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‘Catfight’ Trailer: Watch Sandra Oh and Anne Heche Beat the Sh*t Out of Each Other

Oh and Heche breathe fire and fierceness in the new trailer for Onur Tukel's satire, in theaters March 3.

Sandra Oh Anne Heche Catfight


When a trailer opens with Sandra Oh saying, “Whatever, Jesus drank wine,” it’s a good sign. But the wink to “Sideways” fans quickly gives way to something closer to a Todd Solondz movie as the bizarre world of “Catfight,” comes into focus.

Oh and Heche play contentious former classmates in Onur Tukel’s bizarre surrealist satire. At the film’s start, Veronica (Oh) lives in the lap of luxury with her war profiteer husband and artistic son. Ashley (Heche) is a struggling artist, who relies on her partner (Alicia Silverstone) and a dead end catering gig to make ends meet. When Veronica sees Ashley behind the bar at a party her husband is throwing, she hardly looks up from her phone long enough to remark, “Jesus, you look like someone I went to college with.”

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The trailer cuts to the first of three vicious fight scenes that give the movie its cheeky title. The two exchange brutal blows in a stairwell, landing Veronica in the hospital. When she wakes up, she learns she has been in a coma for two years, and the entire world has changed. She has no money, and Ashley has become a famous artist. When the two meet again, the clash is just as vicious.

In his review of the film out of TIFF, IndieWire critic Eric Kohn said the movie “blends the sublime and absurd with the concise lunacy of a Kurt Vonnegut novel.” With that endorsement, and this rip-roaring trailer, Sony’s March 3 release date can’t arrive soon enough.

Check out the trailer:

“Catfight” premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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