric Kohn January 8, 20177:22 pm

From Jeffrey Tambor talking “Transparent” to Naomie Harris talking “Moonlight” — a promising window into the state of things…

Dana Harris January 8, 20177:22 pm

I can listen to Jeff Bridges talk about anything.

Eric Kohn January 8, 20177:24 pm

I’ll listen to Jeff Bridges talk about “Hell or High Water” over Vince Vaughn talking about “Hacksaw Ridge” any day.

Dana Harris January 8, 20177:25 pm

Or as David Bridson likes to call it, Hackjob Ridge — the most brightly lit war movie ever made.

William Earl January 8, 20177:27 pm

Ryan Seacrest just asked Viola Davis how she remembers all of her lines.

David Ehrlich January 8, 20177:30 pm

Really hoping that Casey Affleck’s red carpet interview is all about A GHOST STORY.

Dana Harris January 8, 20177:30 pm

Casey Affleck is affecting a man bun. Creepiness personified.

Eric Kohn January 8, 20177:31 pm

Awards season mayhem has turned his beard grey, too.

David Ehrlich January 8, 20177:33 pm

Belated congrats to Sting for surviving 2016.

Eric Kohn January 8, 20177:34 pm

Great plug for “Dogtooth” from Colin Farrell.

Dana Harris January 8, 20177:34 pm

Hey, Colin Farrell talking without noise in the background! Also: He no longer looks like a lobster. Good on him.

William Earl January 8, 20177:34 pm

Best supporting performance on the red carpet is Emma Stone’s brother giving passive-aggressive answers to Seacrest’s questions.

Anne Thompson January 8, 20177:35 pm

Can’t interviewers come up with anything better than “how do you feel?”

Eric Kohn January 8, 20177:36 pm

How about, “How much do you hate this?”

William Earl January 8, 20177:43 pm

Ryan Seacrest, to Chris Pine: Jeff Bridges is “very cool.” I agree!

Eric Kohn January 8, 20177:44 pm

Mahershala Ali continues his victory lap. We all know he’s great in “Moonlight.” But if you haven’t checked out “Luke Cage” yet, you’re missing out.

Eric Kohn January 8, 20177:46 pm

Al Roker just forgot all of Mel Gibson’s movies from the last 20 years. But the only one we REALLY need to remember is “Apocalypto.”

Dana Harris January 8, 20177:48 pm

Wow, a T-Mobile commercial about lice. Consider your customers thoroughly creeped out.

David Ehrlich January 8, 20177:51 pm

Chris Pine has stolen Mel Gibson’s beard.

David Ehrlich January 8, 20177:53 pm

if Deadpool wins anything tonight I’m taking the rest of the year off (for my health).

William Earl January 8, 20177:53 pm

“Hacksaw Ridge” was a bore, but more people should revisit Mel in last year’s “Blood Father.” It’s much better. hottake

David Ehrlich January 8, 20177:55 pm

BREAKING: The women on the couch in my apartment report that Nicole Kidman is wearing “strange sleeves.”

William Earl January 8, 20177:56 pm

Apparently “The Big Show is up next.” Always nice to give a nod to the WWE on such a prestigious night.

Dana Harris January 8, 20177:56 pm

12-year-old Dylan Bridson saw Mel Gibson on the red carpet and asked, “Is that his daughter?” Ah, youth.

Michael Schneider January 8, 20177:57 pm

Inside the Beverly Hilton and just had a Gosling sighting. Also: coolest jackets go to Donald Glover, in brown velour, and Black-Ish creator Kenya Barris in green

Dana Harris January 8, 20177:57 pm

More strange sleeves: That Sarah Jessica Parker dress. I fear a trend.

Michael Schneider January 8, 20177:58 pm

Chatted briefly with Veep exec producer Dave Mandel, who says it’s common practice for people (including me) to come up and say how much we need the show now, more than ever

Michael Schneider January 8, 20177:59 pm

The Roots’ Questlove is here on stage as the house DJ. Pretty sure that’s the first time the Globes has had a “house DJ”!

Michael Schneider January 8, 20177:59 pm

Stragglers rushing in now. 30 seconds!

