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The Best Movies of 2017 So Far According to IndieWire

Our film team is voting on the best movies released so far in theaters and VOD, and we'll be updating this list of the finalists in the months ahead.

It may seem like there are only certain times of the year when the movies are worth watching, but the reality is that quality cinema hits theaters and VOD platforms all year round. We haven’t reached the halfway mark in 2017 yet, there are already dozens of quality new releases, many of which will continue to deserve singling out by the end of the year. IndieWire’s film team has seen a lot of them. The following ranked list was developed out of the aggregate scores from top 10 lists contributed by film writers in New York and Los Angeles, with final determinations made by senior staff. In order to qualify, a movie must have either received a theatrical release in 2017 or become available on a VOD platform during that time. Movies that received awards-qualifying runs in 2016 do not count.

Take a look at our list below, let us know how many you’ve seen — and what we’re missing.

1. “Get Out” (Review)

2. “Personal Shopper” (Review)

3. “Lost City of Z” (Review)

4. “All These Sleepless Nights” (Review)

5. “Colossal” (Review)

6. “Graduation” (Interview)

7. “Logan” (Review)

8. “Risk” (Review)

9. “Raw” (Review)

10. “Kedi” (Review)

11. “Slack Bay” (Review)

12. “A Quiet Passion” (Review)

13. “I Am Michael” (Review)

14. “One Week and a Day” (Review)

15. “Kiki” (Review)

16. “After the Storm” (Review)

17. “Staying Vertical” (Review)

18. “The Lure” (Review)

19. “Catfight” (Review)

20.”Donald Cried” (Review)

21. “Starless Dreams” (Interview)

22. “I don’t feel at home in this world anymore” (Review)

23. “A Cure for Wellness” (Review)

24. “John Wick Chapter 2” (Review)

25. “Lego Batman” (Review)

26. “Mr. Gaga” (Review)

27. “Life” (Review)

28. “Free Fire” (Review)

29. “Land of Mine” (Interview)

30. “My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea” (Review)

31. “The Death of Louie XIV” (Review)

32. “Le Parc”

33. “The Sense of an Ending”

34. “Behemoth”

35. “Dark Night” (Review)

36. “Wonder Woman”

37. “The Zookeepers Wife”

38. “Get Me Roger Stone”

39. “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”

Contributors: Jude Dry, David Ehrlich, Kate Erbland, Steve Greene, Eric Kohn, Michael Nordine, Chris O’Falt, Zack Sharf, and Anne Thompson.

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Pretty sure Land of Mine was nominated for an oscar last year, so that would disqualify it from this list…


    Actually, it doesn’t. Its release was limited, so it makes sense to put it in 2017 movies.


one huge omission: Ozon’s FRANTZ


    Yes, Frantz is my favorite film this year.

truth is stranger than fiction

IndieWire adored The Zookeeper’s Wife, surprised it’s not here.


My top three is exactly the same. Personal Shopper is my favourite so far, followed by Lost City of Z and then Get Out.


“I’ve been lucky to be the one filmmaker who was able to say to Kristen, ‘It’s okay to be yourself in the film. You don’t have to pretend you’re some other character. –Oliver Assayas in SCMP last week.

She’s not a great actress, even her director admits she just plays herself on screen. She herself has admitted that she can’t create a character, she just plays some version of herself. In Personal Shopper, she didn’t bother to develop a walk for her assistant character (the same part she played in his other film CoSM). She never does any voice work, can’t do any accent (in Billy Lynn, her whole family had a Texas accent but she didn’t).

PS was boring and then it just ended. It was boo’d at Cannes and there were walkouts at the NYFF. Stewart displayed all her usual tics. Why the critics heap praise on a non-actress and a dud film is beyond me. You notice audiences didn’t fall for it? They never do with her films, they aren’t fooled the way the media is. Maybe it’s because they don’t get those meetings with her PR rep the way you all do.


    She does do voice work. She did voice work in her mother’s movie K-11. She did have a Texas accent in Billy Lynn (what’s wrong with your ears?). She also had an accent in Snow White and The Huntsman, The Yellow Handkerchief, Undertow, and she slurred her speech in The Cake Eaters.

    No matter what you think of Personal Shopper, it has an 81% on RT. It was booed at the end after the press screening. It received a four minute standing ovation at the premiere. I’ve seen plenty of praise from audience members about PS on Letterboxd and just from tweets about it. It has a 54% rating from audience members, which means their reaction was generally favorable to mixed.

    What Olivier Assayas allowed from Kristen is what he wanted for THIS role. She does develop characters. When she played Joan Jett, she spoke like her, learned to play the guitar with the same hand as Joan, walked like her, and generally became Joan.
    She is a very good actress. Her American critical awards and nominations speak for themselves. She also happens to have a pretty prestigious French cinema award that people seem to conveniently overlook.


    I have to admit you make some very valid points. I love cinema and attempt to keep an open mind about films and actors. I’ve watched many of her films and honestly cannot figure out why she gets so much love from a number of critics. As you mentioned, she seems to be relatively the same in all her films. I’ll continue to watch her, but I don’t see what so special about her talent.


You are the woman who seeks out every article on Kristen Stewart you can find to badmouth her, Overrated. You go by many names, but you are the same person. I know this because it is so predictable that you use the old PR excuse when she gets praised for her acting. Are you going to accuse Kristen’s PR team of paying critics to write negative reviews about Jennifer Lawrence’s newest film next? That sounds like something you’d do. You need your computer taken away from you immediately. Without it, you’d go crazy.

Old Sport

You seriously put THE CURE FOR WELLNESS on this list? NO.


    LOL. What a bloody mess of a film!

    Personal Shopper is great if you wish to watch the lead looking at her iPhone instant messaging for like a half hour to forty minutes of the entire film.

    Where is “There Finest” on this list? To date, it is one of the better films of the year.


@Onyx, you are the one that sounds like kstew PR team. Why do you care what poster above says about her? Is that ”actress” your family? Or Overrated and you are the same person?

Steve Warren

Agree about “Frantz.” It’s my #1 at this point.


Get Out is going to be one of those movies in ten years when people look back and just think “it really was just average wasn’t it? what were we thinking?”


Agree about Get Out and Logan

Bob Flajole

These films? Bag ’em and split till next year!!


I think you accidentally put YOUR NAME at the bottom of the list???

Miguel Valdez-Lopez

The Cure for Wellness… Really?

Miguel Valdez-Lopez

BROKEN LINK –> The link to Life’s review actually takes me to Mr. Gaga’s review.

(14 “Life” (Review))

Miguel Valdez-Lopez

What about SPLIT (2017)? It’s certainly better than some other titles on this list.


Where is Frantz? Huge omission.

Prateek Anand

Frantz is my favorite movie.

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