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It’s Official: Trump Wants to Kill PBS and the National Endowment for the Arts

The programs on the chopping block amount to 0.0625% of the budget.

Confirming what many have feared for months, the White House budget office has included both the National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting on a drafted list of programs to be put on the chopping block by the Trump administration.

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A report in the New York Times notes that the list has yet to be finalized and could still change. It also calculates the total financial impact of defunding such programs as AmeriCorps and the Legal Services Corporation: $2.5 billion, or 0.0625% of a projected $4 trillion budget. “It’s sad in a way because those programs aren’t causing the deficit,” Steve Bell, formerly a staff director of the Senate Budget Committee and now part of the Bipartisan Policy Center, told the Times. “These programs don’t amount to a hill of beans.”

“The public wants to see agencies like the N.E.A. continue,” said Robert L. Lynch, head of the nonprofit group Americans for the Arts. “There is always a debate, but there has been agreement among Republicans and Democrats that funding for the arts is a good thing, and it has been kept in place.”

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The move is no doubt motivated the by Republicans’ well-known fiscal conservatism: Trump’s three consecutive weekend visits to Mar-a-Lago are a steal at just $10 million in taxpayer dollars, for instance, and the First Lady’s decision to live in Trump Tower rather than the White House is only estimated to cost twice the NEA’s budget per year.

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Jack Fis



    Good. The government has no business funding a media outlet. Especially liberal trash like PBS


      The uneducated, unintellectual, imbeciles like you are truly destroying this country. PBS provides the only true education on TV and you want to destroy it because your hapless low IQ mind can’t handle science, literature and the arts. There are only two demographics in the republican party: the very rich (not you) and the very stupid (you).


To give everyone an idea these are just some of the films that were funded or partially funded due to the National Endowment for the Arts:

– Girlfriends (1978) – dir. by Claudia Weill

– The Thin Blue Line (1988) – dir. by Errol Moriss

– Sherman’s March (1985) – dir. by Ross McElwee

– Crossroads (1976) – dir. by Bruce Conner

– Paris is Burning (1990) – dir. by Jennie Livingston

– Chicken Ranch (1983) – dir. by Nick Broomfield and Sandi Sissel

So yeah. This is horrible. And that’s outside the countless artists in television, radio, interactive and mobile technologies, video games, transmedia storytelling, as well as media-related printed books, catalogues, and journals….

    Nancy McGillen

    2 plus billion dollars is not a drop in the bucket. Why not let the Hollywood community of actors support their profession. Instead of putting it on the back of hard working middle income taxpayers. It is not a necessity of life to spend 2 billion dollars on the crap they produce. Make it voluntary instead of forcing people to support this entitlement rip off. Stop comparing want the First Lady needs are remember President drop only takes $1 a year on a wage.

      Charlie Mitchell

      You need to read more carefully. The 2 billion dollars is not for the arts – the NEA is being lumped into other cuts – a lending back for example. The arts gets about 145 million dollars. That’s a pittance. It was funded more in the late 1970s, more if you count inflation. It gives money to arts programs that include children, seniors, and soldiers. And money must be matched by the arts organizations. Hollywood has nothing to do with it. Trump may only be getting a dollar a year but he is making plenty of money by using his position to boost his properties and investments.

      If you want to stop entitlements, then cut off unneeded tax breaks for corporations.


      Wow this comment is a shining example of the bizarre insanity half this country is in.


      Nancy 2 billion is absolutely a drop in the bucket. It actually says above ‘0.0625%’ of the budget


      You are silly as fuck if you think them cutting this program is going to effect you OR the amount of taxes you pay. IN FACT, you are going to pay more taxes, Trump isn’t looking to give tax breaks to people making anything less than $500,000 a year. The huddled masses decline in intelligence as the powers that be fuel their intentions with rhetoric.