Liz Shannon Miller January 8, 20178:00 pm

This opening sequence better not ruin my love for “La La Land.”

Eric Kohn January 8, 20178:00 pm

Welcome to the La La Land Awards.

Michael Schneider January 8, 20178:01 pm

This opening is not far from the truth. I finally gave up and parked in the nearby Beverly Hills neighborhood. Will my car still be there after? Stay tuned!

Kate Erbland January 8, 20178:02 pm


Dana Harris January 8, 20178:02 pm

OK, full props to that opening. The Oscars have something to answer to.

Liz Shannon Miller January 8, 20178:02 pm

I nearly choked on my water during the Barb bit.

Eric Kohn January 8, 20178:03 pm

More explicitly Busby Berkely references and homages to a dozen good films and shows makes this opening a hair better than “La La Land” itself. Sorry, fans.

Liz Shannon Miller January 8, 20178:04 pm

See it’s funny, because there are two men dancing like they’re in love, and that’s silly, because why would two men love each other like a man and a woman would?

Eric Kohn January 8, 20178:05 pm

Notably, “La La Land” is the only major contender this season you can satirize without seeming too crude.

David Ehrlich January 8, 20178:05 pm

and here i was thinking the opening video was going to be a hilarious MOONLIGHT parody.

Eric Kohn January 8, 20178:06 pm

See, Michael Bay, this is how you deal with a broken teleprompter.

Dana Harris January 8, 20178:06 pm

teleprompter is down, and… we’re back to the Golden Globes we all know and tolerate.

William Earl January 8, 20178:08 pm

So bold of Jimmy Fallon to start making fun of Trump.

Liz Shannon Miller January 8, 20178:11 pm

And with our first win comes our first exclamation of “WHAT???” from the press room.

Dana Harris January 8, 20178:11 pm


William Earl January 8, 20178:11 pm

“Nocturnal Animals” was better than all your favorites this year, everyone.

Kate Erbland January 8, 20178:11 pm


Anne Thompson January 8, 20178:12 pm

Now Aaron taylor-Johnson was unexpected. The HFPA always surprises.

David Ehrlich January 8, 20178:12 pm

NOCTURNAL ANIMALS… is that a movie?

Eric Kohn January 8, 20178:12 pm

A surprise nomination becomes a surprise upset, which doesn’t make it any more deserving…if there was ever an appropriate time for a Kanye moment…

Anne Thompson January 8, 20178:12 pm

Which is why Golden Globes are always unpredictable.

William Earl January 8, 20178:13 pm

Haters gonna hate

William Earl January 8, 20178:15 pm

That ‘Bad Santa 2’ halo certainly worked.

Dana Harris January 8, 20178:16 pm

Thank you, Billy Bob, for the shout-out to a P.A. Crew thanks are too rare.

Liz Shannon Miller January 8, 20178:20 pm

Is that Dick Clark Productions joke… allowed???

Michael Schneider January 8, 20178:21 pm

They weirdly announced Hugh Grant as “already a winner tonight” — did I miss something?

Anne Thompson January 8, 20178:21 pm

Hugh Grant knows how to get a laugh. Impeccable comic timing.

Michael Schneider January 8, 20178:21 pm

Gotta admit I liked that insider-y Dick Clark Productions joke

Eric Kohn January 8, 20178:22 pm

“Florence Foster Jenkins” is the kind of movie everybody wants to love but nobody actually defends.

Kate Erbland January 8, 20178:24 pm

I can say with deep confidence that at least one person I know and love — my mom — LOATHED FFJ.

Michael Schneider January 8, 20178:25 pm

Wow the crowd here erupted at Tracee Ellis Ross’ win; watched ABC boss Ben Sherwood and Blackish creator Kenya Barris hug and high five each other. This crowd approves of that surprise win!

Eric Kohn January 8, 20178:28 pm

Donald Glover keeps getting better.

Ben Travers January 8, 20178:29 pm

(For what it’s worth… “Veep” has never won a Golden Globe — not even Julia Louis-Dreyfus.)

David Ehrlich January 8, 20178:34 pm

Vince Vaughn *was* great as the ridge in Hacksaw Ridge.

Dana Harris January 8, 20178:35 pm

What happened to Vince Vaughn’s voice? The Chicago is gone.

