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1960s Movie Posters: See the Best Art of the Decade

From genre classics to blockbusters, the decade was filled with inimitable imagery.

There’s no question that the 1960s introduced seismic cultural changes around the world, which trickled into fashion, politics, music and of course, filmmaking. As a new generation came of age, films began to push boundaries like never before, exploring drugs and sex, gender roles and even gore. The films of the ’60s forever changed the industry, catapulting risk-takers and innovators like Jen-Luc Godard, Stanley Kubrick and Federico Fellini into the spotlight and ensuring that we would remember their names for decades to come.

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French New Wave films like “Breathless” oozed with sexuality and perfected the art of cool, while in Italy, Fellini crafted one of the greatest films of all time with “8 1/2.” In the U.S., Roman Polanski and Alfred Hitchcock elevated horror to iconic and sophisticated new heights with “Psycho” and “Rosemary’s Baby.” Clint Eastwood reinvented the Western genre, “Barbarella” proved that sex sells and plot can be an afterthought, and “Lolita” took sexuality to dangerous and taboo territory.

The 1960s introduced the world to innovative new voices and groundbreaking new territory. Explore the films that defined a decade in our ’60s movie poster gallery.

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