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Independent Movie Theatres Nationwide Will Screen ‘1984’ to Protest Donald Trump

Alamo Drafthouse, IFC Center and the Film Society of Lincoln Center are among the participants.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

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A group of independent movie theaters, including Alamo Drafthouse, IFC Center and the Film Society of Lincoln Center, has come together to protest President Donald Trump, specifically taking aim at his alleged proposed cuts on cultural programs, including the entire elimination of the National Endowment for the Arts.

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On April 4, 90 participating theaters throughout the United States and one in Canada will screen the film “1984,” based on the 1949 novel by George Orwell. The story centers around Winston Smith, a member of the Outer Party. Winston works in the Records Department in the Ministry of Truth; his job is to rewrite and distort history. As a way to rebel and escape Big Brother’s tyranny, at least in his own mind, he begins a diary, which is an act punishable by death. The group of movie theaters chose April 4 to screen this film because that is the date in which Winston starts writing on his diary.

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“Orwell’s novel begins with the sentence, ‘It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen,’” reads a joint statement on behalf of all participating theaters. “Less than one month into the new presidential administration, theater owners collectively believe the clock is already striking thirteen. Orwell’s portrait of a government that manufactures their own facts, demands total obedience, and demonizes foreign enemies, has never been timelier.”

They add, “The endeavor encourages theaters to take a stand for our most basic values: freedom of speech, respect for our fellow human beings, and the simple truth that there are no such things as ‘alternative facts.’ By doing what they do best – showing a movie – the goal is that cinemas can initiate a much-needed community conversation at a time when the existence of facts, and basic human rights are under attack. Through nationwide participation and strength in numbers, these screenings are intended to galvanize people at the crossroads of cinema and community, and bring us together to foster communication and resistance against current efforts to undermine the most basic tenets of our society.”

A full list of participating theaters can be found here. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to local charities and organizations.

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Anthony Kreinbrink

Please make 1984 a double bill with IDIOCRACY!


This is beyond stupid, there is no parallel here, as the mere fact that these cinemas are allowed to do this is the antithesis of the state controlled media in 1984. Smart business decision though to take advantage of ignorant people who are willing to pay to see this and think they are enlightened by what they are told to believe. Their perception Has become very close to that of Stockholm Syndrome. The regressive left has become so disinterested in objectivity, they are now supporting corporate sponsored propaganda. It’s just as bad, if not worse than any state sponsored media.


    This is democracy.


    FAKE NEWS!!!


    Idiocracy would be better. Last November ignorant hillbilly trash in the US helped elected a real-life President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

    Connie Jennings

    BB is proud of you, as is minitru.


    independent theaters screening a film as way to protest trump’s desire to eliminate the n.e.a.? that’s what you consider corporate propoganda? seriously? in that sentence, the ONLY noun which could be successfully described as ‘corporate’ is trump. he embodies corporate ‘values’. even though it’s an oxymoron.

    and they aren’t claiming there currently is state controlled media. they’re worried that trump will pave the way for state controlled media, again because of his desire to eliminate the n.e.a.


    LOL, LOOK at the Trumpettes trying to pretend that trump is nothing like the book…….We have your number , Trumpies, we know EXACTLY what you are! Racist, bigoted, women hating pigs.


    Well, judging from the number of trumpettes here, wonder if they will look for any of those Great jobs Trump swearing he is going to create……cause they sure have a lot of time to waste on their hands now.


    Thank GOD for President Donald Trump – welcome to “la la land “the liberal lefties blindly following the fake News looking for their safe spaces – i hope this comment doesn’t offend them too much


people, we’re already experiencing Brave New World, not 1984 – sheeeesh


Would be nice to know which version of “1984,” the two existing or the yet-to-be released Greengrass project?


Wait… so they’re using this movie to protest Trump? This is better fit for Obama, Bush and Clinton…


    Exactly. The media and all the liberals (mainstream media brainwashed cult members) said nothing while the Obama administration ushered in the 1984 society we are already living in today.


    Trump will further the erosion of rights started by his predecessors.

    When the shackles are put on and tightened gradually, most people won’t feel their effects until it’s too late.

David Cole

But 1984 is about mass-surveillance and government controlled media, two things trump is against.


The irony here is that – as it relates to the story of 1984 – These theaters would be run by The Ministry of Truth, Donald Trump would be the “enemy image” Goldstein, and the audience members spewing hatred toward the screen would be devotees of Big Brother. Double plus good doublethink going on here.


This is completely stupid. Like the left. Use a book you never read because you can’t stop screeching about God Emperor Trump because you are sore losers. Keep this up. Your meltdown in ANOTHER four years will be glorious.


You know, I gotta say, they could have picked a better movie. Even if you ignore all the arguments over validity and relevance and the righteousness of theatres doing this, the fact of the matter is that 1984 just ain’t a great film.


Dumb move…This 1984 movie may backfire and wake up the brainwashed leftist idiots.

Jameson Brown

And perhaps this as a opener/short: “Don’t Be a Sucker” 1947


“The endeavor encourages theaters to take a stand for our most basic values: freedom of speech …”

Meanwhile liberally whipped colleges are encouraging SJW’s to report anyone who says something that they find offensive even if it’s not said directly to them, and said offender will be suspended from school.

These people’s hypocrisy is beyond measurable.

Bob Abui

Alternative facts that happily gobbled up by blind sheep? Yes, this movie is timely


Oh how the irony is lost on the Left

    Transgender Alien

    Massively lost.

    Want to see real Orwellian speech codes? Go to any left wing, college campus in the US.

Nicolas Martin

Independent my rear. Many of them have a vested interested as they get taxpayer dollars.

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