Liz Shannon Miller January 8, 20178:35 pm

Two actresses are now presenting an award they’ll both be fighting for this time next year.

Anne Thompson January 8, 20178:38 pm

The People v. OJ winner train continues post-Emmys.

David Ehrlich January 8, 20178:38 pm

Very weird that Sarah Paulson didn’t thank Todd Haynes but ok

David Ehrlich January 8, 20178:40 pm

I liked the OJ show fine, and MADE IN AMERICA is sensational, but I am very ready to be done with OJ dominating every awards show.

Michael Schneider January 8, 20178:40 pm

The People v OJ Simpson producers told me how they expect to face some “post partum depression” when awards season is over and they no longer have the occasional reunion with the cast and celebration of the show

Liz Shannon Miller January 8, 20178:41 pm

Billy Bob Thornton, backstage: “the little woman and the little man aren’t recognized enough in the rise of a person’s career.”

Liz Shannon Miller January 8, 20178:41 pm

He is also now saying he is “the worst dancer perhaps in this room.”

Liz Shannon Miller January 8, 20178:44 pm

Tracee Ellis Ross on identifying with her character: “I’m not a doctor and I’m not a mom.”

Liz Shannon Miller January 8, 20178:45 pm

Julia Louis-Dreyfus might be legitimately the best.

Kate Erbland January 8, 20178:46 pm

Annette Bening looks GREAT. I love that dress.

Anne Thompson January 8, 20178:46 pm

Annette Bening is Hollywood royalty. Love seeing the admiration in her husband Warren Beatty’s eyes.

William Earl January 8, 20178:46 pm

20th Century Women is so underrated, somehow. Classic in the making.

Kate Erbland January 8, 20178:47 pm

People keep asking me about it — and can so rarely remember its title! — and I can’t stop recommending it.

Michael Schneider January 8, 20178:48 pm

Witnessed a cool exchange just now in the hallway between Denzel Washington and Riz Ahmed

Kate Erbland January 8, 20178:49 pm

Pals? Are they pals now??

Anne Thompson January 8, 20178:50 pm

Hugh Laurie also has Brit-perfect comic timing. Glad he thanked his Emmy-winning director Susanne Bier.

Anne Thompson January 8, 20178:50 pm

A lot of women in gold tonight.

Ben Travers January 8, 20178:51 pm

If someone had to beat Sterling K. Brown, glad it’s Hugh Laurie. For all his nominations, it still feels like he’s not getting enough credit for “The Night Manager.” Lots of extreme close-ups from director Susanne Bier played perfectly into his subtle, expressive turn.

David Ehrlich January 8, 20178:52 pm

Let the LA LA LAND parade begin!

David Ehrlich January 8, 20178:54 pm

Let the LA LA LAND parade continue!

Eric Kohn January 8, 20178:56 pm

“City of Stars” decimated its competition with hummability.

Kate Erbland January 8, 20178:56 pm

I feel like Sting is a La La Land fan.

Anne Thompson January 8, 20178:58 pm

Two down for “La La Land,”as hummable “City of Stars” wins best original song with Broadway lyricistsBenj Pasek & Justin Paul joining composer Justin Hurwitz.

William Earl January 8, 20178:59 pm

How was ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ not named ‘For the Love of Dog?’

Eric Kohn January 8, 20179:00 pm

Hate to say it but John Legend was the weakest link in “La La Land.”

Michael Schneider January 8, 20179:01 pm

It is so loud in the ballroom as the audience gets increasingly rowdy; always surprised that it doesn’t impact the on-air broadcast

Anne Thompson January 8, 20179:01 pm

Two down for “La La Land,” as hummable “City of Stars” wins best original song with Broadway lyricists Benj Pasek & Justin Paul joining composer Justin Hurwitz.

Dana Harris January 8, 20179:02 pm

Hidden Fences, AGAIN.

Michael Schneider January 8, 20179:02 pm

By the way also saw Denzel stop and say hello to a security guard — classy!

William Earl January 8, 20179:02 pm

Did he just say ‘Hidden Fences’ again?

David Ehrlich January 8, 20179:03 pm

Hidden Fences is not a good look, people.

