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Donald Trump vs. ‘The Wire’: David Simon Explains Why He Believes the President is Guilty

David Simon spent a year watching the detectives and has something to say about Trump's "tell."

Donald J. TrumpUS President Donald J. Trump hosts a meeting on infrastructure with Governors and Mayors in the State Dining Room, Washington, USA - 08 Jun 2017US President Donald J. Trump hosts a meeting on infrastructure with Governors and Mayors in the State Dining Room of the White House in Washington, DC, USA, 08 June 2017.

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James Comey’s testimony inspired a ton of reactions on Twitter from television’s top showrunners yesterday. David Simon, creator of “The Wire” and the upcoming HBO series “The Deuce,” was one such voice. “No one is a named suspect until they are implicated to the point where you are required to say so,” Simon tweeted. “For Comey to declare POTUS a suspect prematurely is to impair an ongoing probe in an incompetent fashion. His not doing so is not exculpatory or accusing.”

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But Simon hardly stopped there. The showrunner has been an outspoken critic of Trump throughout election season and the first months of his Presidency, and he spent much of yesterday explaining how he knows President Trump is guilty of complying with Russian interference in a heated Twitter thread.

Simon has spent time shadowing real detectives and learned that the truth is often found in what people don’t say. Applying that mentality to Trump makes it very clear what our President is guilty of.

“Note what isn’t discussed between Trump and Comey,” Simon said. “At no point does Trump make any concerted effort to discern whether or not Russia did in fact attempt to interfere in the election. Indeed, he notes that the claim has created a cloud over his governance — so he can scarcely say that it isn’t of real concern to him.”

Simon’s ultimate conclusion: “Trump already knows that there is some fixed amount of Russian interference on his behalf, and possibly, collusion as well.”

The entire Twitter thread is well worth your time today. You can read the entire thing by clicking on the embed below.

Note: This article previously stated Simon had spent time with detectives in prepping for “The Wire,” but his prep was for a non-fiction book.

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