      All those who say that this is on the backs of the middle class, need to address the tax evasion of Trump and the other 1% who do not pay their fair share. They are on the backs of the rest of us. A nation without support of the arts is a third world. We don’t want that. Make those who should pay their tax bills.Don’t destroy all that is beautiful here.


    I’m really starting to feel like all of the commenters under my post haven’t seen any of the movies I listed.


Go Trimp!

    The Donald

    If anyone watched pbs, they could charge for advertising

      William Fouts

      They suck for idiots and we know there are lots of those cause you know, Trump


      Repulicans want pbs to put ads in kids programming? Fine, 100% ads in your kids educational programming from Planned Panethood and Grinder. Happy?


      PBS has been carrying paid advertising for decades. Thanks for bringing your informed point of view to the discussion.


If these shows are so great and people really want them to stay ,maybe they can do like the rest of the shows and get some advertising dollars. If they suck they will go away.


    Right, Todd. Which is why television is filled with THOUSANDS of great shows.


    Todd is so stupid he loves to sit and watch adds all day instead watching what he wants to watch.

dave f

I used to love NPR ! now all I hear everytime I turn it on is either lgbt or trump bashing . I could care less about who is sleeping with whom nor am I a trump supporter . he is our president and it is our duty as a nation to accept it .
somewhere along the way NPR has lost its way and turned into a leftwing propaganda network.
I for one will miss them for what they used to be , but what they have become will probably become their damnation. so sad

    Wanda Teal

    Get rid of PBS


      First of all PBS is one of the only stations that is safe for kids. They also offer excellent documentaries. Trump needs to put his energy into being a POTUS and stop wasting money or using your job title to promote family business during conferences that are meant for IMPORTANT informational or security successes/failures.


        So Wanda thinks Masterpiece Theater, Nova, Nature, Antiques Roadshow, Nightly Business Report and Austin City Limits are wastes of money? The funding is less than one percent of the budget. Wanda doesn’t want PBS to survive because to watch its programs requires critical thinking and an open mind.


        Pretty amusing to listen to a bunch of people who flog left-wing degeneracy in their daily lives now crying that PBS is a ‘safe space for children’. Here’s a protip; the people you’ve been voting for have turned our society into a chaotic left wing craphole of empowered degenerates. Our country isn’t a safe space for kids anymore because of your beliefs. If the last safe space for kids in America is through a fantasy medium on TV, then let it all burn. We’ve failed.


          “the people you’ve been voting for have turned our society into a chaotic left wing craphole of empowered degenerates. Our country isn’t a safe space for kids anymore because of your beliefs.”

          Utterly laughable coming from a supporter of a party who mindlessly elects a president who advocates grabbing women “by the pussy,” has been repeatedly accused of sexual harassment, and who has televised comments such as talking to a woman about “dropping to your knees.” Right wing values, truly something to aspire to!


          The uneducated, unintellectual, imbeciles like you are truly destroying this country. PBS provides the only true education on TV and you want to destroy it because your hapless low IQ mind can’t handle science, literature and the arts. There are only two demographics in the republican party: the very rich (not you) and the very stupid (you).


    It is never the duty of a citizen to support the president. We should respect the power of his or her office, but it is the president’s job to earn the respect of the people through decorum and ability. The Right didn’t have to support Obama and they never once did give him an ounce of support. Now that Trump is in control, there is no need to support any of his cuts. The man has shown no respect for anyone and it isn’t our job to respect him. The fact you would roll over for a man suspect of colluding with our enemies speaks to you being anti-American.


      You’re a complete idiot get rid of npr and to hell with those who don’t like it let them fund it we didn’t like what Obama was doing for 8 years (which was much of nothing)




        So how is getting rid of npr and the endowment for the arts going to help you in the next 4 then? It will not. But it helps countless others. By the way historians (and well Educated people) say otherwise. Not only averting an absolute catastrophe from the right war mongering predecessor of a president he accomplished quite a few things. So go back to your selfish make America like before ( racist bigoted and selfish ) again. Most Americans do want change in America where everyone is included in an advancing world. Do yourself a favor and educate yourself. The tools are given to you by the very things you attack.

