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Brandy Burre had a recurring role on the iconic TV drama The Wire when she became pregnant. She gave up her career to raise a family and now leads a picturesque domestic existence in upstate New York. But Brandy breaks things—rules, expectations—and can’t not perform. She craves action. She stages a slow dance in the shower and uses a clothes hanger as a scene partner in her one-woman performance of everyday life. But practising her art manqué through daily gestures, and living life as a creative outlet, aren’t enough anymore. Brandy decides to make a comeback. Balancing the demands of work and home, and playing all the parts—mother, lover, wife, performer—leads to painful choices and realizations. Can she be both supermom and superstar? Selfless and selfish? Actress is a present-tense melodrama that re-frames the complex-yet-familiar question: Can women have it all? [Synopsis courtesy of Hot Docs]