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‘Sense8’: 8 Reasons Why Netflix Must Make a Feature-Length Series Finale

The cancelled drama, created by the Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski, deserves a chance to end properly.

Sense8 Season 2

Murray Close/Netflix

It’s been just over two weeks since fans of Netflix’s most odd, original and heartfelt TV show found out that the streaming giant would not be renewing “Sense8” for a third season. In those two weeks, many petitions have been sent and many protests raised, to the point where Netflix had to release a follow-up statement to fans explaining that it really did try to bring the show back, but “unfortunately we can’t.”

However, they should. They really, really should, at least in the form of a feature-length film, as we first saw suggested by redditor PrivateFrank, but echoing other shows that received a post-cancellation one-off conclusion following their release. Below are the reasons why it makes sense for Netflix to do it — for the fans, for the creators and for Netflix itself.

[Editor’s note: Mild spoilers for the second season of “Sense8” follow.]

1. A Feature-Length Finale Wouldn’t Have to Be Quite as Complicated

The production requirements of shooting with a massive cast in multiple countries around the world are almost beyond understanding (executive producer Grant Hill more than had his work cut out for him).

But while a scaled-back “Sense8” finale would likely mean sacrificing many of our favorite locations and supporting characters, thanks to the events of the Season 2 finale nearly all the Sensates are physically together in London. We’d miss the global scale of the series, but plot-wise it would totally makes sense for a feature-length finale to take place in just one or two major locations.

Sense8 Season 2

2. Lilly Wachowski Deserves a Chance to Say Goodbye

Over the course of Season 2, Lana Wachowski was able to handle directing six of 11 episodes, but she did so without her longtime collaborator Lilly, who took a leave of absence from the show that happened to coincide with the decision to come out as transgender. There wasn’t necessarily any sense of something missing from the season as a result, but it somehow seems wrong that Lilly won’t have the opportunity to rejoin this world at all, especially given how personal a journey the show was for all of those involved.

An interesting fact: During an interview conducted prior to the release of Season 1, co-creator J. Michael Straczynski told IndieWire that when he and the Wachowskis were writing the series, the character of Wolfgang (Max Riemelt) was his “true north,” while Lana’s was Nomi (Jamie Clayton). We asked if he could say who Lilly’s was, and he declined to speak for her. We still would love to know the answer.

3. The Plan Was Originally for 5 Years

“We have a five-year arc worked out for this thing. We know what all of the seasons are going to be.” That’s from the above Season 1 interview with Straczynski, and things might have changed dramatically in the years since. But there’s plenty of story left to be told.

4. If Not For the Current Fans, Then the Future Ones

The first two seasons of “Sense8” will live on in the Netflix archives, allowing it to be discovered by new fans for hopefully years to come. But those fans will be more than disappointed by the way Season 2 fails to serve as a proper ending for the series, and may even be caught off guard by it. For “Sense8” to stand the test of time, and remain one of Netflix’s most audacious experiments, a proper ending feels essential.

Sense8 Season 2

5. Because Real Talk: The Ending Is a Pretty Cruel Cliffhanger

At the end of Episode 11, “You Want a War?,” one of their own remains captured by BPO, but the Sensates end Season 2 by making a massive play to regain some power — and succeeding. The ensuing chess match between the two sides of this battle, which we now understand far better than before, is a clear set-up for something major.

6. Too Many Unresolved Romances

If we know anything about the Wachowskis, we know that they love a good love story. And while many of the Senseates have found romantic satisfaction, the cruelty of separating Wolfgang and Kala (Tina Desai) just as they were on the verge of finally meeting in real life is pretty brutal. In addition, there are depths to Riley (Tuppence Middleton) and Will’s (Brian J. Smith) bond that are worth developing, especially given the hints we’ve gotten that inter-cluster romances can be awfully problematic. There’s plenty left to explore on this side of the equation.



Murray Close/Netflix

7. Plus, We Deserve a War

Let’s just put it like this: The true nature of BPO, especially its long history of inhumane cruelty, has been slowly unveiled over the last two seasons. Now that we understand who the dragon is, we deserve to see it slain.

8. And We Deserve a Wedding

At the end of Season 2, Nomi and Amanita (Freema Agyeman) almost simultaneously proposed to each other in one of the series’ sweetest scenes, one that might feel sappy were it not so fully earned by the past two seasons spent with these characters. The only thing that could top that? Actually getting to see them tie the knot. Just imagine it: The film begins with the final battle for the Sensates’ freedom, and ends with a moment of pure triumph for one of the show’s core couples. If the show must end, who could ask for a better ending than that?

Seasons 1 and 2 of “Sense8” are streaming now on Netflix. 

