"Life of Pi."
Fox "Life of Pi."

1. The Future of 3D: As Laya Maheshwari points out, no cinematic topic in the last few years has instigated as much -- or as intense -- debate as 3D. The jury is still out on how it bridges the art and science of motion pictures, or whether it does so at all. Maheshwari recently attended an Academy-sponsored Masterclass titled "Getting Perspective: The Art and Science of 3D" at the 15th Mumbai Film Festival, and writes about it here.

2. 3D Printing: A fascinating piece in LiveScience explores how 3D printing will change filmmaking, and specifically, special effects. Read the full story here.

3. 270-Degree Movie Screen: Screen X, developed by a South Korean cinema chain, is an immersive cinema experience featuring three separate "screens," which creates a 270-degree view of the film. Read more about it at Yahoo.

4. Indies on VOD: Can't make it to the theater? No worries. You can watch these 11 indies on VOD this month.

5. Multi-Screen TV: D-TEC, a neo-noir, multi-screen TV pilot, will have its premiere screening at the conclusion of the 2013 New York Television Festival’s (NYTVF) Digital Day on Friday, October 25 at Tribeca Cinemas in New York City.

"In creating D-TEC, we explored all the dynamic possibilities of second screen and then based our world, characters, tone and story around them," said Joseph Saroufim, and Peter Saroufim, who developed the show after winning the Samsung Second Screen Storytellers challenge during the 2012 New York Television Festival. The series creates a multi-screen storytelling experience by using Samsung Smart TVs in conjunction with a tablet or smartphone to introduce new story lines and interactive components that are synchronized with the main viewing event. Find out more about the project and the screening here.

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