Eric Kohn January 8, 20179:03 pm

Good thing Keaton’s not really campaigning this year.

Michael Schneider January 8, 20179:03 pm

Ha bless you Viola, love when talent call out the amount of campaigning that goes into winning

Anne Thompson January 8, 20179:05 pm

Viola Davis knows how to give an acceptance speech. She’s going to give a humdinger on Oscar night.

David Ehrlich January 8, 20179:06 pm

CAROL screenwriter Phyllis Nagy says Michael Keaton was joking about “Hidden Fences,” and I’m tempted to believe anything CAROL screenwriter Phyllis Nagy tells me.

Kate Erbland January 8, 20179:07 pm

I will accept zero joking about Hidden Figures, though, even from Keaton.

Eric Kohn January 8, 20179:08 pm

Keaton’s only funny when he makes fun of himself.

Kate Erbland January 8, 20179:10 pm

Sunny is SO CUTE, I cannot stand it.

William Earl January 8, 20179:11 pm

Sunny Pawar just stole the show and melted my heart.

Anne Thompson January 8, 20179:11 pm

Lion Patel/Pawar moment is over the top on the cute meter.

Liz Shannon Miller January 8, 20179:12 pm

Aaron Taylor-Johnson confirms that he is in fact wearing a Tom Ford tux.

David Ehrlich January 8, 20179:12 pm

Sunny Pawar for President.

William Earl January 8, 20179:14 pm

Goldie! Kurt Russell looking grizzled in the crowd!

Liz Shannon Miller January 8, 20179:15 pm

Backstage, they just turned on the audio for Gosling’s acceptance speech so that Aaron Taylor-Johnson could watch it with us.

Liz Shannon Miller January 8, 20179:16 pm

He’s very happy for Gosling’s win.

David Ehrlich January 8, 20179:16 pm

i saw all of our lives flash before my eyes during the epic pause between the words “Ryan” and “Gosling.”

Liz Shannon Miller January 8, 20179:17 pm

You’d better believe Justin Hurwitz is double-fisting his Globes on stage.

Michael Schneider January 8, 20179:20 pm

Overheard, about Ryan Gosling’s emotional acceptance speech: “That was an Oscar speech!”

David Ehrlich January 8, 20179:22 pm

Wow, LA LA LAND not making *any* room for anything else. Thought MANCHESTER was going to take it so Kenny Lonergan could finally bring some charisma to the stage.

Kate Erbland January 8, 20179:26 pm

I am enjoying this weirdness.

Anne Thompson January 8, 20179:28 pm

Ryan Gosling is rocking his white tux and gives a grateful, humble speech, thanking the mother of his kids for supporting him while he had “one of the best experiences I ever had on a film.”

Eric Kohn January 8, 20179:29 pm

Who would’ve suspected the most topical movie of this awards season would be ZOOTOPIA?

Kate Erbland January 8, 20179:29 pm

Everyone please weigh in on how many tissues they go through during this segment. I am already on number three.

Eric Kohn January 8, 20179:30 pm

Solid Fisher/Reynolds tribute; for more, see BRIGHT LIGHTS.

Michael Schneider January 8, 20179:31 pm

Unfortunately that Carrie Fisher/Debbie Reynolds tribute felt a bit rushed and tacked on so there wasn’t much reaction in the room

Michael Schneider January 8, 20179:35 pm

The crowd is so loud in here now it’s hard to gauge the reaction to Casey Affleck

Kate Erbland January 8, 20179:36 pm


Eric Kohn January 8, 20179:39 pm

It’s not a question of whether Verhoeven deserved to win this category so much as that Verhoeven deserves to win more stuff in general.

Anne Thompson January 8, 20179:39 pm

How does Paul Verhoeven feel about Isabelle Huppert? I thought Elle might beat Toni Erdmann with this group. It suggests the HFPA may not have given Huppert Best Actress.

Liz Shannon Miller January 8, 20179:40 pm

I feel like we might have located the only 90 people who watched “The Night Manager.” (Which is great!)

William Earl January 8, 20179:40 pm

Taylor Swift definitely just turned this show off.