    David Fields

    You must be listening to a different NPR than me. Are you being honest with yourself?


The headline says “it’s official” and the article says it is just a draft of a list that someone got a copy of. Once again a fake news story.


    Maybe some reading comprehension would do you some good. The headline does say it’s official… However, it states that Trump WANTS to kill these programs. Not that the list is officially done.

    Drew Muehle

    It’s official that he wants to take away funding. That is the news. There is nothing fake about it.


    I supposed a draft proposal for a tax rate increase would be treated as “official fake news” too, eh.


It’s not within the enumerated powers of the federal govt., under the Constitution, to provide largess to one industry or group above another. That would extend to the oil industry, farming, or just about any other.


Some of these comments. There are some real dummies in this country. Your President have you clowns brainwashed. WOW


Programs like Sesame Street and the Sprout channel have and will provide countless children with educational learning opportunities. Tell me that none of you grew up on Electric Company or Big Bird?

    The Donald

    They will have to get jobs with real networks. 2.8 Bil is needed for the wall

      Be Real

      You are not the real Donald Trump. The real Donald Trump said Mexico is paying for the wall.


    Just make your toddler watch Fox News! It’s the only real thing left on TV! Big Bird lies!!!


Thank God, PLEASE take away taxpayer funding from PBS. We do not need to be forced to fund a political affiliate we do not agree with. I do not want to fund such a left wing organization.


    Yeah, because Sesame Street is SOOOO left wing. Give me a break. We all pay taxes. Not just you conservatives. I don’t agree with almost anything the Republican congress does so my tax dollars shouldn’t go to pay them…See how stupid that sounds, yet that is what you are saying.

      Wanda Teal

      You pay for it if you want it ,not my tax payer dollars.GI’ve me a break


        I tell you why we are all paying for you narrow minded thinking because of the idiot you elected, thanks


        Wonderful idea! So the >50% of our country who disagrees wholeheartedly with the corrupt president and his minions in Congress will back out of paying for ANY of their efforts that need funding and let you handle it on your own. Wonder what will happen to your tax rates (or to the “progress” you are hoping for). If we don’t agree with it, we don’t pay for it.

    John Hathaway

    The left gave you clean air and water you stupid ingrate.

      Wanda Teal

      Omg you whiny babies have watched to much PBS it’s only fair you pay for give the clean water omg that’s so funny


        Sounds like you watch too much Faux News


    I didnt vote for trump so i shouldnt be paying for his trips and family trips…


Your president* as well, unless you don’t live in the United States of America. Our president, has you people no longer falling for the left wing media b.s.


With many left unsure about the future of the arts (including literature, film, dance, music and more) I wanted to chat with these arts teachers about their experiences, passions and tips for keeping the arts alive in schools. Here are some highlights they shed on the importance for keeping the arts alive in public schools:


With many left unsure about the future of the arts (including literature, film, dance, music and more) I wanted to chat with these arts teachers about their experiences, passions and tips for keeping the arts alive in schools. Here are some highlights they shed on the importance for keeping the arts alive in public schools:


I stand with keeping the NEA, but this article is so blatantly one sided. You want to bash Melania for staying in NY and keeping her child in his school til the end of the year because it costs a lot, but forget how many billions were spent to shut down the island of Oahu so Obama could vaca or his many, many golfing trips. How pathetic! Not to mention, the headline makes it sound like it is a done deal so people will get riled up without reading the whole article. Then you state that it is still in draft. Ridiculous!


    Your right. However, Obama is not in office and he didn’t not want to cut these problems. So what he used for the budget doesn’t matter. Also shouldn’t your outrage be used on how much it is causing by both of them staying there?


    Is all that money being spent really about one child? Are the schools near the White house that bad? How much will it even cost to hire teachers for one child and even move them in and still go as far as moving friends in?


