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The View from Tall

Justine is like many 17-year-olds who struggle in high school: She is smart but unpopular, her parents don’t understand her and even her sister pretends not to know her in public. What sets Justine apart is that the entire school is aware of her recent sexual relationship with a teacher. Feeling both visible and ignored to uncomfortable degrees, she is mandated to see a therapist, Douglas, a disabled man with demons of his own. Justine finds a sympathetic ear in Douglas, and ultimately recognizes an equally lonely kindred spirit. As the lines of propriety between them are stretched, Justine must navigate the thorny issues of age, lust and leaving adolescent life behind.

Bad Johnson

In BAD JOHNSON, women are practically throwing themselves at Rich (Cam Gigandet/ “Twilight,” “Easy A”) and he can’t seem to control himself. But he continually blames his penis, which seems to have a mind of its own. After ruining yet another promising relationship with Jamie (Jamie Chung/ “The Hangover II & III”), Rich has finally had enough and wishes his penis would just leave him alone. The next morning, Rich wakes up to find his wish has come true and his johnson is no longer on his body. Even worse, Rich is shocked to discover that his penis has taken human form (Nick Thune). Selfish, oversexed and irresponsible, his penis is now on the loose with no desire to return. Pitted against his alter ego, Rich must figure out how to reign in his penis, both literally and figuratively, in order to finally learn what separates the men from their boys.