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While two dueling theater groups rehearse plays by Aeschylus (Seven Against Thebes and Prometheus Bound), two solitary individuals wander the Parisian streets hustling the populace for cash.


Set far away from postcard Paris, Paulette is a bad-mannered comic stomp through the seedy edges of the city. Paulette is down on her luck. She might have retired in some dignity if her deceased alcoholic husband hadn’t squandered the family brasserie away. Now her golden years are spent nursing welfare checks in a bare housing project apartment. This is no pity party, however, and Paulette is no pushover. When she notices that the only people doing well in the neighborhood are the marijuana dealers, she decides to get in on the act. But when the local drug lords make it clear they don’t appreciate the competition, Paulette is forced to cook up another strategy. [Synopsis courtesy of COLCOA]

Attila Marcel

Paul is a sweet man-child, raised — and smothered — by his two eccentric aunts in Paris since the death of his parents when he was a toddler. Now thirty-three, he still does not speak. (He does express himself through colourful suits that would challenge any Wes Anderson character in nerd chic.) Paul’s aunts have only one dream for him: to win piano competitions. Although Paul practices dutifully, he remains unfulfilled until he submits to the interventions of his upstairs neighbour. Suitably named after the novelist, Madame Proust offers Paul a concoction that unlocks repressed memories from his childhood and awakens the most delightful of fantasies. [Synopsis courtesy of TIFF]

The Mother and the Whore

An unemployed young man gets deeply involved in a love triangle with both his girlfriend and a Polish nurse who he met at a café.