    My tax money it’s for rich people to get richer. I pay school and I can’t afford private school. The Trump administration is joke and yes let give a chance to the Gop to further finish what Bush Jr. Started. Fox and friends!!!! It’s real news. For real you people a bunch of lunatics.


    Actually, Obama’s trips to Hawaii (and other places outside of official Presidential functions) each year actualy cost the taxpayers the dame amount as we have spent on Trump’s three weekend trips to FL – 11mil.

    Van Kulma

    Why can’t you RW idiots stop invoking Obama as a justification for everything. He is no longer President and he has no control over the government. If the left hadn’t been a constant presence in the last few decades and conservatives were dominant it’s likely that social advance would have never taken place. Civil rights, appropriate wages, worker safety , accommodations for the disabled, people in wheelchairs, and on and on. Conservatives would have never led in implementing these kinds of correct and compassionate acts. But from what I can tell, people like all of you would prefer that those revolutionary changes never took place. Cutting the budget by eliminating a children’s show is but one example of the cold dead hearts that conservative right wingers are proud to display.


    Let us not talk about how the private school is expensive, or that changing would be cost prohibitive. The First Family has plenty of financial supplies to draw upon. If the tuition costs were truly a concern, then why not sell some property, jewels, plane, or drop a membership at one of the elite resorts to which they belong. Defunding PBS may potentially put thousands out of work and create an educational void for millions of youth across the country. I am all for budget reform, but taking money from wholesome, educational, and family-friendly programming seems wrong on many levels. For those that say “the Left want to keep it, let them pay for it” harken back to your own childhood and the joys and wonder at seeing Sesame Street or Mr. Rogers. Remember the life lessons taught through imaginative and engaging entertainment. For those that think these shows are not beneficial or harbor and cultivate leftist ideology, please explain how many of you grew up watching the same shows and yet grew to adulthood with different philosophies on life. I am sure that portions of the Federal grants for arts and education go to more wasteful endeavors than anticipated. You would have to be quite naive to think that all budgeted money makes it to those with decent intentions. Concern should be for the process under which grants are reviewed, approved and utilized. Surely, if they can justify funding for sweeping changes to immigration policy, hundreds of new enforcement officials, and the wall, which will cost taxpayers billions more money, they can find funding to provide future generations of Americans the same educational and cultural experiences that made us great once before.

Steve Harrison

More #fakenews


    Please explain to me what is fake about this?


    How is any of this fake, you brain dead neanderthal?


PBS and other media outlets have for far to long been used by left wing propagandist to endoctrinate children and any one else dense enough to beleave. Defund!! A waste of taxpayer dollars. WELFARE, Tax credits to movie studios from state and federal entities should be next.


    Ironic that all those in favor of cutting early childhood education make spelling and grammatical errors in their posts.


      Hear hear

Jack from Ohio

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting is government welfare for wealthy white Americans entertainment potions. Cut all funding ASAP, and let the free market determine if they survive or disappear. Who knows, they may get grants from those “evil, greedy corporations”.


Finally PBS , another left leaning broadcast is on the block. Next up, PPFA!


    PP provides many essential services for women. My mother, and by extension, myself, wouldn’t be here without them.

    They detected cancer in my mother’s body early on before it spread. You people don’t realize all the good they actually do.


    “Burn down the world! As long as libruls burn with it!”


      Another Academic Scholar


There is a very good reason why entertainers and musicians, throughout history were the lowest paid umongst term struggling Artist. Only in the last 100 years has this changed and large sums of money and power, allowing for loud, obnoxious mostly liberal chatter and now trying to deystroy America. Now we see why they need to become struggling artists once again.


    That is not true. There had also been rich and famous artist. Also, the movie they use not are from record companies and movie studios. Those have nothing to do with these programs that use the public money. Companies give artist money and it is their private money from sales or future sales generated from the content the artist released or will release.

