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Tom Cruise Could Learn a Few Things From Sam Elliott — IndieWire’s Movie Podcast (Screen Talk Episode 152)

Plus: We take a look at early awards buzz for "Wonder Woman."

Sam Elliott

Sam Elliott in “The Big Lebowski”

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This is not the best moment in Tom Cruise’s career. The 54-year-old actor is at the center of the much-maligned reboot of “The Mummy,” an ill-advised attempt by Universal to kickstart its Dark Universe franchise, and many of his upcoming credits — from another “Mission Impossible” movie to a “Top Gun” sequel — suggest he’s either stuck in a loop or drawn to projects beneath his abilities. What did he go wrong?

We have some ideas, and they start with Sam Elliott. The actor’s tender performance is at the center of “The Hero,” which opens this week. While Elliott’s much further along in his career, his filmography demonstrates his ability to remain active as he continues to develop his career through multiple eras. Cruise (and other movie stars struggling to remain relevant) could learn a few things from Elliott’s career path.

That’s one focus of this week’s Screen Talk, in which Eric Kohn and Anne Thompson also discuss the surprise Oscar season prospects for “Wonder Woman” and the struggle for “Okja” to be seen in theaters.

Listen to the full episode above.

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I’m not here to defend Cruise because I think he’s a corrupt little midget of a Scientologist who signs off on members working for no wages for 24 hrs. straight to plant flowers for his visit so it’ll look nice for him. People need to wake up regarding this evil and phony little man.
Having said that, Cruise is super rich and super famous so why would he even consider the likes of Sam E. in career comparisons. Get real. The scum bag little man is on top of the movie world and Sam E. is a second rate character actor has been who just starred in a maudlin piece of junk glorifying his ego. I used to like Sam E., but his voice and acting schtick got real old real quick.


The Mummy is now Tom Cruises best ever international opening. The Mummy was a success. The real question is how are you as a professional writer in the entertainment field able to keep a job when you obviously don’t have you finger on the pulse of what the public is interested in? This so called “Ill advised” movie from universal will probably be profitable by it’s second weekend.

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