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’60 Days In’ Exclusive Clip: Season 3 Takes Viewers to Atlanta’s Fulton County Jail

Season 3 of the A&E docu-series premieres March 2.

60 Days In, A&E

Season 3 of “60 Days In” moves from Indiana to Atlanta’s Fulton County Jail. The A&E docu-series follows innocent participants who are sent to jail for 60 days and treated like any other inmates in order to get a sense of what life is like inside a correctional facility. Meanwhile, fellow inmates, jail staff and officers do not know that these are undercover participants who are there just as part of the series and not for a real crime.

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The new season features nine undercover participants, including a special education teacher, a man who wants to help fight discrimination against African Americans and a former corrections officer who will now get to see what it’s like when the roles are reversed. A woman who met her husband while he was in jail and now hopes to understand his behavior and a Marine with law-enforcement aspirations are also taking part in this season. In the clip below, inmates demonstrate how they smuggle drugs buy the prison guards.

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Season 3 of “60 Days In” premieres March 2 on A&E. Watch an exclusive clip from Season 3 below.

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Concerned citizen

Yes i have a complaint against one of the senior officers at the FULTON COUNTY JAIL a Seargent Moore he has ordered all water off in the 600 dorm for today i think this is inhumane for inmates to be locked in a cell without running water and or any drinking water..I received word that Sgt Moore ordered them to be locked in the rooms since 3 pm on Saturday March 11th until tonight it is now March 12th on Sunday at 8 pm..He also states he will not allow any of the inmates to order commissary for 30 days instead of punishing the individual that was disorderly i think these are the worst conditions a person could be under worst than the treatment of a animal..No one should have to be locked up for a 24 hour period and not at least allowed out to shower ,eat and or stretch themselves..This facility should be shut down it is ran by some of the most horrible individuals i have ever come into contact with..I think there needs to be an investigation into these deplurable conditions at the jail hell they are already locked up no need to treat them like animals..I think this senior officer should be stripped of his duties at the RICE ST FULTON COUNTY JAIL IMMEDIATELY PENDING AN INVESTIGATION ,AND GET SOMEONE IN THERE THAT WILL RESPECT THE INMATES HUMAN RIGHTS..No running water as a form of some kind of punishment is once again inhumane when you are locked in a room with feces floating around in a toilet..Will someone out here please look into this matter ASAP i will continue to reach out to the NEWS MEDIA,THE MAYORS OFFICE,INTERNAL AFFAIRS AS WELL UNTIL ACTION IS TAKEN..THANK YOU SIGNED A CONCERNED CITIZEN

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