My Name

Who gives a crap. Can’t anyone think of anything better to waste money on than a LGBT left wing political channel? I’m sure Putin has a fantastic lost of ideas lol


    Because that’s who you people admire, isn’t it? Not an educated, well informed public, but a fucking dictator who appeals to your primitive, primal desire for a ‘strongman’.

Steve Jensing

More fake news. Now these lazy Lefties with nothing to watch on tv might go to work.


    In one sentence you said it fake so it shouldn’t be believed and in the other sentence you say it’s real so it is to be believed. And thus content that is produced by using the public money had no political connection.

D Gray

A suppressive governments best weaponry is ignorance, don’t let the masses become educated. Kill the press and all free speech! When do the brown shirts come out?

Conservative from California...yes we exist

The families and individuals that would like these programs to continue have the freedom to find and or organize for funds on heir own without imposing tax burden on the individuals and families who dont find value in the broadcasting channel. The wonderful beauty of freedom is that you may pursue what your heart desires as long as the pursuits are moral in nature. To expect and force individuals and families to pay for such services or programs against thier will on the pther hand is immoral.


    Sounds good. Families who choose to live apart can also pay for their choices.

    Concerned Patriot

    So Trump can spend $11 MILLION a weekend in TAX PAYER money at HIS RESORT (it goes right back into his own pocket) and that’s A-OK, but PBS trying to teach kids to count and be a nice person is too wasteful.

    Shame on you republicans who are willing to sell our children’s enrichment away so your orange tinted dictator can hide from the public every weekend and funnel more of YOUR money into his bank account.

Chris S

Go away PBS! Waste of money


    Not your decision Chris.


    “Waste of money.”

    So I assume you never once watched Big Bird, Mr. Rogers or the Electric Company as a kid? PBS is one of the few TV channels that provides quality educational programming for millions of kids, and you evil bastards would take that away. You and your band of anti-intellectual Red Hats won’t stop until everyone else is as ignorant and uninformed as you are, will you?


    Some of the comments on here are so typical of those that hate the fact that people might try to learn something, such as learning the facts rather than the vitriol that you get from fox news and other anti-intellectual outlets.

    As an outsider (Australian)looking in you can see the obvious campaigns at work by the right-wing as they seek to dumb down the public so that they will believe everything they are told. It makes me laugh because some of these people are so stupid and misinformed that they vote against their own interests and then when everything goes wrong they blame it on the “liberals” and the “gubberment”

John lombard

The problem as I see it is in the lack of credible information sources npr is the only place I trust to put out real news, just because it doesn’t sound like fox news does not make it liberal gibberish, furthermore a president obviously bashing the media in an attempt to confuse the masses about what news is real, then just inject propaganda this is a very effective strategy to control a population scary


How come everyone keeps skipping over how much is being spent on his weekend trips, his avoidance to answer questions, how he keeps bulling people, how he keeps making up his own news, or how people in our country need jobs he promised but he is to busy golfing. I wants just one person who supports him to please tell me why this things are ok.


    Trump supportera will wake up one day and say we really put America on big black hole. Let’s keep fighting and making sure our voices are heard


Read the whole article..they are making total assumptions!!


Seaseme Street, Electric Company etc. Kept a lot of kids entertained and educated them before the world of google. This is an idea, he harps on immigration, as long as you are a sexy female with blue eyes. Why is the first lady an Immigrant? Why is she not being deported? She is the first, First lady with a green card.

Ignorance is Bliss, America

Silence every outlet that voices discontent and soon the only thing anyone will hear is Trump’s propaganda. I’d recommend the conservatives here read “the wave” or “Fahrenheit 451”, but you’d probably just dismiss it as leftist propaganda. Better yet, read some history books on how Hitler and others used similar techniques to silence all dissent and brainwash people into thinking that their way of thinking was the way everyone else was thinking. Or are you all still too busy enjoying “Mein Kampf”?


All trump supporters are a bunch of idiots and morons.


    Well said ,I couldn’t agree more with you.
    What Trump wants is to oppress free speech, shut down the free thinking minds that don’t believe in his crap.