Anne Thompson January 8, 20179:40 pm

Tom Hiddleston’s win for Night Manager reminds that the HFPA often vote for the star they most want to see on the stage.

David Ehrlich January 8, 20179:40 pm

The Night Manager would have been better as a movie!

Michael Schneider January 8, 20179:40 pm

A few interesting facts about the cold open, from NBC:

27 of the 30 dancers from the opening scene in “La La Land” were in the cold open video.
The video included appearances by Justin Timberlake, Ryan Reynolds, Tina Fey, Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams, John Travolta, Kit Harington, Rami Malek, Evan Rachel Wood, Sarah Paulson, Sterling K. Brown, Courtney B. Vance and kids from the “Stranger Things” cast.
The cold open video was written and directed by Dan Opsal, an Emmy and WGA-nominated writer for “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” Opsal was also a writer for “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”
— Kit Harington’s cameo was directed by Opsal via Skype. Harington was in England.
William Earl January 8, 20179:44 pm

Great ‘Beauty and the Beast’ TV spot with Emma Watson singing — she sounds fantastic.

Michael Schneider January 8, 20179:46 pm

I spy HBO’s Richard Plepler and JJ Abrams conversing. Westworld season 2 spoilers?

David Ehrlich January 8, 20179:49 pm

this Deadpool nonsense was all worth it to hear Jake Gyllenhaal say “accelerated healing powers” on live TV

Kate Erbland January 8, 20179:49 pm

…Katrina Ball?

Eric Kohn January 8, 20179:50 pm

Beards are the last bastion of machismo in an increasingly less macho landscape.

David Ehrlich January 8, 20179:51 pm

THE CROWN is so, so, so good. Very well deserved award for Claire Foy.

Kate Erbland January 8, 20179:52 pm

When can Claire Foy and Sarah Paulson make something — ANYTHING! — together?

Anne Thompson January 8, 20179:53 pm

Fill out your Emmy predictions for Globe-winning Netflix series “The Crown” written by Peter Morgan and starring Globe winner Claire Foy.

William Earl January 8, 20179:54 pm

I’m really surprised by all the “Crown” love. It’s so old-fashioned and a snooze, especially in a year that gave us “Jackie” and “Neruda.”

Anne Thompson January 8, 20179:54 pm

And as they play off film director Stephen Daldry, the night does seem to be dominated by the Brits.

Michael Schneider January 8, 20179:54 pm

This crowd erupted when Stranger Things was announced. Polite applause for “The Crown.”

David Ehrlich January 8, 20179:56 pm

THE CROWN!! Easily the best new hour-long show of the year (but I’ll defer to our TV critics on this)

William Earl January 8, 20179:57 pm

I’m really surprised by all the “Crown” love. It’s so old-fashioned and a snooze, especially in a year that gave us bold views of history like “Jackie” and “Neruda.”

Anne Thompson January 8, 20179:59 pm

Backstage “Elle” director Paul Verhoeven says the U.S. president is “scary,” because it “could easily go in directions that ultimately will end in war and destruction. I am scared of this presidency.”

David Ehrlich January 8, 201710:02 pm

Phew, we almost went an entire awards show without stopping to honor Meryl Streep.

Eric Kohn January 8, 201710:03 pm

As Streep said years ago, “Not HER again!”

Anne Thompson January 8, 201710:03 pm

Backstage Tom Hiddleston says he owes Variety’s Jenelle Riley $20 on a bet about winning drama limited series at Globes.

William Earl January 8, 201710:06 pm

At least they paid tribute to her best two films: “Death Becomes Her” and “The River Wild.”

Liz Shannon Miller January 8, 201710:08 pm

“Cate Blanchett wears the bad boy pants this time around.” — Tom Hiddleston, backstage, out of context.

William Earl January 8, 201710:12 pm

Love Meryl going after Trump.

Michael Schneider January 8, 201710:14 pm

Meryl Streep, American hero, brings tears to the room and a standing ovation

Anne Thompson January 8, 201710:15 pm

Lots of politics here and Meryl Streep is kicking ass, defending vilified groups foreigners, Hollywood and the press. “Hollywood is crawling with foreigners,” she said. “Take them all out and you’ll end up watching Monday Night football and mixed martial arts, which are not the arts.” She concluded, “we’re going to need journalists going forward.” (And Mel has shaved his beard.)

