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La playa

Tomas, a young black boy driven from Colombia’s Pacific coast by the war, tries to get by in Bogota, a racist city with 8 million inhabitants. Looking for Jairo, his younger brother lost in the streets, Tomas sets out on an initiatory voyage that will test his courage in the face of fear, nostalgia and the wounds of the past to make a new start 2,600 above sea level. [Synopsis courtesy of San Sebastian Film Festival]

La playa DC

Tomas, an Afro-Colombian teenager who fled the country’s Pacific coast pushed out by the war, faces the difficulties of growing up in a city if exclusion and racism. When Jairo, his younger brother and closest friend disappears, Tomas plunges in the streets of the city. His search becomes an initiatory journey that compels him to face his past and to leave aside the influence of his is brothers in order to find his own identity. Through this journey, Tomas reveals a unique perspective of a vibrant and unstable city that, like Tomas, stands on the threshold between what once was and what might be.