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I agreeeeeee!!!!!!! With everything✔

Kathleen Streitenberger-Rupert

This premise, season I; had so much potential IMO. Who wants to write it?


These are the dumbest reasons ever why netflix should spend 5 mill on a wrap up for a show 1mill people couldn’t sign a petition for. What do you think the actual ratings were. And I was a fan


Best point is that it’s SOOO true that future fans will discover this only to be pissed there’s no ending. Idiots netflix are.


Yes! Completely agree! We need to have our closure.


I am in total agreement with the views put forward by this writer, by the Redditor contributor and others.


Ive decided not to bother watching any more netflix originals in series form because so many get cancelled which leaves you up in the air. Its really dumb of them to be that unreliable as more and more people are going to come to the same conclusion


    People like it, we like it, bc the story is so unique, is not about zombies vampires is all new, why Netflix do that, is not like we don’t pay to see it, we should get the all the seasons together if you cat not finished why you started?, I demand to see the end. We deserve it and they are amazing actors, I’m sure they will love for people how great they are until the end, congratulations to the crew, please, finish it, thank you

Dale Wilkinson

Sense8 is amazing. Love it lovr love it. Let’s not leave those present or future hanging at the end is S2. At least conclude it. Like serenity was for firefly.

Lola Ryan

Even a feature-length final episode still lets Netflix off the hook. However it’s the least they could do – and it better be good!


It’s happened before. NOW AND AGAIN was a great series. Eric Close as Mr. Newman was the saddest hero you would ever meet. The whole series was premised on him getting back his life and his family… Cancelled!!! At a point in the series when he was so close to winning! It tore my heart out, the way it ended. I know how you feel. “Villains, with your Villain Mustaches…I see you!”


number 4 is already happening. Netflix botched the marketing, so people are finding out that season 2 is out – and then learning it was canceled on a cliffhanger. so they are choosing not to watch the second season. It happened with two of my friends. They told me that they are not going to watch the second season. And another didn’t start watching the series at all (even though he got very excited when I first told him about Sense8), because he doesn’t like unfinished stories.

Kim Possible

Since season 3 is clearly not happening,how about we petition for a two hour special for the sake of closure and all things humane! Everybody wins

Jonathon​ Neville

Sense8 destroyed itself. I was madly in love with season 1. Season 2 had great moments but was so self-indulgent – the opposite of what I thought there Wachowskis valued – developing pointless subplots and spending so much time on stylized sections that neither advanced the plot nor developed character. They extended it for the sake of extending it. They could have told the complete story in two seasons. Season two was full of filler.

Netflix should have never allowed it to be released without a re-edit, but Netflix was right to fire a team that was squandering money and frustrating fans. Hopefully the team will produce a finale without Netflix, then sell it to Netflix, or will work within quality stipulations set by Netflix.
Confession: I only saw half of season 2. (Parts were brilliant, but too much was unbearable. Such a disappointment, but they have only themselves to blame.)

Kostas Karaganiw

We cannot have a 3rd season… Ok… The series deserve a movie… A 2 Hour movie to end things up…


All this uproar for a show that was mediocre at best. It was beautifully filmed, had a great premise, and a solid cast. Instead of actually focusing on the story the show was a constant cycle of something bad happening to one of the characters then them making up with their significant other and then said make up turning into an orgy with the other sensates. Choosing to spend a fraction of their time on the actual core of the show which was these 8 people coming to terms with what is happening to them and trying yo prevent each other from being destroyed. So little time dedicated to the back story of Jonas and Angelica cause we gotta figure out how to add a sex scene. Too little time spent in whispers cause, we gotta give the sensates another chance to have sex. There were so many plot points that took way too much time to be developed it even followed. They chose beauty of locations and pageantry over actual story development. Am I disappointed it was cancelled? Yes a little bit, but I mean lets not act like they had created another Matrix or anything here. I know they have both obviously gone through a lot of personal changes in their life but it seems like they have tried to work out too many of their personal issues through these characters, which is fine, just not at the expense of the actual story

Stephan Le Roux

Netflix doesn’t want to renew Sense8, but other “Not so good” series gets renewed… For example like Haters back Off… Sense8 was and will always be an amazing series!

Lisa langis

Please. Let this series play out. It was just getting intensely great and always intensely great. Please. Bring back sense8




Stranger Things is popular enough that it will be back for a second season, I believe.


    Stranger Things season 2 premiere is going to be October 31


EXHIBIT A: Firefly/Serenity.
Give us some kind of closure, and we’ll be loyal life-long fans and re-watchers, and we will continue to spread the love to new watchers without having to subject them to awful loose-ends and cliffhangers!

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