Not all Trump supporters are the same I know already a bunch changing their views on some of the GOP polices and regretting the decision they took and I said to them you cannot have it both ways.


And whomever disagrees with Trump, He will bully them by trashing them in the worst possible way, it rely vexes me just to think that he wants to get rid off the Arts Programs, just to save a little bit of money from a huge government budget, while tons of billions are being wasted in nonsense expenditures, come on Trump supporters the Fine Arts are a necessity to all human kind were we will be if they don’t exist, the caveman era?
Just think about that.


Correction: it really vexes me
Keyboard error, if any of you Trump supporters want to cotreat me.

Jeff Garney

I support Trump, but I support PBS wholeheartedly. I would fight this.


    Thank you Jeff


The only ones brainwashed are the ones that after all the misconduct, all the trash that comes out the mouth of Trump, like making fun of disable person,the denigration of all women by saying atrocities of the women private parts, and you Trump supporters believe in him and defend him in whatever stupidity comes out of his mouth.
Now you tell who is the brainwashed?

And by the way like Lionel Richie’s song I’ll be here ” All night long”
Good riddance my ass!!


I’ll be really sad if this happens. A big part of my childhood was watching Sesame Street and Reading Rainbow. These programs nurtured my love of books. Preschool students and kinder students learn so much from curious George, Word girl, as well as the classic Sesame Street. I don’t have kids yet but I’m not bashing paying taxes so that children can attend public school, get at least two free nutritional meals at school, and watch quality programming no matter what race or religion or any other differences that may be “undesirable” to certain conservatives out there.


I agree to ending the NEA grants if they agree to end tax exemptions for religious cults and plutocrat controlled corporations.

Sundeep Grandhi

It doesn’t take long for the water to boil.
Mr. Trump himself is apparently not an art person at all, his government planning on drastic cuts in the spending, including a probable elimination of National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities, the Hill reported on January 19 2017.


Approve: Entertainment is not a government function


    Educational programs are not entertainment you stupid moron.

Dieter Heymann

Emperors and Kings of a past era were proud of their creative and performing artists. I was under the mistaken impression that we were even better.

Bernd ATNewOrleans

NPR’s morning news host Rachel Martin is so annoy. Agree to defund NPR who receives partial fund from PBS


This is how to make your country weaker. In my poor country (the Czech Republic) the culture is the least funded part of public service. And we can see it everywhere.

Lauren Page

NPR is a public educational resource, no different than the public library. Let’s get rid of all those liberal books and publications by closing all our libraries. It also provides public access to the internet for those people that are too poor to purchase internet services.


When you are poor, broke and in debt, “drops in the bucket” mentality goes out the window or else you stay poor, broke and in debt. Drops add up


I think everyone in this comment section should watch this short clip. I too once felt some of the things the detractors of the NEA/PBS are saying but this changed my mind:


the comments on here are proof of how irrational and unstable right-wingers are that they’ve gone out of their way to comment on a “liberal” forum. Notice how all the right-wing commentators have stupid names…”Wanda” “ROD” lol

john b

Listen to WAMC – Dr Alan Chartock @9am weekdays if you need confirmation that NPR serves as a liberal forum. CPB has not implemented any form of oversight for its member stations. The only oversight of WAMC is by Dr. Chartock himself. Stations such as this should also have their tax exempt status examined for compliance.


Educated children grow into educated adults and educated adults are the GOPs biggest enemy.

Mara Szalajda

This is so petty it’s rediculous! It won’t mean a thing for the budget and will cost jobs, not to mention funding for arts programs.


Help save PBS and protest Trump’s lunatic politics!


get rid of the NRA not the NEA. The uneducated, unintellectual, imbeciles like you are truly destroying this country. PBS provides the only true education on TV and you want to destroy it because your hapless low IQ mind can’t handle science, literature and the arts. There are only two demographics in the republican party: the very rich (not you) and the very stupid (you).

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