Eric Kohn January 8, 201710:16 pm

Streep’s speech wins the night. Both a call to action and a celebration of the talent in the room.

David Ehrlich January 8, 201710:17 pm

I had such DOUBT, but Streep just saved the night.

Liz Shannon Miller January 8, 201710:18 pm

I didn’t get to hear Meryl’s speech because backstage Tom Hiddleston was telling us a story about Carrie Fisher’s dog. I’m pretty cool with this.

Liz Shannon Miller January 8, 201710:19 pm

(Because of course I will watch it later.)

Anne Thompson January 8, 201710:22 pm

Full “La La Land” sweep seems to be happening. Chazelle’s second win of the night.

William Earl January 8, 201710:30 pm

All the Donald Glover love tonight is very well-deserved.

Anne Thompson January 8, 201710:33 pm

Sweep sweep sweep

Liz Shannon Miller January 8, 201710:44 pm

I will say that it makes me happy to know that “La La Land” winning so much will make my mom happy.

Eric Kohn January 8, 201710:45 pm

Nice to see producer Fred Berger lead the “La La Land” acceptance speeches. This is the same person who brought us “The Autopsy of Jane Doe” last year. Talk about range!

Anne Thompson January 8, 201710:50 pm

They’re rushing.

Dana Harris January 8, 201710:51 pm

The blonding of Brie Larson is now complete. I think this happens to every hot actress.

Liz Shannon Miller January 8, 201710:52 pm

I like that Emma Stone went the opposite direction.

Liz Shannon Miller January 8, 201710:52 pm

So is Manchester a shoo-in now?

David Ehrlich January 8, 201710:52 pm

Liz, I think Affleck is a shoo-in, yeah.

Eric Kohn January 8, 201710:53 pm

Affleck was a shoo-in the moment that movie premiered at Sundance. Tougher odds in all its other categories.

Anne Thompson January 8, 201710:58 pm

Seven Globe wins for “LA La Land” is a record.

Anne Thompson January 8, 201710:58 pm

Huge whoa sound in press room when Huppert wins.

Eric Kohn January 8, 201710:58 pm

No awards night is complete without a reason to thank Sony Pictures Classics’ Michael Barker and Tom Bernard.

William Earl January 8, 201710:58 pm

Wow shocker. Huppert is fantastic, but Portman in ‘Jackie’ was a G.O.A.T. performance.

David Ehrlich January 8, 201710:58 pm


Anne Thompson January 8, 201710:59 pm

And Sony Pictures Classics chief Michael Barker is jubilant.

David Ehrlich January 8, 201711:00 pm

They just chased off Isabelle Huppert to talk about ROCKY. This is a new low for our species.

Dana Harris January 8, 201711:01 pm

This is an odd duo to close with, yes?

Kate Erbland January 8, 201711:01 pm

But why can’t I watch Isabelle Huppert and Carl Weathers on stage at the same time?

Kate Erbland January 8, 201711:01 pm


William Earl January 8, 201711:02 pm


Dana Harris January 8, 201711:02 pm


Eric Kohn January 8, 201711:02 pm

Erase all your tweets about how MOONLIGHT got shafted tonight.

David Ehrlich January 8, 201711:02 pm

okay, so the show ended *real* strong.

Liz Shannon Miller January 8, 201711:04 pm

Wonderful that “Moonlight” got the win, but did Tarell Alvin McCraney get a mention?

Dana Harris January 8, 201711:04 pm

By the producer, yes.

Liz Shannon Miller January 8, 201711:05 pm

Yay! In disappointing news, Meryl Streep has lost her voice, so she will not be joining us backstage.

William Earl January 8, 201711:10 pm

So it looks like the night is done. We had some fun, laughs and watched Jimmy Fallon rap.

Liz Shannon Miller January 8, 201711:11 pm

We’re still waiting on a few more winners here at the Hilton, but yeah, show’s over! Sleep well, friends. Remember that Hollywood is a place where dreams come true.

David Ehrlich January 8, 201711:27 pm

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but we need *more* Meryl Streep at award shows?

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