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David Cross Calls for Oscars Boycott ‘To Drive Trump Crazy’

"Just don't show up...It will have a HUGE impact," tweets the "W/ Bob & David" actor.

David Cross


Many people in the entertainment industry are up in arms about President Donald Trump’s new executive order to close the nation’s border to refugees around the world and temporarily suspend immigration from seven predominately Muslim countries. “The Salesman” Iranian actress Taraneh Alidoosti, whose movie is nominated for an Oscar in the Best Foreign Language Film category, is boycotting the ceremony in protest of the Muslim travel ban and now comedian and actor David Cross is also calling for a “full and complete boycott of the Oscars this year.”

“No one show up. Put your money where your mouth is Hollywood,” he tweeted Saturday morning. “I’m serious (regarding now-banned Iranian filmmaker). Everyone who’s tweeted, ‘Take a stand against Trump!’ NOW IS YOUR CHANCE. Do it.”

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“It would drive Trump crazy and it’s all anymore would talk about four decades. Think of the utter humiliation. The repudiation of all of Hollywood,” he added.

The “Arrested Development” actor continued by stating that a protest speech wouldn’t change a thing and that an Academy Awards boycott is “the only way to be effective.” When a Twitter user questioned his protest, Cross clarified that he’s not calling to cancel the awards show but boycott. “Just don’t show up. That is what I’m saying. [It] will have a HUGE impact.”

The idea may be farfetched, and his motives may only be to infuriate Trump, yet for Alidoosti boycotting the Oscars is her way of expressing how she thinks that “Trump’s visa ban for Iranians is racist,” and she’s most likely not the only one who thinks that. 

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Who cares if u rich people boycott the Oscar’s go ahead no will care


    We have more important things to be concerned about.


Better idea. Everyone vote for “The Salesman” as a protest vote!


Something actually realistic is when Ca. goes solo….that will be a true impact and Trump will poop
his Pamper.


Who cares….mosts libs dont even have cable. Duh


Hahaha so dumb…..


Who cares if you boycott your own awards show I have better things to do than waste my evening with liberal crybabies.


The definition of boycott is “withdraw from commercial or social relations with (a country, organization, or person) as a punishment or protest.” So, is he really suggesting that the Academy be punished for Trump’s actions. Trump and his supporters don’t care about Hollywood the last time I checked. While, that doesn’t mean that Hollywood shouldn’t do anything, I don’t think punishing the Academy will achieve anything. They aren’t the problem here.


If people boycott the Academay Awards Trump will be happy. I know I will. I have watched the Academy Awards every year since I was 10 years old and I am 70. I will not be watching because of the mean spirited liberal celebrities who think the other half of the country are idiots.


Oh Please DO boycott. No one will care and you won’t have a platform for your out of touch, elitist bloviating which is nauseating, frankly.

    America First

    Hahaha the libs think that boycotting Academy Awards will disappoint Trump? Wow, goes to show how much you cry babies really know about U.S history, world history or current events. He will be ELATED and so will I! Let all the non-vetted (may want to check your Webster’s just in case) illegal immigrants, refugees, and terrorists
    come in by the 100,000’s and live amongst you and the rich and famous of Hollywood without their high fences, body guards or heaven forbid a gun! Better yet, those who are so miserable of having such a privilege to be an American citizen of the greatest country in the world, should go live among the ones Trump is trying to keep out in order to protect you, me, our children, families and our democracy! It has nothing to do with racism. The only ones who are trying to make this into a race issue are the violent hypocracies of the left.


I won’t be watching the oscars this year anyway. Watching highly over paid actors/actresses turn the Oscars into a left winged political circus is beyond self serving and ridiculous. I’ve had enough. I will no longer pay the price of a ticket to sit in a darken theater while the industry or the actors/actresses make a shit load of money to do this. I don’t want to watch the celebrity culture go after our newly elected president. I don’t find that inspiring especially when our nation is sadly divided. I am no longer inspired by the Hollywood actor any more. Watching the Oscars used to be an escape from the routine…now I don’t care who wins. I have better things to do with my hard earned money and my valuable time than watching the celebrities behaving like spoiled and entitled brats. They are not political experts…they just act like they are.


Wonderful idea! Boycott the Oscars. I know I will. I won’t even watch. I also did not watch SAG Awards.

Rainbow Horse

Where was Taraneh Alidoosti’s outrage when Obama signed a 6 month ban on Iran? Did she boycott that year? Never heard anything then. Why would Trump care about the Oscars?


I love it!!! this guy actually thinks anyone will care…. douch

Reality On Hold

WOW. This just proves how detached “hollyweird” truly is. WHY in the world would President Trump care???? LOL!! What a moron! I hope people listen to this idiot; I stopped watching these “cult rituals” years ago.


What makes you think anyone will care. Hiw many refugees are you taking in……oh care so much!


Please! All you over-rated crybabies who call yourselves actors and actresses and say “NOt my President” – please move to another country where you will be appreciated as the intellectuals that you believe yourselves to be. (SNORT!)


LOL! So Trump and all his supporters are not going to watch the show anyhow. They are all ready boycotting the show. How is this boycott going to hurt him??

An adult

The Oscars are for Hollywood only. Most of the world does not care about the awards show. Adults have more significant things to think about.

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